Title: Hugh?

Summary: Drabble containing a sleepy Daisuke and a confused Takeshi.

Disclaimer: I don't own, aren't you lucky?

Authors Note: This is a drabble numbering 105 words. More shall be said after.

It was the middle of the night, and all was quite in Daisuke's room.

"Where have the rocks gone!"

"What?" a sleepy Daisuke was sure no one could be louder than Takeshi.

"The rocks! Where have they gone?"

"Takeshi, how do you know there were any rocks in the first place?"

"I saw them, with my own eyes."

"Who else's eyes would you see them with?"

"Daisuke, you know what I mean! I saw them yesterday!"

"Takeshi. You do realize that's a painting, don't you?"

"Right… Gomen Daisuke, I thought it was a window. "

"Can we go back to sleep now?"

"Sure. Night Daisuke."

Authors Note: a beach near my house used to be covered with waist high rocks. When we were little, my dad would take my sister and I down there and we would play all over them. I when for a walk there a few weeks ago and all the rock that weren't in the water were gone. I wish I could explain away the disappearance as easily as Daisuke did the ones he painted over.