"Are ya sure ya want to do this, luv?" Jack asked me with his big, brown gorgeous eyes. For a moment I lost my train of thought, dreamily smiling, forgetting the purpose of all of us in my room with my sister's plastic lamp in hand.

"You could always just give me a plane ticket to Mexico," Sands drawled lazily, lying on my bed. "I'm sure they miss me there."

Edward looked at me sadly. "I don't want to go, Jen."

I struggled not to tear at his sweet, pitiful face. "I have to do this. I mean, after last night at dinner and setting my neighbor's cat on fire, I really think it's time for you all to leave."

"But that was Mr. Sands and Mr. Sparrows fault!" cried Ichabod, glaring at the two. "And I'm sure they did not tell you of the little girl's doll they stole, leaving her crying there on the street…"

"She can buy another American Girl doll," Sands shrugged. "We needed something flammable for the cat."

I ran my fingers through my hair. "Oh. My. Gosh."


We all stared at Mort, who simply blinked after his outburst.

"Well," Willy sighed, "I suppose I should go back. I don't think Charlie can handle business on his own just yet."

I nodded in agreement and tried to think of other possible reasons why the others should go back to their own dimensions of the universe. "Yeah, absolutely. And, Ichabod, don't you think that trip to the police station helped you as a detective? You can now share your modern knowledge with the rest of your world."

"Hey, man," Sands pointed at him. "You welcome."

"And Edward," I continued as though I wasn't interrupted. "Kim probably misses you. And who knows, maybe her granddaughter will…visit?" Okay, Edward didn't really have anything to live for, did he? But his excited nod and smile allowed me to believe he would listen to me.

I placed a hand on Mort's shoulder, who looked at it suspiciously before turning back to me. "Mort, don't you want to straighten your life out? Grow a garden? Get another dog?" He didn't reply, but his left eye twitched a little.

Sighing, I faced Sands and Jack, both of whom were smirking at me. "Guys," I began. But Jack held up a hand.

"Luv, if ya really want me to go, I will."

I smiled in relief. "Thanks, Jack."

He grinned, knowing it would make my knees weak. "Only if ya really, really, really want me to, luv."


"Well, I'll leave," Sands announced, getting up from my bed. "You don't have any liquor anyway."

I was still dazed by Jack's awfully good looks.

"Yo, shrimp." Sands snapped his fingers and I jumped back to reality. "Are you gonna get that genie or what?"

I nodded and rubbed the small lamp in my hands, praying this would work. Smoke was steaming out of the spout and suddenly the hip, jazzy, super-cool, neat, keen, and groovy cat genie appeared.

"Oh," he said dryly. "You."

"Me!" I squeaked, thrilled. "Okay, I have another-"

"Hold up. Didn't I already grant you a wish?"

I frowned. "Yeah, but don't I get three?"

He shrugged. "If you want to get technical…"

"What? Well, um, okay. I have a wish."

"Anytime you stop sputtering."

I glared. (Sands and Jack laughed, and even Edward giggled.) "Alright. I wish my favorite Johnny Depp characters would go back to wherever they came from. That everything would return to normal."

The genie snapped his fingers, and with a "POOF!" I was alone in my room. No more genie. No more characters.

I sighed. I was going to miss the chaos.

The End.

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