Chapter 4: Forget Me part 3

"SASUKE! SAKURA!" Kakashi yelled as he and Naruto just burst through the door with the antidote. They rushed to Sakura's aid.

"K-kakashi-s-sensei...N-narut-t-to?" Sakura moaned weakly.

"Hey Sakura…..can you sit up?" Kakashi asked. His face was twisted with emotion. Sakura weakly nodded as Sasuke and Kakashi helped her sit up.

"So….um…Naruto?" Sasuke asked all of a sudden "Did you get the antidote?"

Naruto nodded "Don't worry, you bastard. Sakura will be fine, believe it!" He gave his famous 'its gonna be fine' grin.

"Dobe…" Sasuke murmured.

"Sakura….I know this is gonna hurt but I'm gonna have put 3 injection needles in your neck" Kakashi said seriously and lovingly like a sensei should do.

"What!" Sasuke exclaimed. Sakura just nodded weakly. She didn't have the strength to complain.

"Sorry, but it's for the best. Doctor's orders." Kakashi said. He still remembers when Gin gave them the antidote.

Flashback a few hours ago

"Hey guys wake up!" Gin yelled trying to wake Naruto and Kakashi from their slumber.

"Huh?" Naruto said. He shook his head as he elbowed Kakashi awake. "Kakashi-sensei wake up!" He muttered with little enthusiasm.

"No! Don't steal my new issue of Icha Icha Paradise Naruto!" Kakashi muttered while still in his dreams.

A drop of sweat fell from Naruto's forehead. He bonked Kakashi on the head. Kakashi woke up with a dazed and confused expression.


"Glad to see you ladies have woken up! Here is the antidote…" Gin handed Naruto 3 wicked looking syringes filled with the antidote.

The bright purple liquid swirled within the glass tube of the syringe needle.

"Thank you Gin" Kakashi said gingerly grabbing the syringe. He and Naruto stepped out of the cottage and were about to leave to go into the pouring rain.

"Wait guys! There are instructions for this antidote. This antidote is VERY strong and since you told me how the poison was injected to Sakura, you have to give it to her the same way; by the neck. It will take a while for her to process this antidote but I bet my boots she is strong girl to last this long….." Gin called out over the noise of the near-monsoon.

"Thank you Gin…" Kakashi said. With that he and Naruto left in a blur through the pouring rain.

"I hope Sakura will be fine….this is not only for her anymore! It is for repentance in my part for Shin's death! Thank you Shin for helping me make the antidote in spirit!" Gin cried happily with tears falling down his face. His fist was raised in victory as he remembered his dead best friend.

End of Flashback

"Sakura can you handle this?" Kakashi asked

"Yes….." Sakura said weakly. She was shaking and sweating.

Kakashi gently inserted the 3 injection needles in Sakura's tender neck where the 3 holes were there previously. Sakura was wincing in pain and you can tell that she wanted to scream but she only squeezed Sasuke's hands so that her long nails started to pierce Sasuke's hand making him bleed a little. Tears were streaming down her face as she bit her trembling lip as she struggled with the strong antidote.

Sasuke noticed Sakura's heart beating very rapidly. "Sakura are you okay?" he whispered.

"My heart…it feels like it's going to explode!" Sakura said gasping at the pain.

Just then Naruto and Kakashi felt it too; Sakura's rapid heartbeats were guiding her quickly to her death. Kakashi took retreated the painful needles. A little of the antidote dribbled down Sakura's pale neck. Sasuke held her sick and shaking body close to his chest. Just then Sakura groaned in pain and some blood bubbled and popped at her lips. A small amount of blood dripped from her lips and mixed with her salty tears. Sasuke pulled out a handkerchief from his back pocket and wiped the blood gently from her lips. Just then her heartbeat slowed…

"Sasuke I…I don't think I'm gonna make it…." Sakura said very weakly. A look of regret and pain shone in her green, bottomless eyes.

"N-no Sakura don't say that! You're gonna…"Sasuke's voice failed him as he felt her warm fingers caress his face.

"I…I love you…"Sakura whispered her dying words. She closed her eyes and her hand fell limply to her side. And that was her last heartbeat….

