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Chapter 5

At The Indicated Place

Raven blinked her eyes open to offending white light shining down at her. "Damn," she groaned. 'I'm not supposed to be seeing the white light, I mean me being a daughter of a demon and all.'


'I knew it, they're calling my name, they're going to take me down there.'

"Friend Raven?"'Star is also coming down? Guess she wasn't as innocent as supposed.'

"Raven, are you feeling better?"

Starfire's face covered the artificial light radiating from some kind of damn lamp plastered on the ceiling and so shading Raven's eyes. "Star…?"

"Yes, this is me."

Raven groaned, 'One day, that girl will be able to speak English fluently. And that one day I would grant it as a miracle.'

"Raven, are you still there?"

"What am I , disappearing?"

"No, but you are not responding."

The Dark Goddess took a big breath and said, "Get…this…off…"

She couldn't move, she felt sandwiched. She could feel weight on top of her and…someone's profound breathing beneath her.

"Star! Get whatever is above me off of me, Now!"

Star did as she was told and took the sleeping form of Azure off Raven, "There you go."

Raven stared up at her with wide yes, "What happened to him?"

Star shrugged, "I was about to lift him up as he happened to have fallen asleep when he tried to check what was wrong with you and Robin.". She carried the boy to a nearby settee, "Wonder what it wrong. He just touched you and -bam- he was out."

Raven sweat dropped, "Uh… me and Robin?"

Star nodded and pointed behind Raven, "He also happened to have fallen under a sleeping spell or something. I am worried, Raven."

Raven jolted, remembering someone's breathing beneath her, "Robin!"

Robin looked around startled, 'Did someone just-?"


His eyes returned to the enchanting eyes, "You can see me?"

The young woman's lips curved in a strained smile, "Yes, Robin…"

The older woman frowned worriedly at her mistress and glance over to the empty spot where she seemed to be having a conversation with someone of the name of 'Robin'.

"Mistress Raven, you have gone through a great amount of pain. You must take a rest, you child will be here when you rouse."

Her mistress' tired eyes turned to her with resignation, "You know best Jizo."

Jizo smiled, "You are most correct."

Raven slowly leaned back into her bed, "Take care…Robin."

Jizo flickered a glance to the empty spot in front of the bed and prayed. "Sleep well, Raven. You rightfully deserve it."

"Raven…" he whispered, allowing the recognition to sink in. How can that be? Could it really be her? How can she see me but those two can't?

His reverie was broken by Jizo marching up to his side, her low voice directed to the young man behind him.

Her low voice reached his ears as he informed the man, "The mistress has lost a great amount of blood during labor…"

Robin was able to see the soft, fuzzy head of the newborn baby poking out of the blankets Jizo was holding in her arms protectively.

"But she will be able to make it, right?" The man whispered, his grey eyes looked at her hopefully, "After all you said that if she survived through delivery…"

Jizo's eyes looked down at the heir in her arms remorsefully, " I am unsure of her fortitude…"

"But you said… damn, she cannot die…if she does who will take care of the child?"

"She has lost too much blood," Jizo cleared some fabric of the royal blue blanket away from the baby's face and tucked it beneath its chin. "The King, his father is still alive, do you not believe he will raise his inheritor correctly?"

Robin looked up as the man grunted at the image they had of -supposedly- their King. 'Wait a minute if their King is the baby's father then that would mean their king is Raven's….husband.' Robin speculated, 'Why would Raven agree to marry to such a disliked man? And have his kid? Unless… she was forced to. But why would she resign to marry someone like…only if tht meant to save those she cared about!'

He glanced at the sleeping form of the future Raven, it wasn't at all like Starfire had described the future to be like. Raven wasn't supposed to be married to some kind of tyrant and be lying in her death bed after giving birth to the autocrats son.

He stepped towards Raven's latent form, no longer interested in the conversation being held by the other two lucid adults. As he took another step forward her voice broke through.


He stood still, his gaze upon Raven's face unwavering.


She hadn't moved an inch. Her pale face weary. Her voice had had airy sound to it as in fatigue. This voice, though, sounded like the old Raven. With the drawl of her emotions hidden in every reverberation of her voice.

"Robin! Can you hear me?"

"How is he supposed to answer that?"

Was that Starfire? And Raven?

"He could answer with a 'yes', could he not?"

"Star, it is apparent he fainted."

"And that pauses him from responding with a simple answer?"

"You mean it prevents him from responding? Yes, it does 'cause he does not even realize he is unconscious."

"This fainted, does that not happen in romance movies?"

Robin could almost feel Raven sighing in resignation.

"Yes, people usually faint in romance movies."

"But we are not in a romance movie and Robin is not the antagonist girl."

"Why would Robin be the protagonist?"

"Because it is them who usually fall to the faint ."

"Raven? Starfire!" Robin yelled to the air, Looking around, wondering if he would catch a glimpse of them somewhere.A subtle movement caught his eye, the bundle Jizo was holding emitted a soft-high sound. Robin's heart reached out to the baby as a gentle smile appeared on his face.


He touched his temple as a stinging sensation reached his nose.


As he responded to their callings he took weighed steps away from the bed as his knees went weak, when suddenly he felt a subtle prickling develop in his feet and spread throughout his body. He blinked as the baby once again yawned and fought back a haze upon his eyesight. The prickling had fully turned into a full throbbing of his body and looking down he saw his legs had been devoured by a mysterious mis currently eating away his abdomen.


The sharp smell was becoming intense, lifting the fine hairs on the back of his neck.

"Is he going to be okay?" The delicate voice of a young boy asked.

"Of course, don't worry he just fainted."

"I'm not liking this fainted very much anymore, it isn't that romantic."

Robin shook his head as the blurriness of the mist reached his neck, having already enveloped his body. As it covered his mouth, his eyes moved around the room future Raven was sleeping on her bed, the young man had apparently left and Jizo had turned around exposing the awoken baby to Robin's 's eyes widened as his eyes processed the bold color of the deep-blue sea...

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