Stephanie hugged her knees close to her. It was late November so the temperature started dropping. But still not cold enough to snow. She sighed. Cold enough to freeze you but not cold enough to have a day off from school.

Everyone, save the twins, were out Christmas shopping. Steph didn't feel like going and agreed to watch the twins. They were now seven years old. Being seventeen makes her seem a lot older. The living room was getting chilly. The blonde shivered.

'I should probably turn the heaters on...higher!' she thought. Stephanie walked around the house wondering where she could turn up the heater. That's when she realized she hasn't seen the Nichole and Alexandra!

"Girls? Where are you!" she yelled. 'And why do I sound like dad?' Stephanie ran back in the living room again. Alexandra peaked her head out from behind the couch.

"Hi Stephy!" she chirped.

The teenager sighed and bent down to her cousin's height "Where's Nichole?"

Alexandra put a tiny finger to her chin. Then gave a shrug "I don't know! We're playing hide and seek!" she hid behind the couch again.

Stephanie wasn't sure that'll be a good hiding place, but since they're seven year olds it wouldn't matter much anyways. Deciding to forget about it, Stephanie went to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich.


"Does this hat look good or what Michelle?" DJ asked as she admired herself in the mirror with a rather hot pink hat. Michelle yawned and nodded. Shopping with DJ can be boring when all her money goes to things that she wants.

"Deej, I thought we were Christmas shopping, not shopping for ourselves!"

DJ took the hat off "What? I can't shop for myself? I'm in college and I have a part time job."

"But we never get to see you. And you can shop for yourself anytime anyways!"

DJ took a purple silk shirt and held it up to her sister "Doesn't that look cute on you?"

Michelle pushed the shirt away. She put her hands to her hips "Don't change the subject, DJ. Everyone just wants to see you! They miss you and all you're worried about right now is shopping!"

Her elder sister went through racks and racks or clothes "Well, of course. I'm shopping for Christmas!"

"For yourself." muttered Michelle. DJ stopped and picked up a baby blue turtle neck.

"Bottom line, Michelle, I care about my family. I will shop for them and I'm not trying to be selfish. Having your own money just makes people crazy."

"Like how?" Michelle searched for a smaller size of the turtle neck DJ held.

"I just started actually having a part time job. Minus the time when I worked as "happy helper" to those kids who don't even smile."

The twelve year old rolled her eyes looking kind of annoyed "Well, I guess so."

Deej took the turtle neck, hat and silk shirt and payed the clerk.

"Thank you very much, happy holidays." smiled the clerk. Both Tanner sisters smiled and took their bags.

"You still haven't answered me," said Michelle when they turned to another shop.

DJ checked the clothes for flaws "Oh that's awful!"

"Yes! Thank you! Now you know it's bad to ignore people!" screamed her younger sister.


Michelle mentally slapped herself. How college can change people.


"Oh, honey! Isn't this cute?" Becky asked as she held up a cotton blue skirt with a snowflake "I think I'll buy one for each of the girls!"

Jesse was too busy arguing with Joey to care "No! I'm telling you! Red and gold! Those are the perfect colors for decorations!"

"But Jess! Don't cha think green and red are more seasonal?" Joey protested.

Jesse rolled his eyes "Oh sure, do what everyone else is doing. Don't you ever feel the magic? With the brilliant colors of flashing gold! Romantic red for sex appeal!"

Such a weird thing to say when Becky just walks up to the two.

"Sex...appeal?" Becky asked raising an eyebrow.

Her husband shrugged "I'm just saying." He then turned away.

"Another one of your dumb fights, and I'm just saying! Help me pick out some clothes for Nichole and Alexandra."

"You mean as a Christmas present?" Jesse sounded as if he'd never heard of a more ridiculous idea.

Rebecca hit him gently on the stomach with the skirt "Well yea. What else could they be for? Ornaments for the tree?"

"Yea, but Becky, I'm just trying to tell you. Kids want toys! Not clothes. We'll buy them that when they're thirteen or something."

"Well it just so happens that they had to write a list for Santa in class last week and they wished for dresses or skirts." Becky replied matter-of-factly.

"Nothing about toys?" He asked surprised.

She stopped to think "Now that you mentioned it there was something about dolls. Probably from watching too much of those barbie commercials."

Jesse clapped "Ya see! Kids wil always be kids!" He gave Becky a quick kiss."I'll be at Build-A-Bear!"

Becky tried calling after him "Hey Jess! The girls wanted a doll! Not bear!"

But her husband was already out of sight.

"Oh well, at least it's a toy." sighed Becky. Who apparently forgot Joey was there and went to pay for everything.

Joey just stood there looking at clothes, which of course don't fit him but it's still cute to look at those little tiny clothes. Occasionally, a toddler or kid would be trotting around to that section of the store and he would try out his impressions.

"Why! Hallo there!" Joey said with his hands on his head and speaking in a Bullwinkle voice.

Must not have worked cause they all went crying to their moms.

Some Place With Dustbusters

Danny Tanner practically danced around the shop grabbing all the new cleaning gear he can. All the while singing songs that sound so much cornier than they were suppose to sound. Couple of people even covered their ears.

This is Danny's idea of a Merry Chritstmas. Good thing there's always an aunt, uncle and friend to help out. Of course, cleaning gear isn't the real gift he's giving to his girls and nieces. Oh! He's gonna try getting the perfect gift this holiday. But perfect doesn't exist. So how can he find a present close enough to perfect?

Limited Too

"Ok, fine, Michelle. We'll shop for your needs for once. But wouldn't it be better if someone else bought that need for you?" asked DJ.

"But someone else is buying that for me! It's you!" The younger girl squeled with excitement.

"No, I mean as in someone who isn't with you right now."

"Will it kill you to just say what you mean?" Michelle asked sarcastically.

"Um, I think I just did..." The elder sister walked away when her attention was caught by a kimono type shirt.

Michelle pulled something out of her pocket "Well, you won't have to worry, sis! Cause I just swiped your credit card!" she whispered to herself.

StephanieFan: Kind of lame for a Christmas fic but I try.