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sasuke, Kakashi, and Naruto wailed in unison. They were crying like there was no tomorrow. There were enough tears to fill the ocean.

'It was my fault I promised that wasn't gonna let a comrade die! I have failed! WE HAVE FAILED THE MISSION!' Kakashi was thinking remorsefully.

I can't believe this happened one of my best friends! Sakura's dead….I'll bet that Sasuke-bastard didn't tell Sakura how he felt about her! Naruto thought.

Sakura…Sasuke held her limp and lifeless body close to him in a tight embrace and he cried more than Naruto and Kakashi combined. It was my fault I should have watched out for you….I love you…so much! I wish I could have told you sooner! Now it's too late… Sasuke's tears were falling on Sakura's pale face. Just then he heard a thump against his own heart. It felt like a heartbeat. No it can't be! Sakura!

Just then Sakura gasped and coughed. Her heart started thumping wildly in her chest. Everyone was so shocked that no one spoke for a full minute.

"Sasuke!" Sakura whispered opening her eyes "I feel so dizzy…."

Just then Sasuke suddenly sank his lips against hers in a very gentle yet firm fashion. Their lips locked as if they let go they would never taste each other again. Sakura's arms weakly encircled his neck pulling him down into her. Their tears mingled and Sasuke was crying in joy "I thought I lost you!" He wrapped her firmly and lovingly in his arms.

Just then Sakura started crying. Not only did her crush Sasuke kiss her but she suddenly realized that she had died and had been resurrected. She had been close to the edge of eternity but Sasuke's love had brought her back. She was dizzy but she was returning Sasuke's loving but firm embrace. Naruto and Kakashi started to cry in joy too for the fact that their beloved friend and teammate Sakura did not in fact die. They both hugged her just as Sasuke was still. They stopped just to let her breathe. Just then, Sakura fainted.

"What happened to Sakura? Is she dead? I don't know if my nerves can go through that again! " Naruto asked.

"No she just needs some rest…after the struggle she went through. She's been to hell and back in the fight for her life! But good news you guys….we completed the mission!" Kakashi gladly exclaimed. Just then the rain cleared and it was really sunny. "Let's go home! And get Sakura to the hospital!" Kakashi slung Sakura gently over his shoulder. It took a while to travel with a sick comrade back to Konoha the village where they all lived.

After everything is said and done, the guys returned home with their fellow comrade and teammate Sakura. They put Sakura in the hospital while Naruto and Kakashi left to do some errands. Naruto went to tell everyone in the village about their adventure and Kakashi went to the Hokage to tell about the mission. Sasuke went to take care of his beloved Sakura in the hospital. She was going be in the hospital for about a week so he stayed to take care of her.

Her eyes fluttered open as she woke up and she felt some weight on the hospital bed. It was…Sasuke! "Sasuke?" she said weakly.

"Hm? Oh Sakura you're awake!" Sasuke exclaimed.

"Yea….was it a dream.." Sakura blushed,"… or did you actually kiss me?" Sakura sat up in the bed and was embarrassed she didn't dare meet his eyes.

"Um….yea it wasn't a dream…. I kissed you" Sasuke said with blushing. "…and I liked it!"

"Why? I thought you said that I'm annoying and you hated me?" Sakura stammered.

"Well it's because….well, uh ….I love you!"

"What!" Sakura exclaimed. Her face was now the shade of ripe tomatoes.

"I love you, Sakura. I know I said that you are a burden but the truth is you are a blessing from God. When I was a little kid and I found out my parents had been killed by the hands of my older brother I wanted to die! I felt so bad that after school I was going to go jump off a bridge. But your annoying voice stopped me. I was thinking I was crazy for letting you stop me from death, but it was true. You saved me! And I wanted to save you from your death when you were sick. It's because you live, that I live too! I love you so much!" Sasuke leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. Sakura began to resist but the warm waves of pleasure broke down her reserve and suddenly she melted like chocolate in the sun in his arms. She let him do as he pleased. Their tongues glided and danced together like experienced lovers.

MMMM, Know I know what tongue tango feels like! Sakura thought. She never wanted to stop.

After a while of making out, they decided that they needed to breathe. Their foreheads were practically sticking together.

"Good cause I love you too!" Sakura said with a gulp of fresh air.

The End

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