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Sasha and Jason were sentenced to life in prison for 2nd degree murder, child abuse, and assault.

Cindy now lives with her aunt. She still lives across the street from Jimmy though, and they are still happily married…I mean dating. Sorry. I get too caught up in these things.

Libby is still Cindy's best friend. And she is still happily dating..i mean married…I MEAN DATING Sheen.

Carl still loves llamas. And Jimmy's mom.

The 5 still hang together. It's as if everything was back to normal. But it wasn't. It could never be. Because everyone still had that same uneasy feeling…and they were about to know why.

Ok. By the last sentence, you probably guessed that yes, I am doing a sequel. But I would VERY much appriciate it if you would give me ideas. Because the only one I have is that they escape and come back for revenge. Maybe it's while there on vacation..like I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. I don't know. Help me out here. Thanks!

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