A Suite Holiday by Emachinescat

A That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Phil of the Future Crossover Fan-Fiction

SUMMARY: It's Christmastime, and the Diffys and Baxters are heading to Boston for their Christmas vacation. The Tipton is hosting a Christmas ball and emotions are all in a stir as these three very different families meet and have a lot of crazy adventures.

Word Count: 6,170

A Suite Holiday

Chapter One

(Raven's POV)

"Now, class, since this is your last day before the winter holidays, I am going to give you a Christmas present," my teacher, Mr. Petrichelli said.

"Wow," muttered my friend Chelsea Daniels from the seat right next to me, "Mr. Petrichelli must be, like, really rich to buy each of us a present..."

"Forget it, Chels," I whispered back. "I don't think it's going to be a good one." And I was right.

"Over Christmas break, you are to write a two-page report telling what you did over Christmas." He cracked his neck. Gross. "I want it in my hands the second you step back into my class in two weeks. I don't care what its title is, as long as it is two pages." Everyone groaned.

"Man, this stinks," my other best friend, Eddie Thomas, said from his seat.

"I know," I said. "I mean, we hardly ever do anything exciting when school's out."

"Raven Baxter!" I jumped as my teacher barked out my name.


"No talking when I'm talking."

I didn't answer, because at that moment, my surroundings sort of melted away, and I saw my mom. She said, Raven, Cory, your father and I have decided to do something special with you guys over Christmas. We're going to the big Christmas Celebration Ball that is going to be held at the Tipton Hotel. Won't that be fun? Eddie and Chelsea can come too! Their parents have already approved.

The image then faded away, and with a jolt, I was back in the present time. I was psychic, and I had just had a vision. "Yes!" I exclaimed. "I'm going somewhere exciting for Christmas!" I looked around and noticed that everyone was staring at me. "Uh, hey, how y'all doin'?"

(Phil's POV)

"So...remind me again why we have to write an essay about what we do this break?" I asked my best friend, Keely Teslow. "I mean, in the future, our teacher just did a brain scan and everyone saw what we did."

"Yeah, Phil," she said, "but you've gotta remember, this isn't the year 2121."

"I know. So...what are you planning on doing this Christmas?"

"Hey, guys!" I smiled as our friend Via came up to us "What are we talking about?" she asked in her British accent.

"I had just asked Keely what she was planning on doing over Christmas break."

"Why...she's coming with me, of course!"

"With you? What-where are you guys going?"

"To the Tipton Hotel," Via answered promptly. "My parents are taking us to the Christmas Celebration Ball there. It sounds fascinating! You should really see if you and your family can join us, Phil!"

I grinned. "Yeah. That sounds cool. I'll ask my parents tonight."

(Zack's POV)

"Hey, sweet thang!" Maddie, the "candy girl", spun on her heel and rolled her eyes at me. "Please," she said, "some of this candy is older than you!"

"Yeah, but none of it is sweeter than me!"

Maddie laughed. I loved to hear her laugh.

"So baby," I said, "are you ready for the big' Christmas Celebration Ball' that's gonna be held here in the Tipton?"

"Yeah, I'm getting totally pumped. Too bad I have to write an essay about what I did this break."

"Hey, we do too!" I exclaimed.

"Hey, Zack."

"Cody!" I turned to my twin, annoyed, and hissed, "you're disrupting the 'mood'!"

He smirked and said, "Well, I don't think there was much of one anyway."

I turned. Maddie was gone.

"Aw, man!"

~Emachinescat ^..^