A Suite Holiday


(Phil's POV)

When it was time to go home, we were all pretty bummed. But at least we all had something special.

I had a girlfriend, Keely.

(Keely's POV)

I had a boyfriend. Phil. Finally. After all that denial. I mean, come on, how long was it going to take? We were obviously meant to be together. I mean-

(Pim's POV)

Okay, Blondie, that's good enough. My brother's not that special.

I got a partner in taking over the world.

(Cory's POV)

I got a friend as greedy as I am.

(Raven's POV)

I got to use another disguise and meddle.

(Eddie's POV)

I made a new friend.

(Via's POV)

I danced with a thirteen year old.

(Maddie's POV)

I got a new friend that has tons of awesome fashion tips. She even makes her own clothes.

(London's POV)

I got a lousy date.

(Phil's POV)

You're supposed to say something good.

(London's POV)

Okay. I got out of the lousy date.

(Zack's POV)

I danced with a fifteen year old. And I got Cody to ask me for money. Heck yeah!

(Cody's POV)

I got to dance with Chelsea.

(Estabon's POV)

I stopped paying my girlfriend to go out with me. Now I don't have one.

Wow, what a holiday.


Merry Christmas to all!


A/N: Okay, so I know that Christmas was months ago, and I should've had it finished then, but ah well, Whatcha gonna do? Anyway, i hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you'll read more of my stuff soon! 'Cuz I had a blast writing this story. Should I do a sequel? Ah, who knows? Signing off, it's

~Emachinescat ^..^