Everything Has A Consequence. No Pain, No Gain

MichaelNeela, Think 1 month after the wedding.

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Chapter 13

Neela screeched and gritted her teeth, trying her best to hold out through her first push. She relaxed on Abby's instruction. The first twin was apparently crowning. She squeezed Michael's hand and her gaze drifted to Abby and Coburn standing over her, watching the baby's advance. She trusted Abby's experience as a previous OB nurse, as well as Coburn's hard, yet not so familiar style. She trusted Abby as more of a friend, and Coburn of course as a doctor.

Abby was grinning at her and with one more had force a baby was cuddled into Abby's arms and prepped for handling. Neela beamed as Abby carried the wriggling baby girl over to her. Neela took her into her arms with a look of awe and gave Abby a hug. She was at a loss for words as Abby stepped back. She looked into Michael's expressive eyes, citing a look of awe and joy that so mimicked her own. He tickled at the new born playfully and kissed Neela on the cheek.

Neela ignored the knot in her stomach; "We should name her Ava..." She handed her off to Michael and looked at

Abby, "And officially, Ava Taylor Gallant." She beamed, watching Ava in her father's arms. Now was time to address the knot.

"Time to push." Abby signaled. Neela winced, her face twisting as she tried her hardest to bear down for the ten seconds needed. After an eternity she let up, looking at Abby hesitantly. But the second baby was crowing perfectly. There was no mis-presentation. It was a relief for everyone in the room. This birth would be easy for everyone, without tricky pulls to release a shoulder or whatever.

Neela kept it up to her best, weaning slowly through 2 more forceful pushes. She had quickly tired out and she was sweating like a pig. Abby came by and wiped her head down, encouraging her to push just once more.

"I can't do it Abby." she whined pitifully.

"Yes you can, how do you think I'm going to do it in a few weeks, and besides you already have one baby in front of you!" she grinned and patted her shoulder encouragingly. Neela nodded and began to push. It seemed a baby was out before she even finished her count. This one wasn't wailing like Ava had been, in fact she seemed to be wheezing.

"You have another girl." Abby said excitedly.

Neela gave her a quizzical look, "Is she doing alright?"

Abby nodded and suctioned out the small baby's nostrils and mouth to give her a god chance to breathe. She still sounded a bit rough but it was nothing serious. She smiled and handed her off to Neela.

"Hi, Lily Olivia." She smiled in awe and tickled at her chin. She was still wheezing but it didn't seem like any immediate worry. Abby could get her all checked out in a few moments. She cocked her head playfully at the baby and looked at Abby, feeling refreshed.

"She's cute." Abby told her, giving Olivia her finger to hold onto. Dr. Coburn came over and listened to her heart and lungs. The wheezing had let up greatly. "So its Lily Olivia, then?"

Neela nodded, holding her daughter with compassion in every inch of her. She looked at Mike, silently peering at Lily because dear Ava had already fallen asleep. Abby was standing in the front, gazing at the cards with the footprints with a genuine smile. She looked back at the happy couple, cradling their two daughters with beds of love.