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Moving from side to side, sniffing the air, he could smell it. Finally, after two days of not eating he could taste the tastiness of the lychee (sp?) nuts on his tongue. He sniffed the once more and turned his head towards he direction of the nuts. He was so very close. He looked around again and finally spotted his prize in the distance. He ran towards it. Grabbing one of the nuts he heard a snap and knew something bad would happen, and indeed it did. Five pillars surrounded him and caught him into a ball, lifting him high into the air, trapped, and alone.

"Momo, where are you?" He heard his friends voice yell as he looked around. He could see other animals around him in the air. They looked like they had been there for a while.

"Momo, come on out, we have to continue to the eastern-oh, there you are, what are you doing up there? You silly animal, I'll help you down." He said as he swiftly twisted and turned, airbending himself into the air, to get his companion. At the same time he freed the other animals from captivity.

"There we go, now that we're all here, let's take Appa and leave!" Aang said with a smile.

"We can't just take a big, furry, and not to mention FLYING animal, the Water Nation could be close by," Zuko told his friend and sister, " Let's just walk in that direction!"

"Since when did you become the leader?" Azula asked her brother with curiosity.

"I'm not the leader, and besides, nobody else has taken charge so why not me?"

"Because, dear brother, you have the worst sense of direction and rely solely on instinct." She said to him in a mocking manner.

"Wha-I-no-well it's not like you could do any better, you have the luck of a pig!"

"Oh shut up Zuko, it's not like your luck is any better-"Azula kept rambling on as Zuko stuck his finger in his ear trying to tune her out while Aang just watched the sibling rivalry with interest.

"Lalalalala, I'm not listening to you! Lalalalalalalalalala."

"Zuko you sound like a little girl."

"I don't care I just want you to stop! And please listen to me for once, I know where we're going so just follow me this way!" He said while ahead. Azula just sighed and shrugged while willingly followed her pathetic brother with Aang trailing behind.

"Hey Azula, who knows, walking might be fun!" The cheerful twelve year old told her.

After hours of walking…

"Walking stinks, how do people even get anywhere without a flying bison?" Aang asks no one in particular.

"I don't know Aang, why don't you ask Zuko's instincts?"

"OK; hey, Zuko's instincts how do-

"Alright, fine, so my instincts aren't always right but I'm tired too. Let's just walk through her, I think it's a good place to rest." He says but as he walks in he says that he has just led them to a WaterNation camp. "Heh heh, leave it to me guys," he says in a whisper while walking up to one of the soldiers.

"You're dead!"

The soldiers looked at him in surprise and then shot death pointed icicles at Zuko, but he just uses his firebending to extinguish it. The waterbenders had them surrounded.

"Let us pass, and we promise not to hurt you!" He says in the deepest voice he could conjure.

Azula just looks at him likes he's insane, "what are you doing?"

"Bluffing?" The soldier just laughed but then got his in the back by and arrow.

"Wow Zuko. How'd you do that?" Aang asked shocked

"Uh... Instinct?"

Before the trio could realize what had happened, the whole camp is overtaken by a bunch of kids who start attacking the soldiers. There was a boy with Shang Gou Swords, and he was attacking each soldier that came up to him. He was about to walk away, but another soldier was coming at him fast.

"Look out!" Azula yells out to him. He hears her warning just in time to flip the man over with his swords, "Down you go."

Azula looked at this boy with awe, he couldn't be much older than she was but he was very handsome. You could say it was infatuation at first sight. She had never seen someone handle those swords the way he did.

Aang looked over at Azula to see she was dreamily staring at that boy, he immediately became jealous but shook it off. 'She can't like him, she doesn't even know him.'

Suddenly another one of the boys starts raining arrows down on the water soldiers who become disarmed by his accurate shots.

Azula snaps out of her trance and immediately begins to help the warriors fight. A huge man who was a carrying a log and was twice the size, in both ways, of the soldiers, smashes their blades into useless pieces of medal.

The soldiers retreated with fear and the leader takes out two more soldiers before running straight up to Azula and stops, "Hey."

Her heart flutters in her body as she could feel the blood circulating quickly to her face, "hey."

Aang, who is now in awe, just looks over to the leader and fighter, "Wow you guys are amazing!"

