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Chapter 6: What have I done?

Beka quickly lost Rhade, but was able to fend for herself without him pretty well. She could see the door when a pain streaked across her back. She spun around to see a man with a bloodied blade standing before her. He was a strong looking, human she believed, but his eyes were solid black. His eyes freaked her out, almost giving him the time her needed to finish the job, but when he attacked again, she blocked his attack with her forcelance. They continued to fight, Beka mainly blocking his blows until, unexpectedly, he pulled a new blade from somewhere on his person and jabbed it into her stomach. She pulled the blade from her body as she ran, able to run when he let down his attack at apparently completing his goal. She was able to escape and find Rhade.

Rhade saw Beka running towards him, hand over the top of her stomach, an abnormal position for her. When she reached him, she collapsed. He picked her up, feeling a warm, stick wetness on his hand from her back. She was bleeding, and bad. That was when he noticed the red liquid seeping from between her fingers that still rested on her stomach. His heart practically leapt from his chest in fear at the sight. He ran faster than he ever had in his life back to the Maru, and pushed the old salvage ship harder than it ever had to return to the Andromeda quickly.

Once docked, Rhade had her in his arms and stopped for nothing on the way to medical. He set her carefully down on the medical table where Trance and Rommie waited to check her out. His message had freaked them all out, and once they got a look at Beka, Trance completely understood why he had talked the way he had. She told him to wait outside where he found Dylan and Harper. "What happened?" Dylan asked.

"I don't know. We were in the bar, and after Rafe left we went to leave, a fight broke out. The only way to get out was to go straight through, but we got separated. I got out first and when she escaped, she ran towards me and collapsed. That was when I saw the wounds," he rambled.

"Why didn't you just stay?" Harper asked. His tone ripped at Rhade's already opened wounds.

"They were shooting at us. It was too risky to stay," he confessed.

"Well your plan just turned out perfect," Harper retaliated.

Dylan put his hand in front of Harper to stop him from hurting Rhade. "Harper, go take a walk. It will be a little while before we know anything," Dylan suggested. Harper gave Rhade a death stare before following Dylan's orders. Dylan turned to Rhade.

"What have I done? I was supposed to protect her. But instead she almost looses her child," Rhade was almost in tears.

"It was not your fault. I shouldn't have let her go," Dylan said, trying to comfort his newest crewmember.

"No it was good she went. She needed to see her brother. It was good for her, I just should have done my job, not let her get too far from here," he said. The torment inside him would not be comforted by anything that Dylan could say and both knew it. They waited in silence for about twenty minutes before Trance came to talk. "How is she, are they going to be okay?" Rhade asked in a panicked voice.

"They will both be fine. It was a real miracle that the child was in the position it was. If it had been literally in any other position, it would have been killed. But Beka and the child will be fine. She is still unconscious due to the loss of blood. She will be out a little while longer than she would under other conditions," Trance explained.

"Can we see her?" Dylan asked.

"Yes," She answered stepping aside.

Rhade hung back, not able to face her. He turned and left the guilt of allowing Beka's injuries to happen racking him. He couldn't go to see her for some time.

It was two days later when Beka finally awoke. Her eyes finally fluttered open as Rommie was taking yet another scan of her. She began to sit up when the pain in her stomach returned, reminding her of what had happened two days before. She touched where the blade had pierced her flesh, fear for her unborn daughter plastered on her face. "She is fine," Rommie comforted. "And so will you, with time and some more rest."

"How did it miss her? He stabbed me directly in the stomach," she asked.

"Your baby was lying in the perfect position, and the blade missed. We think it may have grazed her arm though, but nothing that will affect her," Trance answered. She had come to the bedside at hearing her patient speak.

"Is Rhade okay?"

"He came out unscathed, physically, but he blames himself for what happened, and it isn't helped by Harper blaming him too," Rommie responded.

"It wasn't his fault. We got separated, and this guy, he scratched my back, and then," she paused, obviously remembering, not too fondly. "He fought me, and I was okay until I left myself exposed, because I didn't think he had another blade. But I was terribly wrong, and it almost cost me my daughter's life." Beka was practically in tears at the thought of loosing her child.

"She will be fine Beka," Rommie comforted.

"Can you describe the man who fought you?" Trance asked.

"He was not too big or distinct in any way. He had short brown hair and tan skin. But his eyes, his eyes are the only thing that is truly burned into my mind. They were solid black," she recalled. Trance nodded. "Why?"

"No reason, just curious," Trance answered.

Beka looked over to the doorway, to find Rhade standing in it. "How are you feeling?"

"Alright. A bit sore, and my cuts hurt," she answered with a smile.

"I'm sorry," he said. He couldn't even look at her. Beka couldn't remember a time when he didn't look at her when he spoke.

"It is not your fault. It just happened. And we are fine, we are both fine," she comforted.

"But I was suppose to protect you," he protested.

"You may have believed that, but I don't. I was to protect myself and my child, that is the job of a mother. If anyone failed, it was me," she said.

"No," he said approaching the bed.

"I never should have gone. It was stupid of me to think that I could do all the things I did before I was seven months pregnant. I need to think of my daughter. As much as I hoped this was just a bad dream, that this pregnancy would go away, the thought of loosing her petrifies me. I can't loose her. I will be behaving much more than I was," she explained.

"At least you know what you want to do," Rhade said, trying to comfort more than just Beka. She smiled then twitched. "You okay?"

"Yeah, here," she said, grabbing his hand and touching it to her stomach. He could feel the child move beneath his hand and a smile spread across his face. Even though he knew the child was not his, his heart melted at the thought of her. He decided then that he would help the little girl understand nietzchean heritage.

"How you feeling?" they heard Dylan ask from the doorway. Rhade removed his hand from Beka's stomach, a bit weirded out by being caught. He still was unable to look at the other crewmembers, especially Dylan.

"Fine," Beka answered.

"Good, and the baby?"

"As active as ever," she replied with a smile.

"Well, I guess that's good." He turned to Rhade who had backed away from Beka's side as Dylan talked and approached. "Can Beka and I talk alone?"

"Of course captain," he answered solemnly, not looking up. He scampered from medical still blaming himself for Beka.

"I wish he would stop blaming himself," Dylan stated as he watched Rhade leave.

"I hoped talking to him would change his feelings," Beka added.

Dylan looked away from the door and back at his first officer. "Beka," Dylan began.

"I know Dylan. I know what you want to say. As stupid as it was for me to go to the drift, I was glad you let me go. I needed to see my brother. I needed to tell him of the baby. But it also forced me to see that indeed I am not as immortal as I thought, and even if I pretend this will go away it won't. I am going to have a daughter, and I need to take care of her," she confessed.

"A daughter?" he asked, confirming that she indeed had disclosed the sex of her child.

"Yes a girl," she answered with a smile and a glance at her stomach.

"Congratulations. I'm glad you are no longer hiding us for this," he said.

"I never hide it, just kept it quiet," she argued.

"That would be hiding it," he replied.

"Well, I'm sorry," she apologized not very sincerely.

"But I do want you to take it easy once your back, if not for you then your daughter," he suggested.

"I will, I promise," she said with a smile.

He gave her a reassuring smile in return and grabbing her hand as a friend. "Everything is going to work out fine," he assured.

"I know."

After Dylan's visit, Harper was the only regular visitor, coming by on a daily basis. Rhade came by as well, but inly when she was alone and mainly when she was asleep.