KiraraCutie: Hey doing another Holiday special I know, I know, my Halloween one is still not done but you see my flash drive that had the story on got lost and well -;; I'll make sure it gets up(it was found and returned but was returned to Tysonkaiexperiment wired)


KC: you don't have to yell I got it back and I was depress the whole time it was gone

Sanura: still

KC: do the disclaimer please

Sanura: KiraraCutie dose not own Beyblade if she did that flash drive would be worth over thousands of dollars

KC: VV thanks I feel so much better

Chapter One – One Cold Night
Kai and Ray looked around a room once filled with joy but now was turned into a nightmare; the tree putted up with care and happily trimmed now was on the floor broken and ruined. The furniture that was perfectly aligned was turned over and tossed aside showing signs of struggle. Presents meet to be open with friends and as a sign of love where tater, torn, and broken. They left for 1 hour to get food for the big feast tomorrow night but that did not matter they dropped the bags and began to search for there friends and came face to a note on the wall pinned with a dagger which read…

We have kidnapped Tyson and Max, if you want them back unharmed you must fight us at the abandon warehouse at the edge of town, come alone and don't call the police or we'll kill them both. But if you rather live your lives to there fullest don't bother.


As a last request we left two presents unharmed they are on the counter

Think of them as memories, memories of the boys you love and will never see again.

Kai and Ray looked on the counter and saw the presents, opening them Kai found a gray scarf made by Tyson that at the end had a crimson phoenix and Ray had gotten a tiger necklace from Max.

They putted them on and headed out the door

And drove to the warehouse on Christmas Eve

KC: Well what did you think?

Ray: I say mean, how could you let Max be kidnapped?

KC: I'm sorry Ray, you know I love Max and would never hurt him

Ray: yeah but still

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