Author's Note: This is a one-shot, set in a sort of merged-future setting. All the background I'm giving you right now is that Crystal Tokyo exists basically in the gundam universe, and is allied with the Sanq kingdom in support of a pacifist earth. While Neo Queen Serenity, her consort and senshi rely on their magical abilities, other nations still make use of advanced technology, a la gundam.

Rei Hino could not remember herself ever being described as a "nervous woman", but then again, no one had ever seen her as she was now: her extremities chill to the touch, hands shaking uncontrollably, her brow bright with a thin sheen of perspiration. Her eyes flicked quickly down the row of senshi, fervently hoping that her condition would go unnoticed. It was true that none of the nine women sitting on the bench to her right truly wanted watch this trial of a recently captured criminal, but their kingdom was co-leader of the new alliance that had finally brokered the end of the second war, and they were honor bound to attend, since his crimes officially labeled him a war criminal. But none wished to be there less than Mars.

The magistrate half-heartedly clacked his gavel, signaling the guard at the door to let the prisoner in. The clerk read the name before handing off the files, a formality for once, because there wasn't a soul in the room who wasn't intimately aware of the details of this case, from the audience behind the glass barrier, to the magistrate and clerk in their elevated seats at the front of the chamber, to the eight women who sat passively on the same bench as Rei. The door in the back of the room opened, and a murmur spread across the room as a handcuffed man was led into the room, flanked by five armed Enforcers.

The senshi of Mars was quite lucky in one respect that Hiiro Yuy was such a high profile figure in the political world. Her comrades, her queen, the national leaders in the audience, all of them had shrewd enough wits to note her panicked eyes and the way she nearly fainted when she heard his name. She gritted her teeth and straightened her back a little, some strength of will returning to her; Rei Hino did not faint. Instead though, every eye followed the motion of the dark-haired man as he walked down the center aisle of the main chamber, glass walls protecting him from the observers, and up into the antechamber, to stand before the judge, sandwiched between the queens of Crystal Tokyo on the wall to his left and the ruling faction of the Sanq Kingdom on his right. She could see why they stared; the man made quite an impressive image, in his strange garb.

Both leaders of the alliance left a unique mark on the proceedings, Relena's no-nonsense, and quite traditional approach to justice was predominant, but Serenity's more ceremonial one shone through in careful grooming and white robes for each prisoner. White robes that, on Hiiro Yuy, gave the appearance of a fallen angel, especially with his eyes - dark with a glint that more than hinted of having seen too much. Those eyes turned to Rei's briefly as he was somewhat hustled past her end of the bench, farthest from the magistrate. But as soon as contact was made, they flicked away. Rei forced her attention away from the Lucifer whose back now faced her, to pay heed to the enumeration of the criminal's various crimes.

"…the confirmed assassinations of 24 OZ personnel both combat and non-combat, the alleged assassinations of 47 other personnel that cannot be confirmed by this court at this time, use of unauthorized resources and intelligence in military aggression, the killing and injuring of civilians in pursuit of goals, insubordination, treason."

The man on the high pedestal looked to the accused as he finished his list, but flinched away. Not many men could match the strength in Hiiro's eyes, Rei thought briefly.

"Hiiro Yuy, of these crimes you stand accused. How do you plead?"


At that, Rei's heart dropped. She had blindly hoped that she wouldn't have to say it, had futilely wished that Hiiro might go against his word and speak her guilt so she wouldn't have to. But she had always known, always known that it would come to this.

"By the laws set down in the Treaty of Tokyo, you are sentenced to death. Do you have anything to say to the court in explanation of your actions?"

Hiiro remained silent, but the words echoed in her mind as if he were thinking it at her with all his might. She stood on steady feet before she even knew what she was doing, opening her mouth, only to be interrupted.

Relena Peacecraft, ruler of the Sanq kingdom, had beat her to speak.

"Hiiro, when you came to us, years ago, we were all happy to have you, all believed with all the trust we had in us that you would be loyal. Why then, did you do these things? Why did you turn your back? Why did you break faith?"

"Because I asked him to." Rei Hino certainly knew how to drop a bomb, and this one rendered everyone speechless, giving her enough time to leave her seat and join Hiiro below.

"I asked him to do these things. I had my own plans for ending the war. And I told no one except Hiiro Yuy and a few no longer among the living. I convinced him to join the alliance specifically to carry out my plans. I cannot say now even whether I prolonged the war or hastened its end, but under our laws, what I have done is punishable by death and death alone."

"And Mr. Yuy's is reduced to the choice between life imprisonment and death," the magistrate finished absentmindedly for her, still stunned, as the rest of the room, by her revelation.

"I will go where Rei goes."

At the sound of his voice, Rei whipped her head around to look at him, only to find his eyes already on her, and she found herself unable to turn away.

'All this time, and those orbs still melt me' she thought vaguely to herself.

Enforcers guided her arms behind her back, handcuffing her with what she imagined was special care, but her eyes remained locked with those of her fallen angel.

"It wasn't, Rei, that you asked me. It was because I love you."

Rei could feel her heart bleeding, but they were leading her through a door, and Hiiro through another.


Author's Note II: So, I was feeling a bit creative. I know it's not much. I'm sort of intrigued by this story's universe, and you might see some more one-shots from me. Feel free to ask questions, oh, and review.