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Chapter 5: the effect on the others

Yet again, another battle ensued in the boundaries of the park; the scouts and the prince were trying to face the youma down. It was tough and the call was getting stronger through Serena's body, and she was only eternal sailor moon. Deciding that it would be better Serena pulled both senshi and princess together again, her wings unfurled, "MARS FLAME SNIPER!"

The attack hit it full pelt, she didn't notice but mars gasped, as she moved between attacks Serena sent out another attack, "JUPITER SUPREME THUNDER DRAGON!"

It hit dead on target and knocked back into a large barricade behind it, "PLANET POWER SUPER BALL!"

A ball of pure white energy built up in her hands and was sent towards the youma, a small grunt came from each senshi as the power hit, and Serena fell to the floor in exhaustion soon joined by her scouts, "I dunno why but I feel so tired."

Both mars and Jupiter followed her to the floor too the other scouts were not so drained as the other two, mercury was first to have an idea of what was happening. She double checked with her computer first then gathered the exhausted scouts around her, though still recovering they were awake enough to listen, "Serena is being threatened by sailor moon's power, her spirit its self is strong enough to hold it but some part of her mind still doesn't want to be her. Therefore, moon is still trying to break free, Serena also when you are at you top level you drain energy from our resources."

Serena nodded, "ill not fight then, if I'm going to put you in danger I am not going to fight I refuse to."

Mars looked totally gutted she was a lot more assured while her princess was in battle, "but you can not do that, I refuse to let you sit by because you are scared to hurt us, we are here to protect you and if it means taking my energy to help the world then go rite ahead."

"but Raye, I cant do it, don't force me to either, I'm afraid that after the other day I don't want to go near molly ever again even if I have to beat her, I don't want to do it!" Serena argued, she was not going to do it full stop! "you cant make me, I assure you if you try it wont be pretty."

They nodded giving up, they were good to her but she could tell they may try again.

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