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Living the moment

Zuko and Aang were running back to the village when Zula came up to both of them.

"What is you problem, are you trying to get all of us killed?"

Zuko and Aang looked stupidly at each other with confused looks on their faces not knowing what in the world she was talking about.

Zula sighed at the boys' foolishness and yelled, "You idiots, you just signaled the water navy!"

"Wait now, Aang didn't do…" Aang cut off Zuko.

"I'm sorry, I'm the one who led Zuko into the ship; I didn't mean to cause any trouble."

"Any trouble?" Zula screamed, "You know what, we were doing fine until you came along and now…there's going to be trouble."

Iroh had joined them and he was frowning at Aang, knowing that now the villagers would be in danger.

"Aang you don't belong in this village; leave at once," Zula told the young monk.

"Zula leave Aang alone, he didn't do anything… that bad; besides we can fend off for ourselves." Zuko told his younger sister

"Zuko; dad told us that we have to protect each other through everything we go through and now, I'm protecting you from him," She pointed at Aang with disgust.

"You know what Zula," Zuko told his sister, " Aang has brought something to our lives that we haven't experienced in a long time-fun; and now you just want to go and ruin it for us?" He said while walking closer to his sister.

"Shut up Zuko," she said while turning away from her brother. "You don't know anything."

"You know she's right Zuko," Iroh finally decided to speak up.

"Fine if all of you don't care then Aang and I are going to go to the eastern fire tribe and find me a master," Zuko exclaimed while grabbing Aang's arm and dashing towards Appa.

"You'd seriously leave us for him?" Zula almost said in a whisper.

Zuko had to think would he seriously leave his home, his family, for one little boy? 'I've been with my family forever, it's my home, but why did I want to leave for this mere boy.' Zuko looked at his sister and then at his uncle, then he turned his attention to Aang. 'Should I really?'

Aang interrupted his thoughts "Zuko, I don't want to get in-between you and your family; I'll just leave.

"But Aang, you have no where to, where will u stay?" Zuko asked

"I think I'll just go back to the air temple, there's bound to be an airbender or two up there." Aang answered hopefully. He climbed up Appa and turned around and looked at the people, " It was nice meeting you all. He left without a second glance.

"Zuko, are you okay?" his uncle appeared to him with a look of sympathy on his face.

"I hope you're happy," Zuko yelled viciously. "You just ruined my one chance, to get out of this dump and actually do something with my life and actually learn how to master firebending; but no, you want me to stay here, with you two and just waste my life away."

Zula and Iroh looked shocked at his outburst. Sure they've seen Zuko angry but never like that.

Aang was slowly leaving the village. His couldn't stop thinking. 'Why, why did this happen to me. It's all because of these stupid abilities. I never wanted it, I never asked for it. O is this how the gods want to punish me?' 'I finally found somewhere where I actually had friends again and they didn't know and they treated me equally.'

Just as he was about to take a breath he saw a ship; and not just any ship. 'Oh no, the water nation.'

Sliding down Appa, he tells him to wait there as he runs towards the village. 'I hope I can get there in time.'

This was the traditional way, the way of the fire nation. Zuko was getting ready for a battle. 'I'm ready to defeat those scum.' He though while sharpening his blade.

"Are you ready Princess Katara?" Her grandmother asked her

"More than I have ever been." She smiled maliciously.

It was quiet, to quiet. The people of the village, waiting for the water nation ship to approach. Zuko stands watch, waiting for the time to come. The ship comes crashing into the wall, yet Zuko is still waiting to fight. 'I can't wait to just kill the leader of that ship.' He thought.

The door of the vessel hissed open and slammed into the icy ground causing it rumble a little, and Princess Katara and her water nation soldiers. She stood there proudly until Zuko came into her view. She stood there, staring at him with her aquamarine eyes. He was indeed handsome. He had his uniform fitted tightly around his body with all his muscles showing in the right place. She just knew she had seen that face somewhere, she would have never forgotten those molten yellow eyes. She felt like he was looking into her very soul.

Zuko just stood there with his mouth hung open. He had never seen anyone so..so..beautiful. How could anyone that has been heard to be so cruel be so dainty looking and pretty. He noticed that she was wearing a tight uniform that hugged her in all the right places. Zuko felt some attraction for her; she looked quite around his age. 'I've seen her before, I just know it. It feels like I have seen those eyes how could I ever forget.'

