The Gathering.

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Chapter 2: The Gathering

Al looked at his brother. He had been quiet since leaving the station. "Are you thinking about that guy from before?" Al asked. Ed looked up in confusion. "Huh?" he asked. Al sighed. "I asked if you were thinking about that guy at the train station." Al said. "Oh sorry." Ed said. "Yeah I was." "There was something…" he trailed off. "Something…?" Al prompted. "There was something…dangerous…about him…and at the same time…pain." he said. Al looked at him curiously. "What do you mean?" he asked. "Do you think he's a bad guy or something?" Al asked. Ed seemed to think about it for a while. "No, that's not it." he said finally. "I don't think he's evil." He paused. "I'm not sure how to describe it." he said quietly. Al looked at his brother for a few more seconds. Then looking ahead, he saw a group of familiar looking people emerge from the very building they were headed.

Roy looked up, to see two people heading their way. "FULLMETAL." he yelled. "HURRY UP." Edward and Alphonse Elric stopped for a second, and then ran towards them. They stopped in front of their little group, Ed panting a little. "What took you?" Roy asked with a smirk. Edward looked up and glared at the Colonel. "Shut up." he said icily. The Colonel's smirk grew a little wider, and then his serious demeanor returned. "Wait inside for my return Fullmetal." he instructed. The Major looked over at Roy. "Sir, we may need their help." he said. "Why?" the Colonel asked. "This might not be so easy as you think, sir." Hawkeye said. He grunted. "Fine, they can come along." he said. "But I don't see how we are going to need their help." He turned and walked away. "What are we helping with?" Al asked. "Is it Scar?" Edward asked. The Major shook his head no. "It's the man you ran into." he said.

Ed looked at him, confusion written all over his face. "Then why do you need our help?" he asked. "You alone could bring him in right, Major?" This time Hawkeye shook her head. "No." she said. "He might be compliant, or he might resist." she said. "If he does…" "What?" Al asked. "Then it won't be good." she said finally. The two brothers looked at each other in confusion. "What did he do?" Al asked. "He's a deserter." the Major said. "He was a State Alchemist, like us." Armstrong said. "Was he at Ishbal?" Ed asked. "You might say that." Hawkeye said. "It sounds to me." Al said. "That you know this guy more than by reputation." Al said. They continued walking. The Colonel was waiting. They turned the corner only to be greeted by at least 50 soldiers.

"Are all those for me?" A man looking down from his perch, hidden from view. "Well…" he said tracing a tattoo on his arm. "They won't be looking long." He kneeled and prayed. Preparing for the coming ordeal. It was about to rain. And in more ways then one.

"Holy crap!" Edward exclaimed. "Isn't this a little much?" Alphonse asked. The Colonel ignored them and addressed the soldiers. "Men." he said saluting. "SIR." they said in unison, also saluting. "We are looking for a man." he said. "He has long black hair, has a black beard, and is about six ft., 2 in. tall." he said. "When you find him you are to contact Major Armstrong, Lieutenant Hawkeye, and myself." he instructed. "Arrest him, but do so without shooting." he warned. "If he kills someone, then shoot." "But if no one is dead, do not, I repeat, do not shoot under any other circumstance." he finished. "Is that clear?" Roy asked. "YES SIR."

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