Wolf's Snow

I will own the OC characters in this story so far I only have the character Shadow. I don't own Wolf's Rain.


Kiba was running, that's all he knew he ever did. He was not a wolf but he was searching, searching for something he could not name. A voice rang through his head "Kiba, don't forget this one, search for me." Kiba ran past a young boy holding a kitten, a guy in a blue poncho eating food, a guy on a motor cycle, and a girl in an ally watching the guy in the blue poncho. Little did he know they were all searching for the same thing, striving for the same purpose, they too searched for Paradise.

Kiba was searching, searching for something he could not seem to find. He took a turn down the what must have been 12th ally of the day. He was about to leave when he heard a voice calling to him. "Kiba wait." Kiba looked all around and saw no one so he continued on. "Kiba down here." Kiba looked down and saw a beautiful white flower growing near a gutter. A word fluttered in his mind…..Cheza. "Kiba listen to this one." Kiba thought in the back of his mind that it was a little strange that he was talking to a flower but for some reason it didn't seem strange to him at the moment. "Kiba this one wants you to eat one of my petals. OK…. Kiba plucked a pure white petal off, as soon as he did the petal turned blood red. Kiba put the flower petal in his mouth and chewed.

Kiba suddenly remembered everything, his pack that died, his pack that joined him, his friends, their deaths, everything. When he looked down Cheza said "Take the rest of my petals and give them to your friends so they will remember everything like you did. It will not be easy since you will need to remember all of your lives as wolves and then must proceed in figuring out how to transform into them again. Then you must travel through many worlds to find Paradise. This time you do not need this one's help to accomplish this task. Good luck and don't forget my petals." With that last statement Cheza died and withered though her petals fell and turned Blood red. Kiba gathered them up and stuck them in his pocket for later.

For now he must go and find his companions to search, find, and open Paradise.

This is just the Prologue to my story Wolf's Snow and if it sounds interesting review and then I will continue.