Title: Forever In A Day

Author: HeeroGrl195

Fandom: Harry Potter / Xena

Pairing(s): Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, Ron/Neville/Severus

Warnings: AU, SLASH, OOC, X-Over, MPREG (past), ANGST, & ABUSE with more to come.

A/N: This is a crossover and very slash oriented. If you don't like it don't read. I don't claim to know everything about both fandoms, so this is very AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own them. Sorry.

Forever In A Day


It was an accident. A stupid, bloody, Slytherin induced accident, but an accident all the same.

He never meant to be so clumsy, or 'stupid' as most called him nowadays. The joking and laughing on his persona really hurt, which was obviously the point. It especially burned when none of his 'so-called' friends, save one, stepped up to defend him.

He tried to not be so clumsy, so stepped upon, so bullied.

It worked for awhile, but…

He just couldn't help it. There were just something's you couldn't change, no matter how much you wished to do so. It seemed that he was destined to trip over his feet and be belittled for the rest of his life, which at this point in time didn't seem very long of a life indeed.

Not that that was really a bad thing considering the way his life was rapidly falling to pieces.

He was so screwed. Completely, utterly, mortally, and sadly welcomingly doomed.

He was in a temple of some sort. It looked almost like something out of a history book, but too new. Black and leather seemed to be the main theme giving the area a certain feeling of power and darkness. Sculptures and paintings adorned the walls in a homey yet sparse way. They melded beautifully together, in a weird, dark sort of way.

'Strange' The Gryffindor thought to himself nervously glancing about for a means of escape and coming up completely empty.

Of course, it could also be the three strange men that were currently staring at him in wondered astonishment that made him want to flee or fall to his knees and beg for what he didn't know.

One, obviously the owner of said temple, sat on a 'throne' in the middle of two other men. He was tall, broad, well-muscled, knowing black eyes, a nicely trimmed beard and mustache and decked out completely in leather.

On his right there was a much more lithe form. The man was tall with dark soulful brown eyes, shaggy brown hair that was in perfect disarray, and a strangely familiar smile upon his lips.

The one on his left made the boy pause in astonishment. The man was very pale making his dark hair seem to glow in the low light of the temple. His blue eyes shone with insanity contained. Yet it was his clothes that made his eyes widen. It was a leather seemingly one-piece outfit attached with a horrendous amount of what he thought of as pins.

Sighing in acceptance of his certain demise, Neville Longbottom glanced at the smirking men before him and waited.

'Stupid Potion…' He thought sourly. "Stupid Hogwarts…'

"Welcome to the Temple of Ares Neville Longbottom." Was the soft, soothing voice of the man on the right as he gracefully walked down to the frightened boy with a huge smile upon his lips.

The other two watched on in utter delight as Joxer the Mighty grabbed the poor, confused boy into a bone-crushing hug and kissed his forehead.

"Welcome home, my son." Joxer mumbled into his son's hair, tears streaming down his cheeks as his baby was finally returned to him.