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Wolf's Snow Chapter 2 (This is at night by the way.)


Once Kiba remembered everything he knew that he had to find his pack. Kiba started to think back over his day trying to find a clue in his memory that might lead him to where his pack mates might be. He then remembered getting a glimpse of a guy around his age in a blue poncho eating a lot of hotdogs. "That guy sure could eat a lot of hotdogs…wait a second HOTDOGS! Didn't Hige eat a lot of hotdogs? Did I ever get a glimpse of that guys face?" But he couldn't say that he did all he remember is seeing a small glimpse of metal on a black band from underneath the hood.

"It may not be Hige but I'll go check anyway. It's not like I have any other leads to follow with out being a wolf and all."

Tucking away the leaves safely into his jacket pocket, Kiba got up and said goodbye to Cheza's pure white petals that once reflected the silver moonlight. Kiba left the ally to see if he could manage to find his hotdog obsessed friend.

Kiba began to head back through the streets he had passed earlier to see if he could get a hint as to where Hige was. He soon stumbled across the hotdog place that he passed earlier. Kiba walked up to the hotdog vender.

"Hey, did you see a guy about my height in a blue poncho come by eating a lot of hotdogs?"

"Yes in fact he just left with two bags of my hotdogs. He is one of my best customers."

"That's great do you know which way he went."

"Well he normally heads to the park around this time for some reason."

Kiba thanked the vender and started to run towards the park which was just a block or two away. Kiba caught sight of a guy in a blue poncho with two bags in his hands that smelled strongly of hotdogs. I'm sure this is him!


Hige stopped and turned around with a hotdog still in his mouth.


He managed to say around the Super Jumbo Hotdog that he just bought from his favorite vender.

Hige started to look around when the guy that ran by him earlier caught his attention trying to make it through the crowd. Hige swallowed the hotdog and waved is now free hand.

"Over here."

Why do I feel I know this guy? Shifting the bags to a more comfortable place in his hands and checking that his collar didn't choke him he waited for the guy to catch up.

"Do I know you?" Hige asked

Oh crap! I don't think he knows me. Quick think of something.

"Um...Yeah we've met before." Kiba responded quickly. Nice save.

"So um…where did we meet and what was your name again." Hige asked looking at Kiba. Hige was never this suspicious before.

"My name is Kiba and…." Hige I hope I know you like I think I know you or I'm screwed. "….We met at a hotdog convention."

Hige paused for a second and Kiba was worried that he blew his chance.

"…Oh! I think I remember you now. Want to sit down and have a hotdog?"

Kiba sweat dropped. Hige has never met me before now and yet he believes me when I say I met him at a hotdog convention. Some things will never change.

When they say down Hige got Kiba a hotdog.

"Here's a hotdog for you."


Kiba glared at the hotdog remembering his last 'experience' with one. Kami didn't these things taste horrible last time. Oh well I am hungry and it doesn't look too bad.

Kiba took a bite and his face lit up. Not bad…Not bad at all.

Kiba started to think on how he would get Hige to eat the leaf. Some how he didn't think saying that they were wolves and friends in a past life and that he needed to eat the leaf to remember would work. Hige chose then to break the silence.

"He Kiba did you go to the convention where they were bragging about a new hot dog topping that would enhance the flavor ten fold?"

Kiba blinked Hige had just given him the perfect opportunity to get him to eat the leaf.

"Yes I did and I also got a free sample."

"You did! How did you manage that!"

"I just got lucky I guess...do you want to try some?"

"Yes!" Hige looked as if his eyes would fall out if he stared any harder."

Kiba slowly pulled out a single blood red leaf and passed it to Hige.

"Is this some sort of drug?" Asked Hige flatly

"No!" Yelled Kiba. "It's just a hotdog topping." Oh Kami did he just think I passed him a drug. I'm not a drug dealer! What has this world come to? Kiba sighed.

"Well is it a spice or something then?" Hige asked still staring at the leaf. "I mean because it's blood red and all.

"Um…Yeah it's a spice for the hotdog."

"Alright!" Yelled Hige as he placed the leaf on the hotdog and took a bite.

Hige swallowed the hotdog and then looked around. His gaze finally settling on Kiba.

"Well….." Kiba stated.

"Hey Kiba." Hige started

"Yeah?" Kiba asked wondering where this was going.

"Where is every one? Why am I in a Blue Poncho? I thought I was dead. Is this Paradise? And why in all nine hell am I wearing this freakn' collar again!" Hige shouted the last part.

"I don't know where every one is and I don't know why you are in a Blue Poncho. I also thought I was dead but apparently not. This is not Paradise and I don't….." Kiba paused and looked at Hige again. "Hey why are you wearing that collar again?"

"I don't know that's why I asked you. And why are we here?"

Kiba explained all that had happened to him leading all the way up to where he ran into Hige.

"Kiba it's late and we can search for the others tomorrow how hard could they be to find? Let's get a decent hotel and get up early."

Well he is right about it being late and I am tired. "Ok, let's find a hotel and turn in.

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