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"Tell me again what happen?" said a voice clam

"We got attacked by…" came another voice more scared to answer

"By what?" asked the first voice more angered

"by… by… a tiger and phoenix." the 2nd voice said unsure

"That's a stupid excuse one; phoenixes don't exist 2; they can't keep a tiger as a pet." Said the first voice not pleased with the answer

"But they had them." The second on pleded

"Shut-up, come on Michael let's leave." Said Tala who stood up and left the room he and Michael where talking to Spencer and Steve in.

"To finish the job our selves? I agree Tala, what about today?" Michael suggested out of the city jail house.

"Yeah today should be good, we're going to watch a movie with them." Tala answered back

"Max do we have everything for the movie tonight?" Tyson asked from downstairs.

"Yeah Ty I think we do. Wow are those construction people done already?" Max said after inspecting the job done upstairs.

"Yeah they worked really fast" Tyson comment

"They must know Kai." Max said

Tyson chuckled at the last replied. "Maybe you're right hey! we should leave the guys notes"

"We could leave it with Rei and Kei they'll be sure to give it to them" Max also said

"Let's write them now before we go see the movie." Tyson got up and ran upstairs to his room and was followed by Max

Kei and Rei where watching from where they where sitting on the living room coffee table.

"Tala and Michael are coming over." Kai started

"Yup, and Max and Ty are writing us notes" Ray said staring no where in particular

"So what do you think there writing to us about?" Kai asked staring out to the same no where place

"Don't know, you?" Ray asked still looking at the same spot

"They hate us, should stop leaving notes, and to come face to face with them so they can yell at us and then they will pause and yell at us that we drug there food." Kai said all in one breath

Rei turned to face Kai, stared, and respond "You mean you're going to get yelled at for drugging the brownie."

"That is where your wrong my friend, you put the vodka in the brownie liked I asked you." Kai said not wanting to be wrong

"But it's your vodka, your private stash that no one even though they could have looked for it but didn't, have found!" Rei replied

Kai started to zone out and remembered when Tyson had vodka for the first time and when he first told Kai he loved him.

-Yay a flashback-

Kai and Ray where coming home from food shopping, and Kai was carrying a bag that made a clinking noise. This brought curiosity to a certain blue hair teen.

/A Moment Ago at the store/

"Ray come on I want to get home." Kai was board and annoyed that he was the one that had to go food shopping.

"Coming I'm just getting one more thing." Ray gave the store worker some cash and in exchange got a brown paper bag.

What's that?

Ray smiled as he saw Kai pointing to the bag

It's for cooking and a little something for later.

What? Wine?

Ray stared up at the ceiling and put a finger to his chin as if thinking and answered "I guess you could say that. I'm done so we can leave now."

Kai was thinking and got suspicious he walked over to the same store clerk.

"Hello sir how may I help you tonight?" The clerk asked in the happiest voice Kai has ever heard.

Kai ignored his peppiness and asked "Yeah tell me what the fellow with long black hair who was just here bought."

"Sorry sir, store policy I can't tell any other costumer what another costumer bought. The only code that could break that would be the green policy." Replied the store clerk even happier then before as he recited the employee hand book.

Kai pulled out a 10 and slipped to him.

"Well your brother just bought couple bottles of Sake, would you like anything else sir?" The clerk asked still happy as ever.

Kai though a moment to himself completely ignoring the sale clerk 'cooking yeah right'

"Sir is there anything else I can help you with?"

"Yeah drop the fucking cheerful act and give me a bottle of your finest Vodka"

"Sure thing jackass so you want a bottle of beer."

"No make it 6"

"O so you can handle it?

"Yeah I can handle it, what you can't?"

"Very well you total for 6 beers is 54.99"


"Because it not sold anywhere else and I shouldn't be selling it to you. What don't you have money?"

"I see well do you have change for a 100?"


"Fine how about just charging it then."

/Outside at the car/

"And you say I took forever… what's in the bag?"

"Something for cooking." Kai said as he unlocked the doors to car and got in.


Hey Kai what's in the bag?


Come on Kai you can tell me

Fine it is… something

Kai walked into the kitchen and place the bag in the fridge. He didn't even have to look to know Tyson was behind him.

"Tyson I know what you're thinking, don't touch."

/Later that night (3rd person view?)/

Tyson crept down the stairs an hour after he watched a movie with Kai who had fallen asleep, he started heading to the kitchen. On his way he pasted the living room which had a light flashing he pecked around the corner and saw Max and Ray passed out on the sofa.

He continued his night raid to the kitchen and opened the fridge, he spotted the bag and reached for it. He sat it in front of him and slowly opened the bag. He peered inside and found…


Tyson sat looking at the bottles and decide to drink one.

I can always buy him another one

Tyson opened the bottle and drank it whole after that he looked at the bottle and though 'Kai has good taste in beer, maybe I'll get one more'

And Tyson did have another one, or more like three other ones.

Tyson has drunk before but he never had this strong of a drink, he felt a little woozy. He stood up but soon had to brace himself, which didn't work so well since he supported himself with a rolling chair.

Kai woke up notice some warmth was missing which was where Tyson was laying. He got up as he heard a loud thump from down stairs and headed out of the room he notice the light was on and went to investigate. As he came closer to the bottom he heard voices and footsteps running.

He saw Ray and Max run into the dark kitchen and followed and when he entered he saw the two around a dazed Tyson. He stared wide eye and started to look around for the cause, his eyes landed on the table and found four empty bottles.

"Ray get some water in a bowl and Max get a towel and bucket NOW!" Kai ordered

Both ran to do their tasks, while Kai picked up the limp Tyson and went upstairs to his room.

On the way out Kai asked himself Tyson why, why did you drink those bottles? And failed to notice Ty was coming around.

