Right. Some part of my brain is compatible with that of a sadistic degenerate's and well... yeah. I've wanted to write this for a long while just to see what would happen. It may be a one shot, may not be. I don't know at this point. Overall, it's just something in my head I need to get out and explore. This will be one fic you'll read that I doubt you'll ever find again. Let it... make you wonder.

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Stockholm Syndrome

Jude backed up near the wall the behind her, angry tears already cascading down her face. She was tired of his bullshit excuses and stories and apologies. All she wanted was the truth.

"Tell me, Tommy! Tell me what makes this so fucking hard for you! Don't hide behind the age difference anymore. You've kissed me and touched me and whispered far too much to use that to cover you ass."

Tommy stepped in closer, a lethal glint bouncing off the edge of his eye. His jaw clenched, trying his hardest to resist the urge to finally shut her up. He hated to see her cry, hated knowing what he could do to her but on the same hand, he hated how far she just loved to push him. She always had to push him to the brink.

"Jude... will you please just settle down? We can discuss this rationally."

"There you go again! I'm not a child, Quincy. Don't tell me to fucking settle down!" She took a step towards him, pushing his shoulder back. "Now, are you going to tell me or not?"

He stared over at his shoulder, the one she'd touched. Any other time, he would have loved being this close to her, feeling her hands on him. But today... Oh today! She was going to drive him to things he didn't want to do or mean. She was going to hurt herself.

"Fine, girl. Fine. I won't tell you what to do but keep your goddamn hands off of me. Got that?"

"Oh, but Tommy! I thought you liked it when I touched you? Or is that only after you've said you're sorry and it means I'm your puppet again?" Sarcastic venom dripped from her tongue, boiling in his blood. He was trying...

"Why are you being like this?"

She smiled in saccharine contempt.

"Being like what?"

His face fell into a state of confusion and mercilessness. Please... please be good. Please don't push me...

"Why are you blowing up like this? What did I do?"

She burst into a fit of laughter, jamming a finger into his sternum. She's amused.

"What don't you do, Little Tommy Q?"

His eyes grew wide, his hands rushing from their jammed position in his pockets. Instinctively, he pushed her, hard, back against the wall. He closed the gap between them in one pace, his hands around her face. He breathed heavily as he stared down into her eyes as he towered over her, the fear already beginning to form.

He liked it to a disgusting degree.

"What did I fucking tell you, girl! Don't you ever," he let go of her face, shoving her shoulder blades deeper into the sheet rock, "EVER call me 'Little Tommy Q'. EVER." He pushed at her again.

"I-I-I'm sorry..." Her voice trembled as her tears dried up almost instantly. She visibly shook from his surprise attack.

He turned his back to her, rage and hatred oozing from every pore of his body.

"I don't know why I even fucking like you. You drive me fucking crazy. I love you and this is what I get? HA! You're a child. I shouldn't have ever let myself near you."

Jude's breathing audibly caught in her throat. She rushed behind him, rubbing her hands down the length of his back.

"Please don't say that Tommy..."

Her touch murdered him. He spun around, his deathly gaze upped 10-fold.

"Here's an idea: Let's just quit all of this while you're fucking ahead."

"No! Please, Tommy! I'm sorry! I won't bother you anymore! Don't end this!"

Her pleadings unleashed the animal he'd contained for so long. He couldn't take the sadness in her voice or the way it seemed she was whining. He pushed the heels of his palms against his temple, pulling at his hair. His teeth gritted together painfully.


"NO! I will not shut up! Tommy... please!" He grabbed her arms violently, his fingers digging deeply into her flesh. "Oooww... Tommy... You're hurting me."

"Why can't you ever shut up?" He'd begun to cry at some point. Out of pain? Frustration? Anger? He didn't know but saline bathed his face anyway. "For once, just... shut... UP!" He sent her flying onto the floor. He pounced on top of her. "You do this to me! You make me this way!"

Before he could stop himself, he hit her. It wasn't until he saw the way she laid limply beneath him, silent, eyes dulled and staring to something on her left did he realize what he'd done. The bottom of her lip was busted, a small trail of blood marring her porcelain skin.

"Oh my god... Jude..." He picked her up, crushing her within his arms. He couldn't breathe. Panic had taken over every one of his senses. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry."

"You... you hit me..."

"I know and I'm sorry! It'll never happen again. Jude... Oh my god... Jude..." He sobbed against her hair, the soft apple scent re-leashing his inner beast. He let her go, falling to his knees, the room spinning faster than any time he'd ever encountered before. He grabbed onto her waist, her stomach becoming his confessional. "I'm so sorry..."

He knew he'd finally broken her. She stood within his grasp motionless. He'd never wanted to touch her like that. He's never wanted to show her how he could really be.

Her hand came to the back of his head, running through his mussed hair. She massaged along his neck, whispering for him to stop crying. She brought him up from his knees. He caught sight of the indigo bruise that was now forming along her jaw and mouth. He couldn't stand to look at his rock so damaged. She wrapped her arms around his neck, cradling his face to her sore shoulder.

"It's... It's okay." She spoke between weary pants. "I... I forgive you."