Summary Robin is called to Gotham from a certain someone. To take care of child... But this young person has a link with one of the Teen Titans. A certain Dark Goddess.

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Chapter 1

Indicated Place

After Robin receives the call he immediately leaves to his former home city. Only leaving behind a note to the rest of the Titans.

Once he had arrived at the hotel where he had a reserved room, a message was waiting for him. He was to pick up someone. At the park, near the hotel.

Fast Forward

Robin turned the corner toward the park, alive with children and their families. When he noticed a long, black car and he smiled when he saw Alfred coming out of the drivers door. He crossed the door towards the elegant car. Wondering what exactly Bruce wanted him to do.

" Hey, Alfred. How're you doing?" He grinned at the butler and close friend.

Alfred bowed, " Wonderful, Master Robin."

" Great, uh…"

" Master Bruce wishes for you to meet someone, whom he has recently met."

With that said Alfred opened the passenger door and out exited a young boy who appeared to be around the ages of 7 or 8.

He had light-brown hair that gave the impression of heated gold. Robin was taken back with the strength of the young boys look. His clear green eyes displayed…power. Great power.

Alfred handed Robin a black envelope and bid his farewell. Leaving the clueless Robin with the boy staring at each other.

Well, in reality, the boy was doing his part of glaring at Robin. While Robin only stared, completely confused. Finally Robin stepped out of his stupor and greeted the boy with a hesitant smile. But the 'Prince', as Robin now chose to name him, only glared back.

"So…," Robin started off as he opened the charcoal black envelope given to him. Inside a letter resided addressed to him.

This is Azure, he has no apparent last name. I found him unconscious, lying at the front steps of the cave. He isn't a very talkative kid, so I didn't mind him at all. I greatly enjoyed his company, yet one day he asked if I knew anyone by the name of Raven. I immediately thought of the quiet, dark teammate of yours. So he asked to meet her. I thought it was a rather good idea. Since the age difference is less apart, and he is also fond of the he won't be a problem with you or Raven. B. Wayne"'re name is Azure?"

The boy nodded.

Robin cleared his throat,"I'm called Robin."

Azure once again responded with a simple, quick nod.

'So Prince isn't a talkative one. No wonder he got along with Bruce. And won't be a problem with Raven.' The masked young man thought to himself, not letting go of his nickname for the young boy.

He glance at Azure who seemed to be under the spell of his new surroundings. Examining everything capable of catching his eye. Robin also surprisingly (and kinda freaked out) notice the boy's eye colore changed completely as his mind found an object to figure out.

Suddenly the boy turned around and caught Robin staring at him. Azure's intense stare shook something inside Robin, who offered a short, nervous laugh, "So...Azure, hungry?"

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