Tyson still out of it but had the need to tell him something

"Kai, Kai I want to tell you something I…"

"Not now Tyson." Kai interrupted

"But this is important." Tyson argued

"It's not as important as your health." Kai argued back

"Yeah it is, …

…you know Kai you look nice with out that face paint and when you don't hid behind your mask all the time." Tyson said with a goofy smile on his face

"That's what you needed to tell me?" Kai said

"No, what I need to tell you was that…

…I love you"

Kai stopped in front of his room

With that said Tyson used the last of his strength to lean up and give a kiss to Kai which lasted only a few moments as he fell unconscious again.

Kai was shock and happy at the same time for he had a crush on the blue haired teen and didn't know if he felt the same. He put Ty on his bed(Kai's) to watch over him.

In the morning Tyson woke up to the most wonderful pounding headache he had ever felt. He didn't move for awhile but then got the feeling that he was going to vomit, he didn't know what room he was in but all they all had a bathroom which was what he was heading for. He reached the door to only find it was lock he pounded on the door and soon it opened he rushed passed the person and straight to the toilet.

His hair was lose which fell around him crap he though but didn't have that much time to think as he had the same feeling he had earlier when he bent over again he then notice his hair being held back and felt a hand on his back rubbing him. It had a soothing affect on him and he felt safe he turned to see Kai giving him small smile Ty notice there was a tint of red in his cheeks but notice he was also was steaming and wet. He was taking a shower Tyson thought who also had a blush on.

"Tyson are you ok?" Kai asked with a hint of concern in his voice

"Yeah Kai, I think I just need some rest." Tyson said as he stood up with the help of Kai who lead him back to the bed.

'The red in his cheeks are probably just from his fever.' Was Kai's though

Kai sat on the bed for awhile and they talk a little

"You know if you keep drinking Vodka like that you'll get use to the taste and dizziness." Kai brought up

"I like the taste it's just the hit of dizziness that I need to get use to." Tyson responded then though 'Good I don't think I said anything about liking him last night.'

"Well I'm going to go finish my shower but before I go." Kai spoke as he got up.

He walked over and kissed Tyson his lip softly and said "I love you too."

-Flashback Done-

Kai was brought out of this dream by Rei who shoved him off the table needless to say Kai was mad

"WHAT YOU DO THAT FOR!" Kei yelled

"There about to leave and you're dreaming of about who knows what." Rei chucked

"Well I was thinking what are Tala and Michael going to do, watch a movie, yeah right we have to keep an eye on them." Kei said trying to sound convincing

"You mean fight them if they try anything funny." Rei said

Max came down stairs with his letter in hand, he placed it next to Rei

"Make sure Ray gets this ok." Max said as he place a kiss on his head

Rei just stirred at Max's outfit from the bottom up.

He had on black Van's trainers that has with the logo written in purple along with a purple strip going around it, he was wearing lose black cargo pants with a chain belt and he had on a purple shirt with a open black button shirt sleeves rolled up, that showed the wrist band and watch he was wearing. How Ray just wanted to jump him right now.

"Tyson you ready yet?" Max called up

"Almost." Was his reply

"Ha-ha Ray, Max looks awesome and is going out to see a movie with Michael." Kei taunted

Ray glared at Kai and then a smirked formed on his face

"Well if Max looks this good imagine Tyson, he's a bit more daring then Maxie" Rei said he picked up the letter and left to leave Kai with his thought.

"Damn Ray is right now I have to really keep an eye on Tyson." Kei though as he heard

"Max I'm ready." Kai carefully turned his head to look at Tyson descending the stairs.

He was wearing black cargo pants that are tight at the waist but pool around the ankles, a dark blue tang top with a short sleeved leather jacket. All around his pants where chains too many to see where one begins and one ends, he also black fingerless gloves and black combat boots.

"Kai was staring dumfounded and though shit why dose my Ty have to look so damn hot? Tala better keep his hands off." Kai was planning away to hurt Tala if he in away hurt Ty.

"Come on Max it's time to go!" Tyson yelled to his friend in the kitchen

"But before I forget Kei give this to Kai I know you're the one who keeps letting him in." Tyson said as he placed the letter down near him.

"I told him a lot of things I think needs explaining, so make sure he gets it."


"Max your telling me to hurry up when you're not ever ready." Tyson yelled once again

"I'm too ready see I'm already out the door"

With that said Max ran to the door and left.

"Hey get back here Max you have the house keys" Ty said graved some coats and ran after him.

Kei soon turned to Kai and opened the letter

Dear Kai,

I missed you so mush why can't you see me in person why must you leave these letters and silly clues. (which I don't get)

But there are a few things I need to tell and ask you…

1st why did you give put vodka in my brownie? (I like brownies)

2nd what's with these clues?

3rd you might have notice but Tala has been here (he was comforting me when you 'died'.)

But I told him were just friends and your still my #1. If you want to talk with me I'm going to the movies with Max along with Tala and Michael. Don't worry it's nothing. You're my only one and I hope I'm still yours.


"Ray come on were going to the movies." Kai yelled

"So how are we going to see them if they can't see us?" Ray question Kai as he entered the room

"You tell me I have no clue, about any of this and you seem to know more then I do." Kai said

"Well we could…no… maybe…no… how about…" Ray started

"Any longer…" Kai was a little peeved

"Well maybe there's a loop hole. They say that anyone who thinks where dead can't see us so if we hid our appearances maybe we can get through to them that way." Ray said

"So let's grave some coats with hoods and leave." Kai suggested

"You going to drive your car aren't you?" Ray asked with a hint of detest in his voice

"Of course Tyson showed me it yesterday and it perfect besides I've been dieing to drive it." Kai said with joy

Ray started to pray in Chinese and Kai started to drag him to his car telling him shut up and he'll fine.

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