Seventeen-year-old Raven sat on the couch, her book in her hand but her mind on the incessant noise that the people next to her were making. The Teen Titans had all grown, but apparently, not matured at all. Raven now had shoulder-length violet hair and had grown maybe half a foot. She wore hip-hugging black pants that flared slightly at the bottom, the same belt, a navy tank top, her trademark cloak (now black) and the same black boots.

"NO WAY, DUDE!" Eighteen-year-old Beast Boy screamed, his emerald eyes wide as he watched the blue car on the screen by-pass his own green one. "YOU SO CHEATED! HOW DID YOU GET BY ME!" Beast Boy was taller than Raven by about a foot now. He had exchanged his spandex for a dark green sleeveless shirt that showed off his more muscular frame and black baggy pants, with black shoes and gloves.

"OH YEAH, BOOYAH! EAT MY DUST GREEN MAN!" Cyborg cackled, a maniacal grin on his face. Cy had barely changed at all. He was still an inch taller than BB, and he had upgraded his abilities. None-the-less he still looked the same. A vein appeared on Raven's forehead as her patience wore out.

"Will… you… two… just…" Black energy wrapped itself around the gamestation and its controllers. "SHUT UP!" the gamestation was ripped from the wall, tied up with its wires and controllers then flung out the open window. Both Cyborg and Beast Boy sat frozen in the exact same position, their hands gripping air, staring numbly at the suddenly blank screen, a sweat drop falling slowly down their faces.

"RAVEN!" The deafening roar echoed through the tower.

Elsewhere in the tower:

Nineteen-year-old Nightwing was now full time with the Titans, having "finally stepped out from Batman's shadow" as he put it. (A/N: He looks exactly like Nightwing from when Star went to the future) He was in the gym, pounding on a punching bag and trying not to think about a certain red-haired, gorgeous lady alien who he knew to be on the roof…

On the roof:

Eighteen-year-old Starfire stood on the roof and gazed at the sunset, her waist-length hair blowing out behind her. She wore a purple dress that accented her curves and ended mid-thigh. The middle was purple mesh and one could just see her belly button if they looked. Her matching boots came up to her knees and she still wore her silver arm plates. The beautiful alien sighed, her jade eyes sad as she thought about a certain dark-haired martial-artist she thought she could never have…

Well so she thought…

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