Mimi-chan: This fic is for Reion, Kaikao, and Maruchan

Cairo: Are you and Reion going to start a war about Ma/Re fics or something?

Mimi-chan: -sighs- Sadly no -stands on top of chair- Though I'd gladly do it, I'm stuck with baby sitting my little brother Td (his nickname)

Cairo: And what's with you and Reion dedicating Ma/Re fics to each other?

Mimi-chan: Spreading the love of Ma/Re Oh, Maruchan, read Kaikao's fics He and Reion share an account and are Ma/Re fanatics too-! YAY MA/RE!

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Chapter One

The phone call

Max flops onto his bed as he stares at his ceiling.

Flash back sequence...Think Twilight zone

Max grins happily as he and his newly made friends, Tyson and Chief, all watch as Tyson walks to the beybowl, waiting for his competitor to arrive.

A sudden flash of white catches Max's attention and Max starts to drool.

There Tyson's competitor was. A tall Chinese boy with ebony hair that is pulled back and wrapped with white cloth. Max slowly eyes him up and down. His attire is simple with long blue pants and a white Chinese shirt with blue straps and gold lining. To complete the look, the boy has a red sash around his waist. Max sighs happily as he watches the boy he now loves walk confidently up to the beydish. And that was the first time Max saw Rei.

Next Flash back

Max feels tears streaming down his pale freckled cheeks as Rei waves goodbye and walks onto the plane. Max just stands there weeping, even after his friends all leave, thinking to himself 'I never got to tell him how I feel...'

End flash backs...

' 3 years after Rei has left and I'm still love sick!' Max sighs and pushes the listen button on the answering machine.

"Hilo Max, just me again-! Kai's annoying cousin as usual-! Hehe." Max grins as he continues listening to Kai's crazy cousin, "Anyways, my pen pal just wrote to me saying he's coming to visit-! Tomorrow I'm picking him up from the airport and I hope you can come too-! Oh, and good news for you...-she pauses- He's single and homosexual like you-! See ya tomorrow-! -she pretends to be serious- Oh, if you don't know this is me, Mimi-chan, your in big trouble mister!" Call my cell!" she giggles and hangs up as Max blinks in surprise. 'Mimi-chan thinks I'm looking for someone!' Max sits up and sighs in defeat. 'Might as well go...'

Next Morning...

A sharp honk of a car horn brought Max out of his thoughts and he opens the door to see a smiling Mimi and her friend Kaira in Mimi's jade green mustang (AN: Nope, I can't drive yet...I'm only two months away from temps though!) Max grins back and shuts his front door and locks it (AN: House front door! ) Max rides shot gun while Kaira rides in the back and Mimi drives. Mimi continues to chatter on and on about her pen pal and what he's like. Max only really pays half attention though as he thinks about Rei...

Mimi: I know it's short, but the next chapter is more descriptive Review my loves