Chapter 1:

Cyborg and BB were still fuming about losing their precious gamestation by dinnertime, and hadn't thought to just go down, get the stupid thing, and repair it. Raven was feeling quite good about herself and the wonderful peace and quiet that now reined as the two fumed.

Unfortunately, at the prospect of food, Cy and BB had cheered up and were jumbling around in the kitchen noisily, which shattered the blissful silence. Raven sighed wearily.

"Who wants tofu hot dogs?" Beast Boy asked in a singsong-voice, waving a tofu dog in Raven's face. It exploded violently and covered the shape-shifter as well as the floor in burnt chunks. Cyborg cracked up and promptly slipped in some, falling with a loud CLANG on the kitchen floor.

"Why must you torment us so?" wailed BB. Despite herself, Raven smirked.

"I torment those who torment me." She answered simply. Beast Boy scratched his head, blinking in confusion.

"Not another riddle!" He exclaimed, clutching his throbbing head. Raven rolled her eyes and continued to read her book. Beast Boy went and helped Cyborg up then proceeded to fix his tofu meal, knowing full well that no one else would want any. That didn't stop him from tormenting his cybernetic friend though.

"Here Cy, try some!" He shoved some of his food under his best friend's nose. Cyborg leapt back with a disgusted snort.

"No way, man! I want REAL food thanks."

"This is real food! THAT is- was a living animal!"

"Sure tastes good though!"

"Sick, dude! Tofu is so much better!"

"You wish! Meat is!"

"Tofu is!"





"SHUT UP!" Nightwing roared as he emerged from the hall. Raven looked up at him gratefully, but her visage quickly turned to one of curiosity and slight concern as she studied his tense and angry frame.

"That's enough you two!" Nightwing snapped as he sat down. Cy put his plate in front of him and the leader started to eat in silence. Seconds later Starfire flew in.

"Hello friends." She said softly and sat at her seat. Everyone ogled at her. She kept her eyes low, but Raven could have sworn she saw tears there.

"Star, you feeling okay?" Beast Boy asked, cocking his head at her.

"Yes friend Beast Boy, I am fine." Star said distractedly. "Hungry I suppose." Cyborg handed her the plate with a puzzled look.

"You didn't even hug us, Star." He pointed out, baffled. Star didn't appear to have heard him. Raven raised an eyebrow and looked between Nightwing, who was glaring at his potatoes as he ate them, and Star, who was pushing food around her plate and glancing up at him every few seconds then sighing.

Probing Star's mind, her eyes widened and she frowned. Then suddenly, the telepath had an idea and smirked, returning to her food, she started to shovel it down. BB and Cy stared.

"What is it with everyone today!" BB exclaimed. "Nightwing, dude, if you glare at those potatoes anymore, you'll put a hole through the table! Star, why do you look like you're about to cry! And Rae, since when do you eat like that?" Star looked away, but Raven and Nightwing glared at him savagely and he shrank down to a chibi fearfully. "Heh, heh." He sweatdropped. "Just… kidding?"

Raven finished her dinner quickly and flew away down the hallway to just outside her room. Here she paused and closed her eyes, reaching out to Cyborg and Beast Boy telepathically. Cyborg? Beast Boy? She suppressed an amused smirk as Beast Boy yelped and fell off his chair and Cyborg leapt up and started searching for the source of the voice. It's me you idiots, Raven. I'm talking to you telepathically. Now sit down before the others notice. She raised an eyebrow as she realized that Star and Nightwing hadn't moved at all.

Jeez, give me a heart attack why don't you? Beast Boy complained. This is so weird!

What do you want Rae? Cyborg asked.

I want you to meet me at the roof tonight at midnight. Raven told them.

What? No way! Beast Boy exclaimed. I need my beauty sleep! Why midnight?

Because, Raven said, the vein reappearing, Starfire stays on the roof until 11:30, and this needs to be private. I know why Nightwing and Starfire are acting so weird. And you will go, both of you! I need your help with a… she smirked, project…

Fine… Beast Boy sighed.

Sure, Rae. Cyborg gulped. Raven ended the connection and entered her room. This would be interesting…

Very interesting indeed…

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