"Thanks, by the way, my names Jet and we call ourselves the Freedom Fighters. There's Sneers, Smallerbee, Longshot, The Duke and Pipsqueak. We've been waiting all day for the right distraction and then you guys came!"

"We were relying on instinct." Azula said while side glancing at Zuko.

"You'll get yourself killed doing that." He said in return, "C'mon let's get out of here before more soldiers come." They walk for a while, Jet leading them, until they come to a wide-open forest. "We're here!"

"I don't see anything." Zuko said looking around.

"Grab on to this rope Zuko," Jet told him with a smirk on his face. Suddenly Zuko was shot up into the air into the abyss of the trees.

"Aang?" He says while offering him the rope.

"No thanks Jet, I'll walk up!" Aang said while leaping from branch to branch. Jet looks up to see his new FRIENDS waiting for him and Azula.

"Grab hold of me Azula," He says in an almost husky voice. She willingly does so, and is spun into his arms.

Oh my gosh! Why is he holding me like that, why is my face getting hot. This is wrong, I barely know him, but just look at that face! How could you resist that! Azula thought to herself while hanging on to Jet for safety. When they reached the Azula is stunned with awe. There they were, amongst the trees there were wooden steps, ropes and bridges, transporting people from tree to tree through the lush forest. From the top she could see little huts built on top of the branches.

"Nice place you got here Jet!" Aang yells, completely ruining the moment.

As Azula, Jet and the Freedom Fighters walk together, Jet starts talking to Azula, "There's a nearby Earth Kingdom top that's controlled by the Water Nation, we're trying to free it."

"Why are you guys up here anyway?" Zula asks with interest.

"Longshot over there, his village was burned down by the Water Nation; and Duke, we caught him stealing some of our food, I don't think he ever really had a home."

"And how about you, why are you up here?"

Jet just stopped in his place, looking down on the floor, "My parents were killed by the Water nation, I was only eight years old at the time."

"Zuko and my mother died in water nation raid on our village."

"I'm so sorry Azula." He said as they stood there remembering there pasts.

Nighttime was approaching and everyone started to gather around a large meal table. Food was everywhere and Zuko was hungry. Suddenly Jet stood up prepared to say something.

"Today we had another great victory against the WaterNation!" He says as the crowd around him cheers.

"The Duke made a great show while riding one of the soldiers like a hog monkey!" Jet laughed as The Duke jumped onto the table, making everyone cheer for him.

"Now the Water Nation thinks they don't need to worry about a bunch of kids hanging in tree; maybe they're right." He said getting boos from his fellow fighters, "Or maybe, they're dead wrong!" He had an evil glint in his eye as he takes his seat. "You two did pretty well to with your bending"

Azula blushes as he said those words, "Aang is great, and as for myself I need a bit more practice."

"Ya practice on how to flirt," Zuko said silently to himself. But Azula had heard him and elbowed him in his side.

"You know, you could help us on our mission…"

"Sorry but we have to leave tomorrow!" Zuko said getting ready to leave.

"Awww but Zuko, I had an important mission JUST for you." Jet said knowing he received his attention. Zuko turns around with a hint of interest in his eyes.

The party continues as one by one the residents of the trees start to leave. "Mmmm" Jet said while giving a big yawn. "I think I'm gonna go to bed, I'll see you guys later" He turns to leave when he suddenly gives Zuko a look saying your dead.

"Bye Jet!" Azula says quickly before he steps out of sight.

"You know what, I think we should all go to bed, we've had a pretty rough day, ESPECIALLY dealing with Zuko's instincts." Azula looked at her brother then walked away with Aang following her.

Zuko had paid no attention to what Azula had said. Jet was up to something, he knew it, and his instincts knew it as well. He decided to follow the 'so called leader.' There's no way that he's going to bed, it's way to early... by the looks of it only 9:00. What's he up to?

He looked around, good, no one in sight. He stepped inside the cabana and saw her sitting. She hadn't moved an inch since he brought her here. She glared hatefully and with disgust at the leader. She knew him, he knew here. They were…you could say…old friends.

"Why did you bring me here Jet?" She spat

"Awww, I don't even get a 'hey Jet,' or 'how you doin Jet,' or 'thanks for saving my life from those Earthbenders Jet.'" He looked at her once more, she had disgraced him once, and he wouldn't let it happen again. She was going to be his.

"I don't have to thank you or greet you for any reason. I was doing fine on my own, until you came. Why did you even bring me back here?"

