A Mixed Love Story

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A Day of Tears

Flashback Katara was thirteen and she was finally old enough to attend a ball of her own. While getting ready, her gran-gran came into the room to see how the preparations were coming along. "Oh Katara, you look like an angel, a beautiful one at it; but princess, are you sure you would like to go through with this?"

"I'm readier than I'll ever be Gran-Gran," Katara replied with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"Are you sure; I mean, you can be wait till you're a little older..." Katara cut her off, "I'll be fine," reassuring her grandmother. "I've been waiting for this moment ever since I was a little child." Her grandmother just shrugged and gave her a bow, " I warned you princess, just know that." Her grandmother left the room.

'I hope I know what I'm getting myself into,' Katara though. She walked to the ballroom, anticipating the moment to come. The doors were opened and she was at loss for words. The room was filled with people and nobles from all around the world, there were ice sculptures of every ocean creature possible. The whole room was decorated with thin ice crystals and the chandeliers had some icicles dripping off from the edges.

Katara wasn't sure if she wanted to stay anymore, but once she turned around to head out she heard a whisper in her ear and warm hands on her shoulders. "You're going to do fine," the voice told her. She turned around to see Prince Sokka looking at her, reassuring her that this was her day and it wouldn't be ruined. Her brother escorted her down the crystal staircase and to the center of the floor.

Water nation banners hung proudly along all the walls. Katara saw her father and mother dancing together like they had just been married. Truly they've been married for more than fourteen years, but they sill looked at each other with loving eyes.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and saw the prince of the Earth nation, Haru. "May I have this dance my princess," he asked with a playful smile on his face. "Of course," Katara answered with eagerness. She had always had a small crush on Haru and it always seemed that he did too.

They danced to the traditional son of the four nations and bowed to each other once they were finished.

Lord Retaw stood up on the stage to silence everyone. Katara looked up at her father proudly. She admired him both as the king of the water nation and as a father. Her mother, Lady Parvati, was one of the greatest women she had ever known. She was also one of the greatest waterbenders in the nation. She had always favored her mother over her father because she was the one who taught her how to waterbend.

On the other side of her father, she saw her goofy fourteen-year-old brother. Her brother was a boy whose voice still cracked when he yelled and a boy who she cared for deeply. Sokka was a spitting image of her father and a warrior in training. He had always fought with Katara so he could become a better fighter.

"Ladies and gentleman, princesses and princes from all nations, welcome," Lord Retaw announced. "Today, as you all know is Princess Katara's becoming of age ceremony and birthday," He exclaimed to the crowd as they applauded. Katara was brought up on stage to stand next to her mother.

"This is also the day that she is to be engaged to Prince Jet." The older Earth Nation prince stood up and slid a necklace around Katara's neck. Once he finished tying the band, he slid his index finger across her shoulder blades while whispering, "You will be mine Katara, very soon."

Katara shivered slightly at his touch and comment, not because he was acting kind to her, but because, from what she heard, he was a ruthless teenager, getting his way in everything.

Katara was just shocked from the whole thing. She didn't want to be some treaty for two lands to make peace, nor did she want an arranged marriage. She tried to say something to her family, but nothing would come out.

She heard the cheers of people from everyone. She was about to burst into tears.

"Stop cheering!" she yelled loudly and viciously. Everyone was shocked at the tone the princess was using. Katara turned to her father, "How could you do this to me, setting up an arranged marriage, and to him!" she pointed disgustedly at jet. "Father, out of my family, I though you would know me better than this," Katara yelled, tears streaming down her face. " I will not go through with this!" she yelled viciously.

Her father looked at her with disgust in her eyes. "If you have no pleasure in serving you nation to do what is right, you have no honor or respect for your family or people. You have ashamed me in from of my people and you have ashamed your family... you are no daughter of mine." He spoke with his back turned.

Katara just saw everyone around her and they all looked at her with new hate she had never seen. Even Sokka had turned away. She ran to the doors of the hall and right as she was about to open them, she saw the fire nation soldiers. She screamed a blood-curdling scream as she ran away.

They began shooting fire everywhere, sabotaging the entire hall. Panic was everywhere as everyone ran away from the danger that they were currently in. All of the waterbenders appeared and began to fight against the soldiers, Katara's family included. Katara just stood behind the entry doors, whimpering, when someone caught her eye, a teenage boy who looks a little older than her, in fire nation clothes. He looked as if he was shouting orders to all the soldiers.

She had to admit she was very handsome, with his golden eyes, toned muscles, and his armor. She could have sworn that she caught him smirking at her, but she just ignored it. She continued to look at her family fight. Her father and brother, defeating all the fire scum in their way. But when she looked at her mother, she was surprised to see that she looked weak and scared. Katara just had to go help her.

She ran to her mother but was suddenly stopped by the young fire nation boy. "I'll save you from this," he said in a manly voice. Katara tried to struggle free, but his grip was too tight.

She turned to her mother, who mouthed 'I Love you' to her before she was killed by a blast of fire. Katara was broken, what was she to do without her mother? She just broke down into tears at that point, confused and alone.

The young boy felt a little guilty for her but he brushed it away. He was tough, they had killed his mother, and so he could do the same.

All of a sudden the hall began to shake. The boy figured that Katara must be the one causing it; she looked like a water bender, a powerful one at it.

"Zuko, we must leave at once," one of the soldiers told him. Zuko turned to look at Katara and gave her a kiss on her hand, "till we meet again," he told her.

Once the fire troops left, Katara was just left with her father and brother. "Katara I never want to see you face again; leave this place by morning." Katara obeyed, and with red eyes and a tear stained face, left the room with nothing left. End flashback

Katara woke up with a sweat. She had been having this dream lately and she was starting to get worried. That boy was coming back in her dreams many times too. At least she had her gran-gran with her. The day of her banishment was two years ago and now she was a fifteen-year-old girl stuck on an ugly ship, with a useless task that could never be accomplished; to capture the Avatar.

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