rCelestial's High School Melodrama

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Chapter 2: The Mysterious Girl

The halls of Konan High are buzzed around by students, talking about what happened in their summer vacation. Some of them are just simply chatting and enjoying their friends' company, whom they missed over the summer.

At the left side of the hallway, where the principal's office resides, stands a girl with long brown hair. She was wearing a white collared shirt with a pleated navy blue skirt. Her knee-high socks are paired off with black doll shoes and her complexion gives off a hint of blushing cheeks. But if you looked closely, you will notice that she gives off a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

Suzuno Ohsugi is the type of girl who readily does what she is told. As a representative of the welcoming committee, it's her rightful duty to see that everything is ready for their stay.

As she pulled the door to the principal's office, a ray of summer sunshine spilled in the hallway and the corridor went back to the usual chatter of the students. When stepped inside the door, she saw an old woman floating behind the principal's desk. The old woman was wearing a Chinese robe with sashes surrounding her. With her looks and attire you would say that she's from Ancient China.

"Taiitsukun-sensei" the girl greeted as she bowed her head. Taiitsukun, the old woman, smiled at her pleasantly.

"Suzuno! It's nice to see you again! How are you? Oh… please sit down" said Taiitsukun while pointing at the seat infront of her.

Suzuno smiled at Taiitsukun and thanked her.

"I'm really sorry that you have to come instead of her" said Taiitsukun apologetically.

"It's okay. After all, it's my duty as a Vice President to substitute the President if she's not around" Suzuno said "And besides, she's my friend and friends watch each others back"

Taiitsukun smiled at her "You're really a great friend to her."

Suzuno smiled wistfully "Well… what's not to like about her. She's kind beautiful, smart and talented." Her smile turned into a frown "Only that so-called friend of hers made her incompetent!"

Taiitsukun sighed at this. It was apparent that Suzuno is still angry about what happened two years ago.

"Enough about that…. You didn't come here to talk about the past" Taiitsukun changed the subject "So… What are you going to do? What are the preparations that you will need?"

"Since I already finished checking the dormitories, the only thing that is left to do is check the classrooms. I need to know if there are still things that will be needed. I will also check if the classrooms are already enough." Suzuno said thoughtfully.

"So… you need to tour the school?" asked Taiitsukun. Suzuno nodded at this "Do you have a name or person in mind that you want to be your tour guide" Taiitsukun countered.

"Well…" Suzuno started "I want Nuriko… Nuriko Ryuuzen"

At the hallways

The students buzzed around the hallways trying to find their respective classroom before the bell rang. A purple haired guy is seen walking at the midst of this chaos. You could see that he is in deep thought and obviously unmindful of the buzzing students.

"Nuriko… Nuriko… Oi Nuriko!" a loud irritated voice yelled.

The purple-haired boy turned at the voice's direction. He saw his fiery haired friend run up to him.

" Man… Nuriko… I had been calling your name for three minutes!" he panted "What the hell is wrong with you!"

Nuriko looked at his friend with an apologetic look "Gomen ne Tasuki, I was in deep thought that I didn't hear you."

The two boys were wearing the intended uniform but with the exemption of Tasuki's. His three top buttons were open and he was not wearing the tie.

"Are the two bitches bothering you again?" Tasuki sighed.

"No… They're not the one who's bothering me… in fact; I haven't seen them last school year" Nuriko added thoughtfully.

"Then what the hell is bothering you!" Tasuki yelled.

"Since when did you start minding other people's business?" Nuriko said while raising an eyebrow at his friend.

"Feh! If you don't want to tell me then fine! See if I care!" Tasuki said while crossing his two arms and his fang like tooth popping out.

Nuriko just smiled at his friend's antics. "Fine… fine…" Nuriko started as he leaned on the wall.

"I was thinking about Miaka…" Nuriko said with a frown.

Tasuki looked at him thoughtfully. "Maika?... Oh! The girl you always talk about!"


"So what's the problem?"

"Well… before she transferred to Kanagawa, we promised that we will always keep in touch by writing letters to one another… but for this summer she hasn't sent me at least a single letter. I'm just worried…" Said Nuriko as he sighed deeply "Miaka was the first person who accepted me as what I am and understood why I cross dressed before."

Tasuki gazed at his friend sadly. He knew that this girl, Miaka, is very important to Nuriko. He heard some bad rumors about her but he didn't believe any of them. He can see in Nuriko's eyes that she's a kind and respectable person.

His sad gaze suddenly dropped as he grinned slyly at his friend. Nuriko saw the smile and looked at his friend warily.


"Worried eh? I think you have the hot fer her!" he stated in his bandit accent. He smirked when he saw the blotches of pink that appeared at Nuriko's cheeks. "Yep! Yer definitely in love!"

"It's… it's not like that!" he stammered, blushing a deep red "She's just a friend! Best friends only!"

"Yeah… Yeah… as if I'll believe it" said Tasuki as he put his two hands at the back of his head. Tasuki glanced at his friend who already looked like a ripe tomato. "I would really like to meet this Miaka of yours… the girl who made a man out of you!"


Tasuki laughed at this as he entered their classroom. The two immediately sat down as soon as the bell rang.

"Good Morning no da! How was your vacation no da?" a cheerful voice greeted.

All of the students in the classroom turned to see who the person that greeted them is. It was their teacher. A blue haired man was standing at the middle of their classroom. They noticed that he was smiling at them cheerfully. Chichiri Houjun is considered as the most cheerful teacher in their school. He always have a smile on his face even when he is irritated or angry. But nevertheless, they were shocked to see him at their classroom, mostly the red haired bandit.

"Chichiri! What the hell you doing here!"

Tasuki's jaw dropped when he realized who was in front of him. He never expected that his teacher would be his older cousin, Chichiri.

Chichiri frowned at the way his younger cousin greeted him "Why are you so grumpy no da? Is it wrong to teach you, Tasuki-chan no da?"

"Will you stop saying no da! And don't call me Tasuki-chan! I'm not a kid anymore!"

"Basically… you ARE younger than me and besides…" Chichiri looked at him disapprovingly "You act like a spoiled brat that needs spanking!"

His classmates laughed as he turned red. They never get tired of Tasuki's loudmouth and antics.

Tasuki was about to retort again when he was cut off by a loud voice.

"Attention Please!"

All the students turned to the boom box speaker that was clearly hanging at the corner of their classroom.

"I want Mr. Nuriko Ryuzen at my office immediately."

"Again… I want Mr. Nuriko Ryuzen at my office immediately."

The speaker turned off. Tasuki looked at his friend questionably. Nuriko simply shrugged but stood up from his chair and turned to his teacher.

"Chichiri-sensei, I would like to ask permission to go out"

"You can go no da"

Nuriko bowed then walked out of the classroom. 'Why did Taiitsukun-sensei summon me in her office?'

He continued down the hallways towards the west wing where the principal's office resides with anxiety in his heart.

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