Celestial's High School Melodrama

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Konan High is again proud to open its doors for the first time in two months to its students. Summer days has already passed. Students are now groaning about the reasons they have to go to school and why summer is only short.

Konan High is situated at the most peaceful place in town, away from the noise and pollution of Tokyo. It graced the students with lush, green land that boasted a private area for studying. Here, the students are given the highest and best education.

However, the first day of classes gave the students, new and old, the opportunity to investigate who's this year's nerds are, not to mention the popular boys and girls with flowing hairs and fashion trends. Unfortunately, they could never get away without their school uniforms.

Here in Konan High day in and day out, whether indoors or outdoors they have to endure the boring maroon skirts, long black pants and blazers with the school's seal. Neckties are worn by the boys while ribbons by the girls. Konan requires each student the prescribed uniforms. Fortunately, they will only have to endure it until Thursday, for every Friday they are allowed to wear their desired clothes be it simple, elegant, formal or sexy. And as any normal Japanese high school, there are boys and girls that are popular considering their talents, features, and of course, their stature in the society. Although some of them have attitudes that will make their parent's jaw drop and most of them are females and there are two of them here in Konan High.

And they are…

Yui Hongo and Soi Kanazaki. Yui Hongo is the smartest of them. She is currently the student council's Vice President. She has the looks, brain and abilities. And with her intelligence she can outsmart anyone in a contest. If Yui is the smartest then her partner in crime or best friend is the most athletic and talented. And she is no other than Soi Kanazaki.

She is a red haired girl that has a body that can put any model to shame and is the president of the pep squad. And even though she doesn't excel in the academic unit, she excels at any sports, especially in volleyball and archery. All in all they are considered as the most popular and perfect girls. But every human has its flaws, for human was not made perfect and to the two of them are their attitudes.

Every high school, there are guys that are treated like a Prince and most admired at. The guys or boys here in Konan are drop-dead gorgeous and handsome. The most handsome of them is Taka Sukanami.

Taka Sukanami is the school's heart throb. He is kind, polite and perfect gentleman. But under that exterior hides a fierce warrior. In martial arts, he's a black belter and he already won multiple medals and trophies. Any girl would fall for this guy, but unfortunately he's already taken. His current girlfriend is none other than the beautiful and athletic Soi Kanazaki and no other girl is allowed to get near him if they want Soi's wrath on them.

Next is Amiboshi Asagara. Amiboshi is a shy but a kind student. You can see him everywhere, be it on a tree or on the top of the building playing his flute. And every girl in the school swoons at his feet every time he plays his songs. His twin brother is his exact opposite.

Suboshi is a complete playboy. Surely, who can resist his boyish looks and charming ways. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend is always on his shadow. She always watch his back and glares at any girl who took a single glance at him. The girl I'm talking about is Yui Hongo. Even though he's a playboy he loves Yui with all his heart and would do anything for her.

This person was born from the family Saihi, which is known in the district as the family of great leaders. Hotohori Saihi is treated like a royalty here in Konan High since he is the current president in the student council. At first glance, you would think that he's a girl because of his long, gorgeous black hair and feminine like moves. Many girls tried to make him notice them but they failed he didn't even tried to be interested in them and because of these many thought of him as a gay. But few people know to whom his heart belongs and no one as in, NO ONE can replace that girl in his heart. Eventhough he doesn't show interest to them, he's still a kind and reliable leader whom you can trust. Do not be deceived by womanlike features because in kendo, sword fighting and fencing he is merciful and cruel.

Punks and Nerds are never gone in the schools. With his punk looks, fiery orange hair, bead earrings, and don't forget his muscle toned body, can make any girl drool over. Among of the guys introduced, Tasuki Genrou is the hottest of them. His bandit type of looks makes any girls want to be abducted. When Tasuki transferred to Konan High last year the School had a hard time. He always skips classes; get into fights and most of all insult the teachers (even the principal). Why do they tolerate his attitude? Unfortunately, he's the star player of their track team. He already helped them win two gold medals in one year. Only two persons could really tame this guy. One of them is his older cousin who is currently the history teacher of Konan High. The other one is his friend Nuriko Ryuzen.

Nuriko Ryuzen is the number one enemy of Soi and Yui. Like Hotohori, his features are also feminine. He has long purple hair, violet eyes and a pale complexion. He is a kind but very as in very strong man, and unfortunately nobody wants to be his friend not because he can beat anyone into pulp but because of his past (He was a cross dresser). The only friend he has was unfortunately transferred into another school but when he met Tasuki they instantly became close friends.

In every corner there's a genius bubbling around, making his or her schedule for the week. And Konan High has the youngest of them. This child has the I.Q. of 160 and was awarded as The Most Promising Child. His name is Chiriko and he's only twelve years old. Unfortunately for him, he's the cousin of Soi Kanazaki. She always takes advantage of him, especially when it comes to making assignments and projects. He can't say no to her because he's too afraid of her. He's also the youngest student council officers.

But what's the deal? And who's that girl standing in front of the principal's office?

End of Prologue

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