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"KYAAAAA! Sophia started running around evading the monster's attacks but she suddenly tripped.

Sophia closed her eyes knowing that the monster would hit her. Miraculously, she didn't feel any pain.

She opened her eyes to see what happened. She only saw the monster who tried to attack her sliced to pieces. Her companion killed the monster. He had to because their other companions were busy fighting the other monsters. But the weird part is why did he save her? It's not that he cared for her, right?

Albel was lost in his own thoughts, thinking about many things but especially to the stupid maggot that saved.

"Why did I save her?"

"And what is this feeling that I'm feeling?"

"She's just another worm, right?"

Albel came back to reality when he heard Sophia saying something.

"Um….I…um….." she stuttered

"What is it, worm?" Albel said impatiently.

"I just want to thank you, that's all." Said Sophia

Then, she started running away from him and back to her other companions.

"Thank you, huh?" said Albel as he watched her figure disappearing from his sight.