Hey people and fellow tmm lovers hey I was wondering if I offended spider fairy and UchihaSakuraXItachi by saying that stuff because I didn't get any reviews? If I did I'm sorry I didn't know it would offend u gomen nasi gomen nasi gomen nasi gomen nasi! I hope u forgive me! I'm sorry for making fun of your characters! I think their cool but I just didn't want to put them in the story! How can I make it up to u? Hope u still like me! And sorry about making fun of ur pen name UchihaSakuraXItachi I don't exactly get it but its ur pen name I don't know what I was thinking! Gomen nasi gomen nasi! Anyway I don't own t… screw that what r they gonna do if I say I don't own it? Huh? Huh? I DO own tmm what now huh? What now? "Police come out with ur hands above your head" "no NEVER u can't make me!" "As hell we cant!" "I'd like to see you try!" "ok" (they burst through the door) "oh I'm glad I got that experience to have seen police break down my door" "you are under arrest for copyright infringement" "noooo" "you are sentenced to be put to death" "don't you think that's a bit extreme?" "no" "cool"… and see kids that's what happens to people who do copyright infringement police break down your door and kill you so… uh… don't do drugs! Wait no that's not what I'm getting at… damn I forgot well... don't do drugs kids even though it feels good because you end up awaking in some strangers arms and its not to good well yeah and 1 more thing like I always say friends don't let friends have mullets and I wasted a full 5 minutes of ur life by typing this in so ha! To the story I go! Oh yes and by the way this chapter is about Retasu death and what happened!

Hmm maybe I should go check on Minto! Retasu thought as she walked down the street just have to cross the street and then I'll be at her house! So Retasu as Retasu was crossing the street BAM she forgot to get a book from the library so she walked into the library and she went to the young adults section and then she saw that one dude in that one episode doing this one thing and then he saw her and walked out the front door because he didn't want to talk to her and then BAM a car came through the window and missed her by 47 inches and she screamed and ran away and ran into the street and she got hit by a sharp pointy car that cut up her arms and legs and face and then it drove away and then the sharp pointy truck hit this salt truck and made the salt truck fall and all the salt went on her and then the salt truck guy picked up his car and ran away and called an ambulance! And then when the ambulance got there it ran over Retasu and killed her! Then a squirrel came and killed a bunch of people with a rocket launcher yay.

Mean while in space green was sleeping on the couch and miroku was somewhere else bickering with masaya about green when Zakuro, Pai, kishu, Ichigo, pudding, Tarto, and Minto showed up and…

To be continued

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