Title: An Unexpected Way to Win

Summary: Beka finds out something surprising, but not only was it unexpected, but how it happened is just as crazy. Yet the surprise turns out to be very special and helpful.

Disclaimer: I do not own Andromeda. This is merely a way to amuse my self when bored. Also, please excuse the spelling and grammar, I failed that class in skool.

Author's note: This story takes place in the fourth season, and is as if the fifth doesn't happen. I didn't really like where the fifth season went. I mean I guess it made sense for what they wanted, but not me, so anyways, it is about tow months after Beka's visit with Tyr and soon after them purging her of the abyss. Hope you enjoy and please review and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1: I'm What!

"I'm what!" Beka exclaimed, shooting straight up.

"You're almost two months pregnant," Trance repeated.

"How could this have happened?" she asked rhetorically.

"Well, you had sex with a guy-"

"I know that much Trance," she cut off a little harsher than intended. "I just wish I knew with who."

"The child is part nietzchean," she said, knowing what Beka had meant. Having only just been purged from her unfortunate possession by the abyss, she could not access any of her memories during that time.

"Oh," she responded. It had been what she had feared when trance first said the word, pregnant. Almost two months ago, she had gone and visited Tyr, and did more than just talk.

"Did that help?"

"Yeah, it's Tyr isn't it?"

"What information I have gotten so far would indicate yes, it's his," Trance answered, eyes down cast.

"Okay," Beka said, pulling her feet off the table and standing. "Don't tell anyone, I would like to do myself, in my own time."

"Alright," Trance agreed. "Here," she said handing her a pill bottle. "This will help with the nausea. However, it won't stop any other signs of pregnancy, so you may want to tell them soon."

"I will, I just need time to digest myself before I tell anyone else," she explained. Trance gave her an understanding smile and nod. "I'm going to go work out some, clear my head."

"Just not to hard, your body is still adjusting," Trance ordered.

"Yes mommy, I'll be good," she answered and left, stuffing the pill bottle in her back pocket.

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