"Mer… Mer? Are you ok?" He could hear crying. He pushed open the door and walked over to her.

" Mer its okay"

"No its not I love him and he is bloody married! How could he do that to me? He wants me to go and talk.. I can't! not after the night at the trailer. ' it was like I was drowning and you saved me. You were a breath of fresh air' " she held back more tears.

George sat down and hugger her.

" you deserve better and you know that we will protect you. We are a family and families stick together."

Meredith grinned a little. She knew he was right. She laughed a little.

George smiled and started to joke around. There was another knock at the door and Izzy walked in with some coffee and home-made scones. They sat there all snuggled into Meredith's bed and talked until they fell asleep from exhaustion.


Meredith woke up and found herself alone. The others had gotten up and obviously left her to sleep in, obviously forgetting that they were doing to be LATE. Meredith got up, quickly got dressed and ran down stairs.

She heard Izzy yelling and the door slamming. The sound of a car driving off also reached her ears.

"Who was that Izz?" Meredith asked with a questioning look.

"Umm... no one" Izzy replied spinning around trying not to look fussed.

"It was Derek wasn't it?"


"You are a really bad liar Izz"

"Fine it was but I told him to leave you alone and to just go away." She resigned.

"what did he want?" Meredith asked her heart skipping a beat.

"Just to talk."

"Maybe I should talk to him?" Meredith sighed

Izzy was confused. Whats going on in that head of hers? She woundered. She grabbed Meredith's hand and led her out to the car.

" come one were going to be late."