Author: T. Slanzar

Title: Falling Into Place

Summary: She should've been used to it now, right? The fact that her boyfriend was in love with her sister? That he didn't have the courage to break it off with her? Well, getting over the fact that he could never love her was just too much for her to bear.

Notes: I'm sort of implying that I hate David…warnings of not a lot of slash and light bashing and selfishness. Also remember that my dialogue sucks. I'm friends with a family of (really) British people. I think I hang out with them too much. (urr)

You called to say you wanted out

Well, I can't say I blame you now

Sometimes you've got to fall

Before you're found out

Well thanks for waiting this long

To show yourself, yourself

'Cause now that I can see you

I don't think you're worth a second glance

So much for all the promises you made, they served you well

And now you're gone and they're wasted on me

So much for your endearing sense of charm, it served you well

And now it's gone and you're wasted on me
Never in a million years did I think that this would be happening.

Well, maybe I did, but not now. Not like this.

April O'Brien is sitting on my bed, wrapped up in my covers because her jackass boyfriend David Levin is cheating on her with her half sister Senna Wales. And she knows all about it.

"He thinks I don't know," she whispers as she unknowingly grasps the covers closer to her small frame. Her eyes dart away from mine. She swallows, "He thinks I'm asleep. That I didn't notice."

Jalil seemingly notices her distress and moves closer to her, thus placing him next to the redhead on the bed. He drapes his arm around her shoulders comfortingly. "April…"

She doesn't seem to hear him. "God, I never thought it'd be like this. I really didn't." A few tears roll down her pale cheeks and she snuggles even deeper into the covers. "I thought she was gone. I thought he was over her. God, how stupid am I?"

"You're not stupid, April," I declare from my place at the huge desk positioned in the corner. My feet once propped up on the hard wood, I lower them and finish, "David's an ass."

This seems to only affect her emotional state further. Jalil sends me a heated glare.

"I thought…" April's voice gets quieter as she goes on, "I thought I was worth more than that, you know? Like, I feel as if he just said, 'oh, April fancies me and I can take advantage of that until Senna comes back and I can fuck her instead.'"

Jalil sighs and begins to rub April's back as she sobs.

April chokes on another sob and she turns to look up into Jalil's eyes. "Why can't he love me?" A beat for him to answer, and then another, quieter, "why can't he love me?"

She shuts her eyes tightly and cries into her hands. Her once bouncy red hair falls into her face and becomes wet with her tears.

I choke on my own sob.

She looks so sad and hopeless. Is this really what David has done to her? Hurt her so deeply that she ends up like this; so cold and confused. She keeps asking why he couldn't love her. That bastard. Look what he's gone and ruined. He's killing the best part of April. He's just plain killing her.

The moment you see red you forget everything else; all logic, all coherent thoughts…all consequences.

Well, that moment I saw red. I honestly only remember scattered images of what happened…I roughly pushed myself out of my seat and I recall stating, "I'll be back later. Take care of her," before storming off down the hall to where I knew David would be with Senna.

Time to confront the asshole himself.

Recalling the events of those fifteen minutes is hell; all coming back in splinters of light and sound.

Kicking David's door open.

Finding David and Senna on the bed.

Grabbing David by the arm and clocking him.

Punching David again and again.

Senna's strange grin.

David fighting back and punching me square in the jaw.

Slamming my fist into David's stomach.

David grabbing my shoulders and throwing me into the wall.

Kicking David's kneecap.

Hearing the sound of David's knee bone shattering.

Watching as he fell.

Watching as Senna just kept on grinning.

Ragged breathing.



Running away from my fallen friend, bleeding on the ground.


We were supposed to be friends.

I scarcely remember the journey back to my room. I think I could hear my heart beating so loud in my ears I thought my heart would explode at any moment.

I finally came out of my trance when I reached the door. I could hear April crying inside and Jalil attempting to comfort her.

"…nothing is fair…why does she do this…"

I swear it breaks my heart to hear her sounding so broken.

"…why does she…always….do…this…"

I shove the door ajar before the blood rushing to my brain interferes with the motion. I walk in, ignoring their gazes and sit myself down in a chair by the coffee table in the middle of the room.

"I took care of it." I state gruffly, ending any start of conversation starting on their tongues.

April is sitting in Jalil's lap.

And if I were a jealous bastard – which I am – I'd be kicking the shit out of him too.

Restraining myself with someone who hasn't done anything wrong is much harder than punching David in the face.

But April isn't giving Jalil those 'I love you' vibe looks. She's giving off, 'you're my friend and I need you to be my friend' vibes. Which is good. Which is very good.

They're confused. They have no idea what I mean.

I just busted the kneecap of someone who is supposed to be my friend.

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