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"Superman's Dead"

Randy Orton sat on a bench in the men's locker room after school much like he'd done every day before wrestling practice for the past four years. With his back turned to the door and his shoulders slumped, hands folded in his lap, Randy listened to all the familiar sounds that he loved so much. The sounds of wrestling practice beginning in the gym echoed throughout the halls and into the locker room where Randy sat, reminding him of where he should be and what he was giving up. It was all the familiarity of a day in the wrestling season and Randy relished it.

Yet today was different; today was the day Randy was turning in all his wresting gear—today was the day Randy's future ended.

The unwilling 17-year-old had talked himself through it over and over since he had told his parents about Amanda, and still it hadn't seemed real until this moment. He wasn't sure if it was just losing his wrestling future or if it was the pressure of finding a new future that suited his new life better, but Randy was stressed. He was angry and slowly cracking—he did not want this. Yet, despite his wishing, Randy Orton was going to become a teenage father and nothing would ever change that.

"Randy!" The sound of Coach Anderson's voice resonated throughout the room, breaking Randy from his thoughts. The young teen jumped slightly before settling back into his previous position, refusing to face his coach.

Coach Anderson stepped into the room and walked toward Randy, stopping a few feet away from the young teen, "What're you doing in here, Randy? Get dressed for practice and get out there." He demanded, pointing over his shoulder at the door with a thick, burly hand.

Randy turned his head slightly to the left and stared at the tile floor, his jaw tightening as he began to speak, "I quit." He stated simply.

The coach's thick facial features turned to surprise as he unfolded his arms, "What? What do you mean, 'I quit'?" He spoke exasperatedly, frustration rising in his throat.

Randy merely turned his attention back to his hands, his baby-blue eyes focusing hard on the details of his palms, "I quit, coach. I quit the team; I quit wrestling; I quit." He shook his head slightly, reluctantly, "I just can't do it anymore."

Coach Anderson tried to contain the anger and frustration that formed a crimson color underneath his cheeks and he gritting his teeth as he spoke, "Randy," he growled, "I don't know what this is about but we have two months left in this season and you will finish them. I've seen this with kids before you, Randy: Senior or not, you will not desert this team in the middle of the season just to have a little more fun at parties."

Randy shot up, off of his seat and yanked the bag that contained his wrestling gear up, swinging it around and dropping it on the bench where he previously sat, "Coach, I'm not having fun, trust me…but, still…I quit, period." He stated, attempting to end the forming debate without explaining why, his blue eyes staring straight into his coach's deep, brown eyes stubbornly.

Coach Anderson straightened his posture and folded his thick, muscular arms, staring hard at the boy before him, "Give me one good reason as to why I should let you quit."

Randy grumbled under his breath in frustration, realizing he was going to have to tell the truth. Suddenly, as he began to form the words in his mind, Randy's air of confidence disappeared and his shoulders slumped as he stuck his hands lazily into the pockets of his jeans. He held his head down in shame before peering up at Coach Anderson, "Coach…" he mumbled, his voice scratchy and barely audible, "Amanda…my girlfriend…is pregnant." He said before squeezing his eyes shut and waiting for yet another annoying but well-deserved lecture.

Coach Anderson seemed to keep his shock contained into a small sigh of shock. He relaxed his posture as a pitiful expression entered his eyes for Randy, who now stared at his wrestling coach, waiting. After a moment Coach Anderson sighed once again and then reached out for the gym bag, "Well…damn…Well, I guess you really do have to quit, then…" his eyes looked downcast and sympathetic for the young father-to-be, but Coach Anderson had never been one to express his emotions or comfort those in need of support and, as such, he merely snatched the wrestling bag away and began to head for the door, "Son, I'm sorry…damn." He mumbled before disappearing into the hallway, leaving Randy alone with his thoughts and shame.

