Part XVIII - "Dance the little dance of intimacy."

While Xander watched Buffy saunter off to the bathroom, another couple was also meeting the California sunrise. Sitting on the balcony of their hotel room, Quinn closed his eyes and smiled as he heard the sounds of the balcony door sliding open and soft footsteps moving towards his lounge chair. The scent of jasmine in the air immediately identified the visitor to his senses,
as if he didn't already know who it was. He knew that person as well as he knew himself, her presence surrounding him like a warm blanket. His eyes popped open at the onset of a new scent, that of a hot mug of coffee. Gratefully taking the mug, Quinn looked up and met the eyes of the woman who'd won his heart, Maggie. As she slid into his lap, he was reminded that it wasn't so long ago that he had to hide his feelings from this beautiful creature. A beautiful creature who was impishly grinning at him as she ground her ass into his lap.

"Mmm, I see THAT got your attention!" Lifting herself gently off of Quinn's lap, Maggie looked down and started to giggle. "Of course, it looks like some parts are more attentive than others!"

"Well, some parts happen to like you more than others. Sometimes they even like you four times in one night, but I'm not bragging or anything." Quinn gave her a smug look as he pulled her back to his lap, his arms firmly wrapped around her waist.

"Of course you're not my love, you'd have to perform that feat more than once a year to brag." Maggie tried to keep a straight face, but failed utterly when she saw how far Quinn's jaw had dropped. "I'm just kidding honey! But honestly, after last night, I didn't think you'd be up for any 'quality time' for quite some time." Slowly she began to rock back and forth, her legs now straddling Quinn's lap. "And you know what? There are times that I am more than happy to be proven wrong."

Quinn moved his hands from around her slim waist to the knot in her hotel robe. "Well by all means, let me show you how utterly mistaken you were, Maggie."
She could only smile with bliss as he undid the knot on her robe.


As Xander stepped out of the shower, he was only slightly disappointed to see that Buffy wasn't leaning against the sink, waiting to appraise 'naked alternate-universe Xander'. With surprise, he did notice that some clothes had been laid out for him across the vanity. They looked very stylish, much like the clothes Cordy always wanted him to wear.

Even then, he knew that he'd look good in the clothes, so good that he always secretly wanted to give into Cordy and change his wardrobe. But, he never did give in. He couldn't. Cordelia never wanted him to change his outfit out of love for him, it was an utterly selfish motive on her part. She was ashamed of how he dressed, so she tried to change him so she would feel better about dating him.

He got the feeling that Buffy changed his wardrobe so she could show him off to everyone. It was kind of the same thing that Cordelia wanted, but the motives were different. Xander was sure that Buffy wanted to show all the girls in Sunnydale that the Xander Harris they shunned, was a hottie in disguise. Xander could tell that this Buffy knew his inner handsomeness, and it was her pleasure to taunt everyone with what they couldn't have. Yeah, it was semantics, but the fact that Buffy loved him, and loved him no matter what made all the difference in the world.

The tank top that she'd picked out for him was normal enough, if not a bit tight. But the jeans caught him by surprise. They were tight as hell, and he could swear that they felt a bit threadbare in the ass region. He wasn't given any more time to check it out before Buffy came bursting into the bathroom. Before he could say or do anything, her lips were on his. As soon as the kiss began, her lips were off his, and he was being turned around.

"If I didn't know better, you look even better in those jeans than I remember." With his back still turned to her she quickly grabbed his ass with both hands. "Very nice. I've always liked how those jeans looked on you." Giving his butt one last squeeze she exited the bathroom. "Mom wanted me to tell you that breakfast was ready." Quickly she peeked back around the door frame. "By the way, you taste yummy in the morning."

Xander hummed all the way down the stairs.