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Chapter 1: deep distractions of sailor moon

Its here again and as I always do and have done for the past 4 years I will go to the worlds rescue. May name is Serena tsukino and I AM sailor moon! But there is one problem… I can no longer control her anymore. There is me, serenity princess of the moon incarnate and then there is sailor moon someone completely different and for the first time since I started this quest against evil I realise what she is finally doing to me.

I will tell you from the beginning it was last week I think that I finally recognised the call of sailor moon against my silver call of the moon. I was fighting adromeda a silver winged general of my ex best friend molly. Ill explain later. But as I run to the battle trying to hold her off as long as I can I can already feel the woman/princess failing against this ancient yet new call. It was like a deadly song sung by a siren but it sounded so sweet alluring.

As I reached the battle I could see the eight scouts fighting together to fight this new evil. A name instantly sprang to mind, hypnotica! Ok so it was time to submit.

"MOON EMERIAL COSMIC POWER!" I shouted in defeat, the power over took as princess and senshi took hold this was my favourate formation because it held both my identities, senshi princess, all in one and was less captive. Moving as quickly as I could I already began to feel the onslaught, "URANUS WORLD SHAKING, NEPTUNE DEEP SUBMERGE!"

With the attacks combined together the youma slammed into a large oak tree both concerned scouts looked at me in pleasure as they saw their attacks put to better use then they could do got up sending her own attack at me, but I was ready, "SATURN SILENT WALL!"

The attack stopped on my purple shield, soo I felt another presence fill my senses it was Endymion, he was here he would know what was going on, I would tell him of course but how would he react with someone being constantly more on the edge then usual. I had to finish her off or I would feel it take effect completely, not that is was a bad thing I suppose but after I takes a hold I cant come back as easily as I left, I would die trying to kill more youma then I needed, it was my gift and my curse, it helped me out but when ever I managed to kill it would keep going it was th eopposit off me, I hated violence she loved it.


It burst out of my wings like there was no tomorrow this attack was every thing and as soon as it left I detransformed knowing no matter the direction she fled she was moon dusted. Walking off I felt the ten people behind me follow silently. That was until Endymion placed a hand on my shoulder, "serenity, what's wrong why did you rush it, you seem disturbed."

"because if I didn't I wouldn't still be stood here I would be facing molly before fate even blinked her eyes." I mumbled only so he could hear, "Darien, what would you say if I told you I could no longer control sailor moon then I could control time."

"ok sere, so what is going on? I understand you cant control her any more but so you why?" he sounded so over his head, did he really have no clue… hey what he hell am I on about I have no clue!

"ok ok, listen, when I become sailor moon in any shape or form, there is this tune of some sorts that assults my senses, its part of me trying to lure me into somethings so strong and powerful, its her old personality, I think, and it wants to take over so I kill more often… if she had a chance and I let her she would have already faced molly… I would already be dead." I muttered still only so his ears could hear, "but you must not tell the other, as your beloved and future wife I order you not to tell anyone about this, they are to vulnerable now, you saw how relieved amara and michelle were when I used there attacks for them, I may have saved their lives."

"ok I wont, sere, just listen and listen good no matter how far she goes to make you fight I will always be there ot stop you from doing anything stupid!" I could feel the love in his voice reverberate through out me… I loved this man so much that I was surprised I hadnt killed him with kisses and too much willingness…

As we walked away I never felt more safe in my life from myself. If it were even possible.

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