Amanda pushed her way out of the heavy school doors and rushed down the cement steps. She had never wanted so badly to escape such a place as she did today. Jenny and her boyfriend and his friend had followed Amanda around all day, teasing her more and more as the day went on. Even besides that, her day had been miserable. She had sat alone at lunch after a fight with her friends who seemed to shun her now that she was pregnant, Randy had ignored her all day, and she'd thrown-up twice during school. But school was over and, now that she was free, Amanda Curtin wanted nothing more than to go home to a place where she knew she would be safe and welcome.

In the midst of her rush to escape what was now her 'personal hell', Amanda looked up and saw Randy a few yards ahead of her, most-likely unaware that she was behind him. Feeling a sense of urgency, confusion, anger and hurt all rolled up into one, Amanda rushed to catch up with him, grabbing his arm and spinning him around to face her.

"Randy, we need to talk, now." She ordered, yet Randy just glared at her.

"Not now, Amanda…" He grumbled as he looked past her at the rush of students waiting to be picked up from school, "I'm really not in the mood right now." He finished before spinning around and beginning to walk toward his car.

Amanda refused to let him get away, though, and was hot on his heels, "Randy," she began sternly, struggling to keep up with the frustrated 17-year-old's pace, "You left me today." She spit out angrily, inches away from his thin, muscular back.

Randy rolled his eyes and nearly let a growl escape his throat before catching himself and covering it with words, "I didn't leave you, Amanda…" he looked around suspiciously, as if he was afraid someone would see him with Amanda and make him the outcast she'd so quickly become.

"Oh yeah, Randy?" Amanda's green eyes rolled as her long, wavy brown hair blew back in the wind. She scoffed at his ridiculous response, "If not, then what would you call it?" She challenged, her green eyes piercing through his back.

Randy sighed and quickened his pace, adjusting his plain, black t-shirt under book bag, which hung off of his right shoulder, "Gee…I dunno…" he grumbled and rolled his eyes sarcastically as he shrugged his shoulders," Maybe not getting involved in something that doesn't concern me." He glanced over his shoulder at his pregnant girlfriend, "You know I can't fight all your battles, Amanda. People are gonna talk and you're just gonna have to deal—you are a big girl, now, after all." He finished in a matter-of-factly tone, his posture now amazingly relaxed and stiff at the same time.

Amanda's jaw dropped in disgust as she stopped in her tracks, unable to believe what she'd just heard, "Are you kidding me, Randy? Doesn't concern you?" She scoffed and threw her head back. Randy had since stopped but kept his back to Amanda, his jaw tight as he turned his head slightly to glance at her from the corner of his eyes.

"That's right…." He mumbled as he furrowed his brow.

Amanda gawked at him as her voice became loud, demanding attention, "Randy, you are the father of my child! Quit being such an immature dick and act like the adult your child and I need you to be!" She shook her head slightly as she finished, on-lookers watching all around from a distance, "Don't ever say this doesn't concern you, Randy—this concerns you in every way."

Randy growled in frustration and spun around to face Amanda, storming toward her until his face was merely inches from hers, "Will you shut-up? Just shut-up, alright!" He grimaced and threw his left arm toward the school exasperatedly, "Do you know what I just did for you and the baby in there? Do you? Do you?" He demanded, pushing his face even closer to hers, "I just gave up my entire future for ya'll! I am being an adult, Amanda! I'm being a fucking 17-year-old adult all the time now!" He clicked his tongue and stepped back in frustration, "But…God, Amanda! I need some freaking space from you!" He waved his hands as if to direct his words into objects and shapes, "I mean, ever since this happened you're always right there and it's like I can't breathe or something! Give me some space, ok? I just need some space!

"And as far as Jenny, Mike, and Chad go," Randy scoffed slightly and threw his head back, an irritated grin growing on his face, showing off his white teeth, "Man, I'm your boyfriend and I'll protect you and all—but, God, Amanda—I am not Superman! Get a fucking spine and learn to stand up for your-own-self some of the time!"

And with that Randy spun around and stormed to his car, jumping in and speeding off angrily before Amanda could collect her thoughts and let his words sink in. She straightened her posture and watched him leave, shock slowly being replaced by a wave of hurt as she finally realized that—through all of this—she just might be alone.

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