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(blah) Author's notes

Why did he have to go,

why did he have to leave

I should've known,

that he'd give up his life,

just because of me

He lost his life because of me.

I shouldn't have let him do that,

I should've taken the blow,

but something was holding me back.

I can't live anymore knowing that he's dead.

I can't eat anymore because of his death.

I should just kill myself to get rid of this pain,

to rid of my mournful state.

The thought burns within my heart with an everlasting pain

I still love you Sasuke-kun.

You're the only one that can brighten up my day.


Sakura, your cherry blossom

Sakura sat alone sulking in her apartment. It had been a year since Sasuke died. All hope had abandoned her, causing grief. Nobody knew the pain that was afflicted to her heart. It had been torn in two, one part was the happy Sakura, and the other was the sulking, mournful one. She refused to be drownded in the comfort of all of her friends. Everyday, somebody would be at her doorstep, whether if it was a friend, or even Tsunade-sama, she didn't care. Nothing could cheer her up, and to top it all off, both of her parents had died during a mission so she was all alone in the world. The past year had been tragic. She was now full of hatred, and mourning. The beautiful cherry blossom had become a shadow in the mist.

She had languished these past two years, sitting alone waiting for something. Waiting for what? It's not like Sasuke would come back to life all of a sudden and kiss her right then and there. The medic knew she would have to give up. Who would just come back to life, after being dead for quite some time? Nobody. That's what scared her the most. Living in darkness for the rest of your life. How can anybody live like that?

Sasuke did.

What the hell's wrong with you? You can't go on living like this forever!

Everything's wrong! I lost my only family, and I lost...


The thought pained her as images flashed before her eyes. One by one they came with a long train of other thoughts and images of the past.

"I have to let them go." Sakura decided, dropping the framed picture in her hands that she'd been looking at. It was during team 7's genin days. Kakashi stood behind the three, while Sakura and Naruto were grinning like idiots and Sasuke stood next to them with a bored face.

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