A.N. This is my first fanfiction, so forgive me if it isn't the best. Anyway, here is the first chapter.

"He thinks he's sooo cool!" 12 year old Cindy Vortex mumbled to herself as she walked down to the park after yet, another fight with a certain genius. It was a cold winter day and she was so angry she failed to realize the ice on the sidewalk ahead of her. She slipped on the ice and ran into a pole, knocking her out. It was so cold out that everyone was inside, not noticing her on the frozen ground.

Jimmy was also thinking about their latest dispute and decided to head to the park to blow off some steam. He took a different route than Cindy had, therefore ending up at a different end of the park. After about 20 minutes, he decided to head home, never noticing Cindy.

Libby, on the other hand decided to take a walk with Sheen, her boyfriend of 2 months. They had taken the same route as Cindy. As they neared the park, they noticed a figure on the ground.

"Sheen, look, is that a person?" Libby questioned while pointing at Cindy

"Either that or it's a very big racoon" Sheen replied

They walked over to the motionless figure, only to realize it was Cindy.

"Oh my gosh!" Libby shrieked while kneeling down to Cindy's level "How long has she been here?" She yelled to Sheen when noticing Cindy's blue lips and pale skin.

"Well, I know Jimmy went to the park to blow off some steam at around 12:00 today after a fight with Cindy, so she may have done the same." He replied, remembering his phone conversation with Jimmy.

"What? That means she's been her for…3 hours!" Libby noted after checking her watch

She quickly pulled out her cell phone and called 911. Within minutes Sheen and Libby heard sirens and saw an ambulance pull up to the park. They took Cindy onto a stretcher and "loaded" her into the back of the ambulance

"Will she be ok?" Libby asked one of the paramedics.

"Looking at her condition, it's hard to tell" They told her sadly

Libby and Sheen rushed home to get a ride to the hospital. They needed to know what would happen to Cindy.

Well, there's the first chapter. I hope you liked it. I know it's not very long, but once again, I am very new to this sort of thing. I will put up the next chappie as soon as possible! Thanks for reading.