"Because, Princess, no one cancelled the wedding yet, you were my betrothed since birth and I intend to keep it that way." He caught Katara off surprise and forced his lips onto hers. She tried to push him out; his tongue was all over hers, but to no avail. His breath smelled like rancid dog breath. She knew she had no choice but to do what he wanted. So she started kissing him back. She had a plan up her sleeve.

Zuko had followed Jet all the way until the cabana. He hid in the darkness of the shadows before Jet stepped inside.

He suddenly heard another voice in there. It sounded awfully familiar. Wait, he knew that voice, it was Katara! What's she doing in their with that-o wait, what are those noises. He looked through one of the windows to see Jet practically making out with Katara and she was responding! But her face showed other wise. That was the same face she had made before Zuko.

Zuko watched as she slowly moved her hands behind his back; she was trying to get the water in the cup to come her. She drained the cup and slowly started to bring it closer to Jet. It was mesmerizing Zuko, seeing the way the water moved, but he quickly shook it off before Katara suddenly pulled Jet away from her and incased his head with water, trying to drown him.

"So Jet," She said with venom in her voice, "You thought you could actually try to kidnap me and then think that I would want to be with you?"

Jet couldn't respond; he was just flailing his arms around like a madman trying to get the water off his head.

"Well you know what, I'm sick of always going through this. Some wacko, who claims to have known me in my past, tries to kidnap me. Then I have to KILL THEM! I really don't like killing people Jet, but I think I'll enjoy killing you. I never really liked you anyway."

Zuko was watching the whole scene. He stepped back in fear when a twig was caught under his foot.

Katara quickly turned her head in his direction. Good, she had an audience; she could show what power she had. Jet's eyes had started to roll back into his head and Katara drew the water away from him. She had killed another man. She rested her head against his chest to see if there was any sign of life. There wasn't.

Well at least now she could go back to her ship, but there was also the problem with dealing with the boy outside. Who was watching her this whole time?

Zuko knew she had killed Jet, her face showed it all. It was true that he didn't like Jet either, but to kill him? What had he done to make her want to do that? Deep in thought Zuko didn't recognize Katara coming near him until he felt warm lips on his. He snapped back into reality and quickly pushed her off.

"What the hell, what's your problem women?"

"Zuko, about last time, I need to explain-"

"There's no need for explanations Katara, I saw who you really were. I know who you are! You hurt me you, I bet I felt even worse then what you did to Jet over there. Just leave me alone"

Katara looked at him, she needed to talk to this peasant. She needed to get something through his thick little head. "Zuko please, I need to talk to you, how about, we come to my ship and I give you a nice, warm cup of tea." She couldn't think of anything else. She wanted to talk to this boy, but she also needed bait. She had the perfect plan. She drew out the necklace her master had given her on the night of her becoming. It had a type of water in it that could put anyone to sleep right away. She took one teardrop from it and dropped it into Zuko's mouth. He collapsed without a second thought.

"Wow that worked fast then I thought." She said to herself as she picked up Zuko. god he's heavy she thought as she lifted him onto her back and started walking back to her ship. This would certainly be an interesting experience.

Not to far off, someone was watching them, all the events taking place. Azula quickly leaped off back to Aang in tears. A guy she liked had just been killed; her brother kidnapped by the princess herself what else could go wrong.

She ran back to Aang but she collapsed to the floor. Jet had poisoned the food; he knew something would happen. But Azula knew nothing and was just lying on the floor of the room asleep. Not being able to wake until the morning.

Katara had brought Zuko back, ignoring the shocked looks from her grandmother and crew; she took him down into the dungeon. She knew the potion would ware off in a couple of minutes. She looked down at her prisoner and drew fallen hair out of his face. He looked so cute when he was sleeping. He was slowly coming to and started opening his eyes ever so slowly. Katara stood in front of him with a mask on her face. She would not let Zuko get to her.

He startled her when he spoke. "Where am I?" He flung open his eyes remember what had happened and tried to jump to his feet but was quickly pulled down by two chains attached to his hands. He panicked and looked around until his flaxen eyes met her ultramarine ones.

"Nice to see you again Zuko, I have a couple of questions for you and I intend that you answer each one of them like a good boy, got it?" She said with no emotion except for hate and anger. He knew he was in for it now.

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