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Characters: Randy Orton, John Cena, Amanda Curtlin, others…

Summary: Based on Kenny Chesney's "There Goes My Life." His senior year was going perfect. He had everything he ever wanted. Then, in one single night, their whole world changed forever. But for the better or worse?

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There Goes My Life

Meeting the Girl

Senior year. Those words rang through Randy Orton's mind as he walked through the double doors of Jackson High School. He pulled off his sunglasses and looked around the hallway of his high school. Things couldn't get any better in his life. He was captain of the varsity wrestling team, a proud member of the ROTC, the most popular guy in school, the hottest guy in school, and a future superstar of the WWE. He had no one to hold him back. His biggest problem was his strict parents. He was seventeen and, to him, life was nothing but a huge party. No responsibilities, no troubles, no nothing.

Randy slipped his sunglasses into his jeans pocket and then pulled out a folded up piece of computer paper and opened it. Weight training is my first class? He smiled as he folded up the piece of paper again and made his way down the semi-crowded hallway toward the gym. This year was going to be better than he expected.

After about 3 minutes he made it to the weight room, which was just across the hall from the gym. He walked in and saw his best friend, John Cena, messing around as he talked to some new girl. Randy's mouth dropped open. She was beautiful. She had long, wavy brown hair that fell down to the middle of her back, beautiful green eyes, a nice tan, and stood at about 5'11. She was thin and had a beautiful smile as she laughed at something John said. She was wearing a maroon and white Abercrombie & Fitch top and low-rider blue jeans with tan flip-flops on.

Randy looked around himself, making sure that he looked good. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and old, loose blue jeans with blue Nike Shox. He dropped his backpack next to John's and made his way over to the two, putting on his most charming smile.

Randy leaned his arm on John's shoulder and smiled at the girl, "And who is this beautiful angel that stands before me?" He gently grabbed the girl's hand and bent down to kiss the top of it. He smiled up at her, causing her to blush as she was flattered by his charming personality. Randy straightened up and once again leaned his arm on John's shoulder as he continued to smile at the girl with his trademark grin, "Randy Orton at your service."

John laughed as he shook his head and smiled, "This is Amanda Curtlin. She's my cousin. Just moved here from Texas. And, yes, she is a senior, Randy." He laughed as he walked away, patting Randy on the shoulder as he did so.

Randy never broke his gaze from Amanda, "Cousin? He neglected to tell me that he had such a beautiful cousin. Must've been jealous of your good looks since he sure as hell aien't got none." Amanda giggled and smiled sweetly as John glared at Randy from across the weight room.

"Hey!" John yelled threateningly.

Randy gave a quick look back at John before returning his gaze to Amanda, "Hey." Randy smiled at Amanda, "Is this your first class?"

Amanda smiled sweetly and shook her head, "Calculus. Lovely thing to wake up to, isn't it?" They both laughed a little as Randy grabbed her hands in his. Amanda glimpsed up at the clock on the wall, "Oh my gosh! The bell's gonna ring in like two minutes!" She grabbed her notebook and calculator off of the floor, but Randy took them from her and then took her hand in his.

"A gentleman never lets a lady carry her books." He smiled as he walked toward the door, hand-in-hand with Amanda.

Amanda blushed, already thinking that this was all too good to be true, "Thank you." She said shyly, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear.

They walked out the door when a thick, muscular hand stopped Randy, "Randy, stop hitting on the poor girl and let her get to class without you permanently attached to her." A gruff voice said, causing Amanda to smile, her beautiful green eyes shining in the light.

Randy rolled his eyes as his weight training and wrestling coach walked past him and into the room, "Yes sir, sergeant." He saluted his coach, who gave a threatening look as Amanda laughed. Randy turned to face Amanda, her hand still in his and her books in his other hand, "Sorry. Some people just don't understand the word gentleman. I guess I'll have to talk to you later." He smiled and winked at the beauty before him as he handed her the notebook and calculator.

Amanda smiled and blushed as she began to walk away, waving back at him, "Bye."

Randy smiled and waved, "Orton!" Amanda heard his coach yell from the gym. Randy jumped, having forgotten all about everyone else, and rushed back into the room, closing the door behind himself.

"Aww." She heard a bunch of the guys in the weight room tease.

"Shut-up, dickheads!" She heard Randy scream, causing her to laugh before running off toward her first class as the bell rang for first period.

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