Katara was the first to step out of her trance. "Where is the Avatar?" she yelled knocking Zuko out of his drool fest.

"What are you talking about, the Avatar hasn't been seen around for ages." Iroh answered

Zula tries to hit Katara with her boomerang but it misses. But she gets her with a punch in the stomach.

Katara becomes very angry and starts to collect water. But, suddenly, Aang shows up! He gets into his fighting stance when he notices that the leader of the soldiers was a girl. He knew suddenly he liked her but he had to fight her.

The princess and the soldiers circle around Aang while Katara gets into her fighting stance.

"So, I heard you were looking for me?" Aang looked at her

' What is he talking about, wait, this is the AVATAR?... but he is just a mere boy!'

Katara released the though from her head and starts to attack Aang, using all her energy to defeat him. Aang just wards off the attacks with his staff.

Aang notices that the water is getting to close towards the villagers and starts to worry because someone could get hurt.

"Wait, stop; I'll go with, just leave the villagers at peace." Aang said defeated.

Katara nods her head in agreement and the water nation soldiers take him from behind and take him into the ship.

"Wait Aang, don't do this." Zuko tells the child.

"It's okay Zuko, I'll be fine. Just make sure you take care of Appa for me while I'm gone. Zuko nods in agreement.

Zuko watches the airbender while he was taken up the ramp when Katara looked at him. She smiled and gave him a wink before turning around leaving the ship. Zuko was blushing madly but he was glad no one saw him.

"Set course for the water nation men, we're going home." She yelled with victory in her voice.

Soon the ship leaves and everything goes back to normal. While everyone else works, Zuko stands off at the edge of the village, staring at the burning horizon. As Zula walks by Zuko speaks up.

"You know Zula, we should really go after that ship, I mean Aang saved our lives and we should only return the favor. I mean do you know any other twelve-year-old boy who would sacrifice himself for us from that beau.. I mean evil princess." Zuko caught himself making sure that his sister didn't hear his slip.

"So are you coming or not?" Zula asked pointing at the canoe in the water.

Zuko runs quickly over to his sister and hugs her while thanking her. As Iroh approaches from behind, he gives his niece and nephew a small bundle of supplies to help them on their journey ahead of them.

"I believe in you to," He told them. "It's been a long time since I had any hope at all."

With last minute good-byes they turn to leave.

"How in the world are we supposed to catch a ship with a lame canoe?" Zuko asks bewildered when Appa shows up.

Aang was being lead down a damp stairway. He was frightened but had an idea up his sleeve.

"Hey have you two ever fought and airbender before; I bet I could take both of you on with my hands tied behind my back," Aang told the soldiers while they ignored him.

Just as one of the soldiers were about to open the door Aang takes a deep breath and blew himself and the guards away from the cell knocking them out. Aang runs with all his might to the deck of the ship. He knocks down a heavy door from his bending. As he continues running he hears something that he didn't want to hear.

"The Avatar has escaped and is now among us." One of the soldiers yelled in a loud tube like horn.

"WHY DOESN'T THIS STUPID ANIMAL FLY?" Zula yelled becoming very aggravated with the animal.

"Abracadabra, move it, open sesame…" he yelled, trying to find a word that would make him fly.

"Appa do you want to save Aang?" Zuko asks nicely into the bison's ear.

"… Yip-yip." Zula attempts at her last try when Appa started flying.

The siblings looked at each other in shock but were very happy.

As Aang continues running throughout the hallways, he comes across some water nation soldiers with swords in their hands.

"Haha you guys can't catch me." Aang yelled while using his airbending to walk on the walls, avoiding them.

He runs to the end until he ends up at a ladder where another soldier is waiting for him. Upon arrival, the soldier shoots a water whip at him but Aang just flips over soldier's head, avoiding him. Aang's tied wrists cut along the soldiers sharp helmet freeing his hands from his binds. After opening door after door, he finds a sleeping Gran-Gran.

"Sorry," He apologizes in a whisper while sneaking out of the room. He soon stumbles into Katara's room after seeing his staff in the hallway.

