This is my first actual story ever. I do not own any of these characters, just a fan of them. The first chapter:

Chapter 1

It's Toadworth's 60th birthday, and everyone is waiting in the grand hall of Peach's Castle. "Ladies, gentlemen, roughmen, and creatures", says Peach, "I welcome all of you to this magnificent steward, who had just celebrated his 60th birthday…I introduce…Toadsworth!" The room is filled with applause as Toadsworth steps up to the podium.

Suddenly, there is a terrible sound of a gunshot. The room gasps as Toadsworth falls to the ground, dead. The lights suddenly turn off and the room is full of darkness.

Half an hour later, police arrive at the crime scene. Everyone is outside, shocked at what they saw. "That was scary!" says Luigi. "Of course it was scary, Luigi" says Mario. "I'm pretty sure everyone was scared when Toadsworth got shot." The police start interviewing Peach, who is crying like a sad dove. "No, I'm talking about when the lights turned off, it was scary" Luigi replied. "Oh, why do you care more about the lights than you care about Toadsworth?" Daisy snapps at him. "The thing that bothers ME the most," Yoshi piped up, "is the fact that the murderer may still be near us right now."

They looked around, but only see familiar faces and a lot of Pianta guys.

"Wasn't that awful?" says Admiral Bobbery approaching them. "I agree," says Koops, who was also approaching them. "Why would anyone want to shoot Toasworth?"

"I have no idea" DK says to them. "All I know is that the shot came from the audience." "I hope the murderer gets caught," says Mrs. Mowze, who decided to join the conversation. "If he or she doesn't get captured, then we'll have a murderer on the loose."

"Well, then let's capture the murderer together!" says Mario. "We'll be like an investigation team, only less expierienced. Who's with me?"

There is a moment of silence, then suddenly Koops speaks up. "I'll come with you" he says.

"Me too" says Yoshi and Daisy in agreement.

"Same with me" DK says proudly.

"Count me in, young man" Bobbery says in his odd accent. "Luigi, are you with us?"

Luigi looks uncertain. "I'll tag along." he finally says.

Only Mrs. Mowze didn't join. "I have my other things to do, like running the store, stealing badges, other things. Bu-bye people" she says as she walks away back to Rougeport.

And so the Mario Investigation Team starts to walk back towards the castle with the police's permission to investigate.

"Mario, wait!" says a voice behind them.

They turn around to see Princess Peach. "I...I want to join you guys in finding the murderer."she says. They accept her in the M.I.T. and enter the castle.

But no one knew that the murderer was right in their group, at that very second.

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