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Jimmy sat at his desk, figuring out why Sheen hadn't been home for a while.

"Maybe he's out with Libby or something…still" He said to himself.

Next thing he knew, the phone rang.


"Hey Jimmy, it's Sheen! You need to get down to the hospital! It's Cindy!" Sheen yelled frantically.

"Why? What happened?" He asked a little more concerned than he meant too.

"She slipped on ice and knocked herself out! She'd been laying on the sidewalk for 3 hours when we found her!"

"I'll be right there" Jimmy said while slamming the phone down.

Jimmy ran down the stairs, grabbed his jacket, left a note to his parents and ran to his hovercar. He sped down the streets at 80 miles an hour. Why was he so worried? Could it be that…no, he didn't like her, he can't, he's not supposed too anyways.

"I don't have feelings for her!" He screamed in his mind

Before he knew it, he was at the Hospital. Libby and Sheen were in the waiting room, and jumped to their feet when they saw him.

"Jimmy, she's…she's…she's" Libby started sobbing into Sheen's shoulder before she could get the rest of the sentence out

"She's in a coma" Sheen said sadly before comforting Libby

"What? Will she be ok?" asked Jimmy, once again sounding more concerned than he meant to.

Sheen and Libby raised an eyebrow at his tone.

"The doctors aren't sure yet. They say she's got hypothermia. They will inform us when we can see her."

Then, as if on cue, Doctor Pilbur walked out into the waiting room, followed by Cindy's parents.

"You guys can go see her now. Try talking to her like you normally would, surround her with familiar things, for example: the music she likes, Favorite phrases, familiar smells, etc. Those things may help her to wake up."

Libby, Sheen and Jimmy walked into the room that Doctor Pilbur directed them to. Cindy looked awful. She was all pale, and her lips were blue. She had an IV in which was causing some swelling.

The 3 friends approached Cindy's bed. Libby spoke first

"Hey Cindy" She spoke softly "I really need you to get better. Life wouldn't be the same without you. Remember all of the good times we had? The trips to space, the sleepovers, the Candy Bar? Everyone here would really miss you! Even Carl, who doesn't even know what happened because he's in France for 3 weeks. Please, wake up."

Sheen went next

"Hiya Cindy, even though I didn't know you as much as my chicky-babe Libby, my life still wouldn't be the same without you there to call me Ultradork. Please get better Cindy."

Finally, Jimmy stepped up to the plate

"Um, Hi Cindy. I'm really sorry about that stupid fight we had. Even though I always fight with you, I've kind of always seen you as a friend too. After all we've been through, all of the adventures, all of the laughs, you can't leave now. Your adventure has only begun. You have the rest of your life to live. You can't stop trying now. Please, Please wake up." And with that, Jimmy exited the room, followed by Libby and Sheen. They made a deal to come back as often as they could to try to get her to wake up. They weren't going to give in and let her die.

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