Everything Has A Consequence. No Pain, No Gain.

MichaelNeela, Think 1 month after the wedding.

Everything Has A Consequence. No Pain, No Gain.

Chapter 1

Neela woke with the thought that for the 2nd time that night she was going to be sick. "Oh God…" She dove out of bed, careful not to bump Michael and ran to the bathroom. She bent double over the toilet and puked. Groggily getting to her feet, she cleaned herself up.

She walked slowly back to her bedroom and laid there next to Michael. The question had been in her mind since she'd woken up that morning. She'd been queasy all day long…What could be causing this? She took a deep breath and cuddled close to Michael.

The next thing she knew, it was morning and she was alone. She was pretty sure she could hear Ray and Michael talking down the hall. Her stomach felt worse and her head ached. She also felt quite bloated…which was surprising after everything she'd thrown up. She yawned, wondering if she would end up going to work.

Eventually she decided she would have to, so she slowly got out of bed. She walked out to the kitchen, seeing Michael and Ray there.

Ray snickered. "What's with you? You look like the walking dead!"

Neela smiled. "Do I?" She walked over to Michael and leaned on him. "I feel like it too."

Michael looked a bit concerned for a moment. "Really? What's up?"

Ray smirked, "Eh, don't worry about her Gallant, she's tough!"

Michael smiled and kissed Neela's cheek. "She is…"

Neela could only agree. She felt like crap. She went back to her room and found something lose to wear, anything too tight wouldn pinch her stomach, queasy as it was.