Amazonian Support

It was dark and nothing could be seen for miles. Not a sound existed. Not even the sound of the person's breathing as it walked through the dark emptiness. It was a place yet to be and yet a place that once was. Once this place helped birth new worlds and new heroes. Now, it was a place of eternal silence. The person, this Guardian, has seen Empire's fall and Empire's being born. They watched ever vigilant over the world as it was born again and again through the Fate's amused will. Humans had always been their favorite playthings. They think to have free will when all along the Fates had used invisible strings to pull them like a Puppeteer does with it's marionettes. The Guardian was starting to tire of watching mankind make the same mistakes over and over again. That was one of the reasons for Fate's amusement. They, the Humans that is, have a saying that 'We should learn from past mistakes so they aren't repeated again', but they have yet to prove their discipline in that particular skill. The Guardian was fed up. It was going to help. After all, Humans are not perfect and they occasionally needed the help after all….

King Arthur doesn't belong to me and the Guardian is an idea off of Sailor Moon, but it isn't anyone of the Sailor Scouts. It's just that idea of a Guardian I'm using.