The Black Wings Alchemist

There are several things that I live by. One of them is a question. People are often killed. Either by accident, or purpose. Some say fate or karma is the reason. Well I don't believe that. You determine your life. No one else. You. If you break you leg, it's not because of some higher purpose. It's because you weren't paying attention to where you were going, or you were just stupid and stepped off the roof of the building to see what would happen. God does not determine your "fate". You do. And a question that people need to ask themselves is; what are you more afraid of? Dying, or living. A person that kills himself because he is depressed is not taking the easy way out. He's running. He's scared to continue on living. Now this whole God thing. If you truly believe in all of that, why are you afraid to die? Aren't you going to a better place? Or is it perhaps that you do believe, but you know that you won't be going to a better place?

Yeah, it's easy to say that. But, I've thought of going against my own words many times. I've seen too much. Too much has been done to others because of me. But, yet I continue to live. I will not run away. If I die, it will not be by my own hands. No one determines my "fate" but me. I'm the Black Wings Alchemist. Ha. How ironic that people would call me that. They think of me as bad luck, and people around me get hurt. But they have no idea how right they were.

Dear ones have been taken from me. All because of me. Now it seems that I've been forgotten by the military. By my comrades. The ones that survived anyway. Since the Ishballan war I've been wandering, scraping a living by whatever means I can. I've been called a demon, a good man, bad luck, a savior, a warrior, and a gifted alchemist. I don't know what I am anymore. I will help the helpless; I will be wicked to the wicked, without mercy to the merciless, and kind to the kindest. I must atone for all that I have done. Maybe one day I will be forgiven by those who I have wronged. And…just maybe…I'll forgive…myself…

I deserve every single scar on my body. And... on my soul. I will help and move on. I will not place these scars on anyone else. It won't be allowed. I am the Black Wings Alchemist. I will use my talent to help. To punish. Talent... Ha. I sometimes wonder if this gift is a curse. I guess only the future will tell. Like the lone wolf I will make my way through this world. Perhaps I will meet up with some of my comrades. Then again, it might be better if I don't. I don't know. We shall see.

Equivalent exchange. That is what is supposed to be the law of the world. I sometimes wonder if the saying, "Rules are meant to be broken." Applies to this world. People have lost, but gained nothing. People have gained, but lost nothing. Does this law really exist? Perhaps only in alchemy. I guess, once again, only the future holds the truth.

Ok this is just the main characters view on life. The first chapter is coming up. As soon as I figure out how to transfer it from my other damn computer.

OH. I seemed to have mispelled past into path in the summary. Didn't notice until now. (Nervous laugh)

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