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Myths of Azkaban: Legends of the Lord

Chapter Five: Bloody Beasts and Where To Find Them

It took a day and a half for Harry to finish the journal. It detailed only seven days, but he had read and reread passages to make sure he fully understood it. But when he'd finally finished and saw who had written it, he laughed. With a grin, he went to find Draco.

Severus worked carefully on the potion. Potter's blood was a precious commodity, and he didn't want to take any chances. There were, however, definite anomalies in it, as Hiram had noted. The man worked well with Severus, which was a relief to a man who has dealt with nothing but children when it came to brewing for the last seventeen years. He consulted with the brewer who first noticed the problems.

"What all have you found, Master Mithran?" he inquired.

"Definitely two creatures, Master Snape. Two diametrically opposed natures. Possibly a magical block. And yourself? What have you found?" Hiram Mithran replied.

"Much the same as yourself, it would seem."

The Azkabanian smirked slightly that his Lord's choice found nothing more than he himself had. It also made him feel better about his abilities; that little bit of doubt that had crept in, no matter that he understood his Lord's decision regarding the use of his blood. He was made aware of the circumstances of the last time his Lord's blood had been taken when he inquired about the level of trust shown to the Outsider. Lord Azkaban had told the tale himself, and how his trust in the Outsider came from years of mutual loathing and yet the man never once tried to actually hurt his Lordship. Only virulently disliked him. Even that seemed gone, from what Hiram had witnessed.

"But what could cause this, I wonder?" Snape was thinking aloud, something that amused Hiram to no end considering that outside of brewing, he hadn't seen the man show even half so much emotion. "There are charms, of course, to perhaps identify the creatures, but what of the block?" Snape descended into incoherent mumbling as he began assembling the ingredients for yet another potion. Hiram was pleased that his Lordship was willing to cover all costs pertaining to the potions, otherwise the visiting Master would have long since drained Hiram's supplies.

Severus met the two young men in the library. Both looked up and gave him Cheshire grins. Immediately wary, he settled across from the Lord Azkaban and arched an eyebrow.

"And what, pray tell, has the both of you grinning like Longbottom with a new plant?"

Draco appeared to take offence to that comparison, but Harry almost twinkled at him. "Nothing much," Harry began. "Just that the journal I was reading was apparently written in Parselscript by Slytherin himself. And it details the spell necessary to recall the Dementors from Voldemort's control."

Both young men smirked even as Severus narrowed his eyes into the Snape Death Gaze, version four point oh.

"This had better not be a prank, Mr Potter," he growled lowly. To have those abominations gone from meetings and Britain itself would be wondrous!

Harry's smirk softened into a smile, understanding lighting his eyes as he held his hands up in a gesture of innocence. "I'm serious, Professor. I have to figure out where I'm going to stash them so they don't bother any of my people, but I have the ability to make them return, never to leave Azkaban again."

Severus sighed, shaking his head at the naïveté of the Boy-Who-Lived. Before he could say anything, however, Draco gleefully spoke up.

"Don't be daft, Potter! As their Lord and Master, you have to provide for their needs. You can't simply stash them away! Much as the thought appeals to me, you must see to it that they are cared for. Putting them back in the prison would cover that necessity, since the prisoners will provide the sustenance the Dementors will need to survive. And their survival is very much your concern," the Malfoy scion informed Harry.

Harry slumped back into his chair. "It appears I still have a lot to learn," he said on a sigh.

"At least your deportment lessons are serving you well," was Draco's sarcastic reply.

"Hey!" Harry protested. "I'm allowed to slouch in private!"

"Not if you want it to be natural in public," Draco supplied.

With grudging resignation, Harry corrected his posture to the blond's satisfaction. Harry rolled his eyes when he saw that Snape was smirking at him, but he was in too good of a mood to let it bother him as he once would have. Instead, he inquired about any progress that might have been made on the man's project.

"Have you had a chance to study your heritage yet, Potter?" the man asked instead.

Harry cocked his head as he considered the question. "Somewhat. What aspect, exactly, are you wondering about?"

"Specifically, do you have any magical creature blood?"

Green eyes blinked slowly in confusion. "Um, no? Not that I came across, at any rate. Why?"

"We've found creature aspects in your blood. Do you have any idea how they got there and what creatures they're from?"

Harry though on it for a couple minutes before an idea occurred to him. "Is it possible that bodily fluids could transfer aspects? I mean, if I were bit by something, for instance."

"If it was a magical creature and it broke the skin, then any fluid getting into your blood stream could pass certain bits on, I suppose," Severus answered slowly.

"Because I was bit by a basilisk in second year, then Fawkes cried into the wound, so maybe his tears or the basilisk's venom did something?"

"Two diametrically opposed creatures," Snape murmured, recalling how Master Mithran had phrased it earlier that day. "Yes, Potter, that just may do it. It would account for what we found, certainly. Except for the block."

"Block, sir?"

"A magic block, Potter. Do you know anything about that?"

"What's a magic block?" Harry was confused.

"Exactly what it sounds like," Draco drawled haughtily. "There's something blocking some of your magic. There are different kinds of blocks, of course. There are total blocks, which would effectively leave you as magical as a squib, then there are blocks that target certain types of magic or certain magical aspects or any number of other things. To know for sure what specific block it is, you would need a Charms Master."

Harry hummed thoughtfully and nodded. Azkaban had a Charms Master, of course, but Alexi had warned him that she wasn't sure where the woman's loyalties actually lay. So he was wary of letting the woman near him. Oddly enough, it wasn't anything to do with him being Harry Potter this time; rather, she held a possible grudge against him as Lord Azkaban. It was a novel feeling, but Harry was sure that he'd be sick of it fast. Twice as many identities to worry over now.

"I'll have to see what I can do about getting a trustworthy one to check me, then," he said.

"Filius would be more than willing to cast any necessary spells, Potter," Snape offered. "He's never doubted you or your intentions, either."

Which wasn't quite the same as saying that Flitwick believed in his innocence, but Harry accepted the assurance that Snape offered him gratefully. It was always nice to know there were others who believed in him.

"I'll owl him, then. I expect he won't be able to do anything until the summer holidays, though," he mused. "That just leaves one more thing. What do you think about using Rita Skeeter to gain my 'freedom' from prison? I would like to go about in Britain again as a free man, even if I'm not confined to a cell anymore."

"How would that hag help?" Draco asked. Harry proceeded to outline his plan, emphasizing that he had some dirt on Skeeter that just might make her the perfect spy. And offering her the exclusive story behind the newly discovered Lord of Azkaban and his plans for the future relationship between Azkaban and the British Ministry should be enough to get her to do a little investigative digging on his behalf. He'd have to extend her an invitation to visit. Soon.

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