As Aang steps inside, the door closes shut Katara at the end of it. She narrows her eyes, mad at how she had underestimated the Avatar. Getting into her battle stance, she shoots water at her opponent and Aang dodges every one of them by ducking and rolling. Katara comes close to Aang so he can't avoid her anymore. Aang does the unthinkable and kisses her on the lips. It was short but sweet. Katara just stood there disgusted while Aang was smirking getting a huge ball of air ready.

"You little brat, you had no right in kissing me." Katara yelled at him angrily.

"Too bad, Cause I like you and you can't do anything about it. He said to her again smashing his lips upon hers more forcefully this time. Katara tried to push him off herself but he was using the power of Air to keep him on top of her. He soon forcefully pushed his tongue into her mouth, tasting her. Finally she used a water whip and hit him in the head. He becomes shocked at her actions.

"Feisty now, are we." Aang smiled his little smirk while licking his lips. "You taste good, do you know that, you would make a fine wife."

Katara knew this boy had power, but not that much. Just as she was about to hit him once more in the head he pushed her onto the mattress in the room and used his airbending to knock her into the wall, knocking her unconscious.

"See you around." He said slyly while leaving her presence.

Running out of the room, he was shocked at what he did. He had never done anything like that to anyone. What was coming over him?

Aang runs out onto a little balcony of the ship where he throws his staff out and expands it. Right when he was about to leave, Katara grabs onto his foot.

"There is no way that you are leaving after you did that, you will be punished for your actions." Katara told him sternly.

Katara and Aang get back into there fighting stances. Katara was becoming scared around him but she wouldn't show it. She instantly began to swarm water all around the boy, Aang dodging all of them. Appa soon appears and Katara gets her final attack as Aang drops down into the icy waters.

"Aang!" Zuko screams, hoping that his friend was okay.

Suddenly Aang's eyes begin to glow and he starts to spin created a small whirlwind of water that spirals upwards looking like a tornado. He lands back on the deck and the water forms a circle around him, which he flings towards Katara and her soldiers, knocking most of the off the deck.

Soon Aang's eyes and arrows on him begin to fade from the glow, Aang get weak and he fall softly forward on the deck. As Appa lands, Zula and Zuko jump off to see if their friend was okay. They take him back to Appa and go back to fight.

The soldiers start closing into them but stopped when Katara uses her waterbending. She swirls the water upward, only for it to be thrown backward. The water torn quickly into a sheet of ice froze Zulas' feet to the ground.

"Ahh" Zula yells while breaking the chunks with her boomerang.

As Zula tries to unfreeze her feet the guards start to close in on Katara again but this time she does it right and freezes all the men in her reach.

The trio leave as Appa takes flight and Gran-Gran comes out of her room, yawning.

"Did I miss anything?" She asked with curiosity in her eyes.

She viewed all the water nation soldiers on the floor, some frozen and Katara laying on the floor. She runs to her to help her up; Katara watches Appa and instructs that he be shot down. Katara and Gran-Gran use their waterbending to shoot it at Aang but he just swirls it around his staff and knocks it into a valley, causing the pieces of mass rock to block the surroundings of the ship.

Katara look up to the Avatar. "I swear Avatar, I will never underestimate you again." She said to herself while touching her lips; 'Nor will I let you get that close to me ever again.' She saw lust in the Avatar's eyes, she hated it, he was just a boy, younger than her, and so not her type.

"I need to meditate," Katara told her grandmother while going to her room.


"Wow Aang, how did you do that cool waterbending trick?" Zula asks him with interest in her eyes.

"I don't know really, I just… did it." He said looking at the floor of the saddle.

"Aang, why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?" Zuko looks sternly at the boy.

"Because…I never wanted to be." He looked out towards the horizon

"You know Aang," Zuko started, " the world has been waiting for the Avatar to show up and put an end to this war. If legend is correct, then you need to master waterbending, then Earthbending then Firenbening."

Aang looks at Zuko and told him that they could master firebending together in the eastern fire nation.

"And you know Zula, you could kick some waterbending butt on the way there." Zuko noted while his sister smiled.

Aang smiled, he was finally happy, he has friends that are going to help him throughout the journey. He thought of Katara, she certainly was beautiful and a good kisser even if he did all the work. He was going to maker he his. "Princess Katara is wonderful…" Aang said.

Zuko looked at his friend and a sudden jealousy began to form in the pit of his stomach, wondering why Aang would say such a thing. He let it pass for the time being and let himself drift to sleep, waiting for the adventure of a lifetime to begin…

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