Hello! I wrote this in December 2002 and decided to post it up for fun! Hope you all like it. Of course if was when I was in 6th grade so it will be out of date!

Disclaimer: The original story is called Time For School, Nathan! By Lulu Delacre, which was printed by scholastic. It is a children's book so I do not own anything! (this was a school project)

Time For School Lori

Beep Beep Beep

It was seven o'clock and Lori was just

getting up.

"Wake up Lori!" exclaimed Lori's best friend,

Lilly. "Today's our first day of school, we

mustn't be late! Of all the places we've gone and

things we've done together," Lilly continued, "school will be the greatest!"

"No, no, no," Lori quickly replied, "You don't understand me. I want to go all by myself."

"All by yourself," muttered Lilly, "Yea, right."

After breakfast, Lori gathered all her school things. Then bid Lilly good-bye, without looking back.

Lori had to rush to the bus stop to be there on time. When it got there she hopped on and went to school.

At school Mrs. Silter, the teacher, asked everyone to sit in a circle on the floor.

"Now when you tell me your name, please say it loud and clear," she told the class.







"Lori!" The children called out.

"Lilly!" called a squeaky little voice.

'Lilly', thought Lori, 'that sounds familiar'

"Will everyone please be very quiet while I read you a story," Mrs. Silter told them while opening a massive story book. Quite suddenly, Lori heard a familiar, tiny voice singing.

"Lilly you weren't supposed to come," whispered Lori," and where are you?"


"Lori!" Said Mrs. Silter, "Please be quiet while I read, and don't play with the coat rack!"


"No, buts."

After the story, the children got into groups of twos and threes for playtime. Ritchie, Alicia, and Lori got together to do one of the huge puzzles. The three worked long and hard on it. Just as Lori was putting the last piece into place she felt something tickling her.

Splinkty, splinkty, splinkty, SPLANK! Went the puzzle.

"Lori!" cried Ritchie.

"You ruined our puzzle!"

"I'm not playing with you anymore!"

"Neither am I!" exclaimed Alicia.

At recess time, Lori was the last one out of the classroom. All the children followed their teacher. Everyone was happy it was recess time, except Lori. She just sat under a tree all alone.

After a short while Lilly called out to her, "Lori what's the matter?"

Lori answered, "Nothing Lilly."

"Please tell me," begged Lilly.

"Well," Lori started, "I thought that it would be a great day, but everything turned out wrong and it's all your fault!"

"I guess I played a part in this. Probably it's because I was jealous that you would go to school, get new friends, and I wouldn't be your best friend anymore."

"Of course you will," exclaimed Lori, "You will always be my best friend!"



After recess, Lori went and told Alicia and Ritchie she was sorry. So at snack time Lori traded her chips for Ritchie's cheese curls.

Later, Mrs. Silter gave the groups of children some paper and crayons. While they were thinking of what to draw, Lori suddenly cried out, "I have an idea!" remembering the trick Lilly taught her.

She folded a piece of paper into thirds. She explained the rules and said that they wouldn't know what it would look like until it was finished.

When they were done they eagerly opened the paper to see what they created.

"Wow this is pretty neat!" exclaimed Alicia.

"Where did you learn this trick?" Ritchie questioned.

"My friend Lilly showed me how to do this." Lori said shyly.

When Mrs. Silter saw their drawing, she taped it up to the wall under the 'The Best Picture Of The Day' sign.

Finally, when school was over Lori snatched up her backpack, got on the school bus with everyone, and went home.