Last Chance

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Chapter 1: Tainted Flower

Team 7 was doing a mission today; it was a B ranked mission. Their job was to search and destroy three shinobi assassins. They were your usual Village Hidden in the Thunder type of assassins, which were close to the Village Hidden in the Leaves; Team 7's home. So the gang has to guard their village before any assassins get there and they are not too far so the gang went after them. After a while, Kakashi finally spotted them.

Kakashi (yelled) I see them!

Sasuke: Where?

Team 7 was facing their backs to one another in triangle formation, just as Kakashi-sensei taught them too. While Kakashi was in the front of the pack, on their guard with their kunai knifes and shuriken in place. They heard rustling noises in the forest, then the three assassins popped out encircling them with their 12 shadow clones.

Kakashi: (devious tone) Ready guys?

Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto looked at each other; they gave each other a nod. As the assassins were about to attack, the three left with their lightning agility. Each of them got the shadow clones with ease, until there was nothing left but the three original assassins. Naruto took assassin #1; Sasuke took assassin #2, and Sakura and Kakashi took assassin #3.

Round 1: Naruto vs. assassin #1

Naruto did his best to defeat the assassin, he charged the assassin his with real clones. The assassin used his kunai knifes thinking that they were shadow clones, but he was easily fooled so the real Naruto jump over his clones and stabbed and took out the assassin. Little did he know, before the assassin died, he stabbed Naruto in the arm, not losing that much blood.

Round 2: Sasuke vs. assassin #2

Sasuke showed no mercy what so ever on the assassin. The assassin threw out all of his best punches and kicks with all of his chakra, and Sasuke blocked them with a little difficulty he got a few minor scratches but he used his shuriken to kill the assassin when he used too much power.

Round 3: Kakashi and Sakura vs. assassin #3

While Kakashi was fighting the last assassin, Sakura hid herself in the forest, to get the assassin in just the right moment. He finally got the right moment for Sakura to kill him.

Kakashi: (ordered) Sakura now!

Sakura jump out of hiding and threw 3 kunai knifes at the wounded assassin but he dodged it. He grabbed Sakura by the arm very tightly and threw against a tree. Sakura got up very weakly with some blood lost.

Kakashi: (thinking) how can that be? I thought I injured him enough for Sakura to attack him!

Assassin #3: (smirked) you thought I had lost enough chakra right? Well you're wrong I still have some left in me! (He felt something dripping on his hands …blood he felt blood from his right cheek and looked over to Sakura who was trying to get up again but she was pretty shaky) YOU! YOU DID THIS TO ME IMPERFECTING MY PERFECT FACE YOU LITTLE WENCH!

Kakashi grabbed the assassin but, it was just a clone. He saw the real assassin as he was running about to attack Sakura.


It was too late the assassin threw 3 poison carrying injection shots injected in her neck. Naruto, Kakashi, and Sasuke looked at her. Sakura had a shocking terrified look with tears streaming down her face. Naruto and Sasuke went to their knees; to her aid as she went down on her knees.

Naruto: Sakura are you ok?

Sakura: (still had that look in her face) ah… I ca….. can… can't….. breathe…

Sasuke: She can't breathe Naruto (Sasuke removed the injection shots out of her neck and he checked her pulse) her heartbeats are seriously rapid…..

While Kakashi was about to kill the assassin who poisoned Sakura but he had to ask him some questions before killing him.

Kakashi: WHERE IS THE ANTIDOTE! (The assassin was too terrified to answer him) ANSWER ME! (He grabbed him by his shirt and raised him in the air) if you don't answer me I'll kill you!

Assassin #3: Here it is! (He pulled out a folded paper containing the antidote for the poison) Now take it and let me be!

Kakashi took the paper he put it in his pocket. "Thank you now you will die"

Assassin #3: What? You told me that I was going to live!

Kakashi: I changed my mind! Die! (The killed the assassin with ease. He went to Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke) How is she doing? (He looked over to the paralyzed Sakura)

Sasuke: Not well….

Naruto :( tears welling up) Is Sakura gonna die?

Kakashi: Not yet!

Sasuke: What happened to her Kakashi-sensei?

Kakashi: She is poisoned…

To be continued...