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"...I'll kill you, especially cuz... I'M CARRYING OUR BABY!" Sakura smiled as she pounced on him.

End Recap

He contemplated on the idea, not thoroughly believing her words. The glazed look in his eyes shifted to a more lively look as realization kicked his scrawny ass.

"...! Are you sure?" Sasuke inquired.

"No! I was testing Sasuke-kun's knowledge of the female anatomy! I haven't shown signs of labor yet!"

"..." The frown he was demonstrating showed his chagrin disapproval.

"You know," Sakura paused, grinning mischievously,"there's always tonight..." she winked, turning off the water and stepping out of the shower with a towel, leaving Sasuke stunned.

"...!" Sasuke smirked, as he too, stepped out.

"Hina-chan... LET'S GO EAT SOME RAMEN! MY TREAT!" Naruto bawled, dragging the shy Hinata along with him.

"...!" Surprised, Hinata slowly chewed on the noodles Naruto had stuffed in her mouth after reciting the, 'ramen is good' speech.

Naruto smiled pleasingly at her reaction, earning a giggle from the petite woman.

"Eh?" Naruto marveled bewilderingly, before joining in on the laughter.

"This is troublesome..." the pineapple-haired man sighed boredly, staring up at the clouds.

"Shika-kun!" Ino whined, obviously faking a hurt look.

"...I'd rather be doing 'it' than watch those two make out..." Shikamaru sighed, pausing, then realizing what he had said.

"..." Ino responded with a coy smile.

"..." Shikamaru smirked. (ooh, they're thinking of something dirty...)

"Neji-kun..." Tenten called, her knee gently brushed past his 'danger zone'. The action fueled his desire for her, and without much thought, he pulled her legs to his waist. Tenten squeaked, before threatening to unbutton his pants. Neji impelled her to move on by bringing his hands to the hem of her shirt.

"...not here..." Neji whispered under his breath, as he swung her legs over his left arm so that he was carrying her bridal style, and made his way to the Hyuga compound.

"Neji-kun! I want it now!" Tenten whined, wanting to release her sexual tension, her hands pulling at his long, ebony locks. Neji growled, releasing her (... omg! O!O i'm not about to type... this... word... OO) left breast from his mouth. (i... have no idea... where... this... is... headed... OO) He thrust a finger through her core, starting at a torturously slow pace, thumbing her opening, as he added more fingers. Tenten moaned his named, rocking forward to meet his movements. She released her juices into Neji's mouth, his tongue lapping up the rest as they flowed out. He moved his tongue inside of her, seeking more of her juices, gently sucking at her clit. (what the hell... am i really writing t-this? OO) He positioned himself above her, breaking through her barrier with a quick thrust, (... i'm getting very uncomfortable writing this... OO) letting her adjust to his size. Tenten cried out in pain, before urging him to move on. Neji began at a slow pace, accelerating, trying to get more of himself into her. He pounded into her, as her legs wrapped around his waist, bringing him closer as she met his thrusts. Tenten's nails tore through the skin on his back, earning a growl from the frustrated Neji who was trying to get as much of him as possible into her. As they approached their climax, Neji pounded even harder and faster. Their juices intermingled inside of her core as Neji collasped on top of her without pulling out of her. Tenten pulled the covers up around them before whispering an,'I love you' to the fatigued Neji, who, in return, smiled, and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before drifting off to sleep. (err... as you can see... that was my first lemon... good? bad? please tell me what you thought of it in your review...OO)

"Ooh! This is WAAY better than Icha Icha Violence!

"Sasuke-kun, let's go spy on Ten-chan and Hyuga-san!" Sakura suggested, giving the 'thumbs up' sign.

"Perv, why would I want to spy on that white-eyed freak?!" Sasuke growled at the mention of his name, flames evident in his eyes.

Sakura giggled at his reaction, linking her arm in his.

"I'm glad Tsunade-shishou has given Rookie 9 a week off." Sakura commented, shielding her eyes from the sun.


"We'll be back to being full-time ninjas again." Sakura sighed.



"Hn." Sasuke smirked, admiring her cute, angry face.

"..." Sakura put a crack in the street with her monstrous strength.

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