Chapter 3:

Raven lost the smile quickly, before she got carried away and hurt someone.

"Daaaaaaaaang Raven!" Cyborg exclaimed, coming over and cuffing her shoulder (inadvertently pitching her forward). "Didn't know you had it in you!"

"Indeed." Raven said in a monotone as she dusted herself off. Beast Boy was rubbing his hands together eagerly, his eyes shifting from side to side.

"So what's the plan?" He asked slyly. "Oh I know! I know!" He pulled down a projector slide where chibi versions of the entire Titan's team appeared. Somehow he had managed to get a pointer as well.

"Cyborg can create a robot version of Nightwing and Starfire," Chibi Cy built up robots of Star and Nightwing in a miniature dust cloud. "He can program them to tell the REAL people how the other feels and then disappear!" The robots disappeared off the slide in a puff of smoke. "Then the REAL Nightwing and Starfire can find each other and they'll be all mmwa mmwa mmwa!" The chibi Nightwing and Starfire started kissing. The slide flew back up and both Cyborg and Raven had veins going.

"Or on a more plausible note…" Raven began.

"OH NO! I know, we could-"

"BEAST BOY, STUFF IT!" The other two yelled. A lamp blew up. Beast Boy shut up.

"AS I was saying…" Raven glared at Beast Boy, who sweatdropped and made the peace sign. "What I plan to do is subtle hints first, and if they're too thick headed… well, we'll get to that." She hovered over to the roof door and closed it, for added security. "Here's what we're going to do tomorrow…"

Next day; Just before breakfast:

Raven knew that Starfire and Nightwing arrived for breakfast like clockwork. Starfire entered first, followed almost immediately by Nightwing. Her plan was simple, but she hoped, effective. Right on cue, Starfire entered the kitchen, and Raven could see Nightwing right behind her. Raven suppressed a smirk and nodded to Beast Boy discreetly. Beast Boy 'accidentally' spilled his tofu, right where Star was walking. With a yelp, Starfire slipped backwards. Nightwing's lightning reflexes kicked in and he caught her. Raven teleported BB, Cy and herself behind the counter, where they could watch without being seen. Neither of the love struck teens noticed. They were staring into each other's eyes.

"I am…" she paused to swallow, "…sorry…" Star said breathlessly, gazing at him. Nightwing just stared at her, reveling at being able to hold her. He longed to kiss her and was bending down when an annoying little voice popped into his head.

What the hell are you doing! She doesn't love you! At least you have her friendship! Don't jeopardize it!

Nightwing almost growled in disappointment, but nevertheless stood Starfire back up.

"No problem." He managed to get out. Starfire just stood there as he brushed past her to grab pop-tarts from the cupboard. She could have sworn he had almost kissed her. She shook herself.

He doesn't love you. You are so 'love of the sick' that you are imagining things. She sighed. Just imagining things…

Raven cursed silently. They were going to be thickheaded about it were they? Beast Boy turned to her and mouthed, Now what? She reached both of them telepathically.

We try again.


This time they would be more direct. It was, however, more difficult to set up. Somehow, Beast Boy and Cyborg had to get Nightwing to the bottom of the basement steps. The morpher scratched his head as he followed his mechanic friend down to the gym.

"Think of anything, yet?" Cy asked, stopping outside the gym doors.

"Nop- wait! I think… I think… nope. Lost it. No, wait! Uh, nope, gone again…" BB muttered to himself. Cyborg stared.

"How do I get myself into these things?" He moaned, hiding his face in his hand and shaking his head.

"I got it!" Beast Boy exclaimed, snapping his fingers. He grinned and ran into the gym, flapping his arms, as if in panic. "Nightwing! Nightwing!" His leader looked up sharply.

"What is it, Beast Boy?"

"There's a… uh… sludge monster attacking the roof!" BB yelled. Nightwing's eyes widened (as far as they could tell through the mask) and he wasted no time in dashing out of the gym. The two friends sprinted after him.

"Real smooth, BB." Cyborg commented under his breath wryly, managing to keep up with their hasty comrade.

"Hey, it worked didn't it?" They skidded to a stop at the bottom of the stairs and grabbed Nightwing before he could run up. Before he could complain, BB practically shouted. "WHOA! WE SHOULD LISTEN FIRST!" Cyborg smacked himself in the face while Nightwing stared at him. Voices drifted down to them from the roof.

"What was that, friend Raven?" Nightwing froze at the sound of the alien princess' words.

"Probably just Beast Boy being Beast Boy." Raven's voice stated. Said teammate frowned. 'What does THAT mean?'

"Yes, that seems plausible." Star replied vaguely.

"So, Star, you're in love?" There was a stifled gasp.

"H-how did you…?"

"I'm a telepath. I feel emotions."


"So…?" Raven prodded.

"Yes, I am in love."


"It does not matter. He does not feel the same."

"I'd like to know anyway. Maybe we can knock some sense into him." A feeble airy giggle followed this.

"If you must know…" Star sighed. "I'm in love… with Nightwing."

With triumphant grins, Beast Boy and Cyborg turned to their leader to see his reaction. To their horror, he was nowhere in sight.

"Wheredegowheredegowheredego?" Beast Boy asked frantically, looking around wildly.

"C'mon!" They ran back to the gym and were slightly scared by what they saw.

Nightwing was pummeling a practice dummy so hard the stuffing was falling out in droves. His face was a snarl of anger and misery. Obviously he didn't listen to the entire Raven/Star conversation. Remembering that they were responsible for this mass of carnal destruction, both backed away and ran for their lives.


Damn. Damn! DAMN! DAMN! His mind roared. He didn't even see the destruction he was causing to the gym. I'm going to SLAUGHTER those two! He grit his teeth. No, he couldn't. It wasn't their fault; they didn't know Raven and Star were on the roof talking about that. They were stupid, but not stupid enough to do that. He had left the moment Star had admitted to being in love. He couldn't take anymore than that. He had completely forgotten why the two had dragged him up there in the first place, but he didn't care anymore anyway.


She was slightly confused as to why she wasn't suddenly watching a display of affectionate gushing when Star admitted her love for Nightwing. Clearing her throat, she tried again.

"Who was that, Star?"

"Nightwing." Star sighed. Raven waited, glancing over her shoulder at the door to the roof. As the seconds ticked by, a vein started throbbing on Raven's head.

"Huh. Well. That's interesting. If you'll excuse me…" Raven marched down the steps and evaporated to the main room, where her accomplices were standing, looking quite shaken.

"Mind explaining why I'm not completely grossed out by a massive spectacle of Nightwing and Star snogging?" She hissed in annoyance. The boys cowered and leapt behind the couch to hide.

"I think I preferred Nightwing's rage…" Cyborg whimpered. Beast Boy nodded, wide eyed.

"Well!" Demanded the irate telepath, a light in the kitchen blew.

"He ran off before he heard who she was in love with!" Beast Boy blurted. Raven groaned and rubbed her temples.

"And you couldn't stop him because…?"

"We didn't hear him go…" Cyborg said, scratching the back of his head.

"Now what?" Beast Boy asked again. Raven sighed at his parroting, but followed his example.

"We try again." BB nodded. Several seconds passed by and then suddenly Beast Boy spoke up:

"Wait, did you just say 'snogging'?"

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