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Chapter 9-

Nichole was wide awake. Thinking about all the stories her mom told about Santa Claus.

'I wonder if he'll come to our house?' she thought.

Quietly, she got out of bed and crept over to Alexandra's bed.

"Wake up! Wake up!" she whispered.

"Huh?" Alexandra stirred awake "What is it, Niki?"

Nichole sat on the bed, "You believe in Santa?"

"I believe it."

"I mean like does he exist?" asked Nichole with her hands in fists and held up as if in prayer.

"You're weird." with that said, Alexandra pulled the blanket over her head falling back asleep.

Nichole pouted but went back to bed too.

"Merry Christmas everyone!" exclaimed Danny, throwing his arms up in the air.

Jesse yawned, "Mornin', now put your hands down."

Nichole and Alexandra each had one hand in their mother's. Smiles showing brightly on their faces.

"Merry Christmas daddy!" the two yelled as loud as they can manage.

Jesse, deciding to drop his gloominess for the day hugged his daughters and handed them their presents.

Wrapped in golden paper which reflected their faces. It was quickly torn away by tiny hands.

Before them were two white boxes.

Alexandra lifted the lid gently. Her sister practically threw it open to see what's inside.

They unfolded the blue material.

Cotton blue skirts with a snowflake.

Nichole jumped to her feet, "Thank you, mommy! Thank you, daddy!" she gave them both a quick hug and turned back to admire her new skirt.

"Thanks, mom and daddy!" smiled Alexandra "I'm the luckiest girl ever!"

"But wait!" said Jesse "That's not the only thing you're getting. As soon as the stores open up again we'll go to Build-A-Bear!"

"Yay!" squeled the twins.

"Told ya kids like toys!" Jesse whispered to Becky.

"Yea, but I got a 'Thank you'," Becky whispered back.

Jesse raised an eyebrow, "They said, and I quote; "Thank you, mommy! Thank you daddy!" so basically, we both got the credit.

"You are so competitive." came a voice from behind.

Turns out the couple had chatted loud enough for Danny and Joey to enjoy a good "show".

"Anyways, uncle Danny also has gifts for you girls!" chirped Danny twirling around. "Here!"

One green bag, one red bag. Stuffed with tissue like paper. Green ones in the red bag, red ones in the green bag.

The Katsopalis twins beamed.

"Thank you uncle Danny!"

It was like feeding time at the zoo except no ones eating. Just unwrapping presents.


Everyones eyes bugged.

Alexandra, who knew better than to complain, said "Thank you, uncle Danny."

But when Nichole has something to say, she's gotta say it.

"A dustbuster! But I waited all year!"

She wailed and cried and stomped her feet.

Alexandra rolled her eyes. Becky hugged Nichole and told her to stop crying.

"It's alright, honey. Dustbusters are useful!"

"They clean!" Jesse used the word 'Clean' as if it were a magic spell.

Danny patted Nichole on the head.

"I'm sorry you didn't like it."

Nichole shook her head.

"No, that's alright uncle Danny. I'm sorry I cried."

Jesse smiled "That a girl!"

Suddenly, DJ ran through the kitchen door scaring everyone.

"I'm so sorry that I'm late! I stayed up late watching some Christmas marathon. You'd be surprised at how many christmas episodes of shows they make!" babbled DJ on and on about this show and the other.

"Merry Christmas, Deej. Where are your sisters?" asked Joey.

DJ stopped talking to answer "Oh don't worry! They'll be down soon. I made them stay up late to watch the marathon with me so they're pretty much exhausted."

Joey hit his knee, "Aw man! And I thought that sound was Santa. But it was you girls watching t.v."


"Well...I uh...uh..." stammered Joey.

"Anyways," Danny ended the little conversation "When Steph and Michelle aren't too tired, wake them up so we can open the rest of the presents."

"Who has to wake me up?" questioned a voice from behind the tree.

All attention was turned to the Christmas tree.

Michelle peeked her head out.

"Hey everyone! Merry Christmas!" greeted Michelle.

"Merry Christmas, Michelle! We didn't know you were there." said Becky.

The blonde put a finger to her chin.

"I snuck down when you guys were talking to DJ."


Michelle shrugged, "Because."

"Face it guys, that's the best answer you're gonna get." DJ pointed out.

Michelle opened her presents.

A broom, causing some eye rolling but still their were thank yous. Box of candy canes. Bullwinkle plushie. The last one surprised her the most.

The baby blue turtle neck in her size.

She looked to her sister with curiosity.

"I thought you only bought it in your size?"

DJ crossed her arms, "Well, I don't like fighting right when I come back to visit. So here's a little something. Truce?" DJ held her hand out.

"Truce" they shook hands.

Though that's what DJ says. In their hearts they both know it was because it is Christmas time and a time to show you care. DJ doesn't hate her sister. Michelle doesn't hate her in return. But it's fun to get on each other's nerves once in a while.

"One more thing!" the eldest daughter ran back into the kitchen. Then back out again before the door closed.

"Merry Christmas!" she said handing two presents for her cousins.

"Thanks! But we're starting to hate that word!" said Nichole and Alexandra.

Laughter filled the room's atmosphere.

More presents to unwrap!

And again with the boxes. Except this one was round and was colored lilac.

Two hot pink hats and stuffed rabbits along with it.

"This is cool!"

They put their hats on their heads and played with the bunnies.

DJ laughed "You see, after shopping with Michelle, I've discovered that hot pink really is a bad color of hat for me. But it looks so cute on little girls!"

"And I thought you'd really be so dumb as to wear a pink hat." muttered Michelle.

"Michelle, don't be rude." warned Danny. Seeming to listen in on everyone.


Jesse and Becky ushered the girls upstairs.

"Come on girls. Put your presents away. Uncle Danny says he's got a surprise."

"Yay!" Nichole and Alexandra cheered.

"Wait!" Danny yelled after them "Keep your dustbusters downstairs. You'll need it."

"Okay." They set their dustbusters down and carried the rest of the gifts to their room.

"What's the surprise?" asked Joey when they were gone.

Danny grinned "You'll see!"

"That's never good." mumbled DJ.

Michelle's eyes shifted from friend to father to sister.

Getting up "I'll put my gifts away too and be back for the surprise."

Leaving her broom of course.

Joey and Danny sat on the couch waiting for everyone.

"You told me you were thinking of giving some sort of incredible present." stated Joey.

"Well, truth be told I couldn't find an "incredible present" that could top off all the others."


"Sooooooo," Danny paused, until everyone who left was back in the living room again "I decided on some winter cleaning!"

"WHAT!" everyone shouted.

"I wasn't expecting that till spring! That's why they call it "Spring Cleaning!" whined Joey.

Danny grinned "Early start!"


"Stephanie is so lucky she isn't awake yet!" pouted Michelle.
In Stephanie's Room

Stephanie laid on her bed, legs crossed at the ankle. Still in her pajamas and drinking juice.

She sighed, listening to the whining downstairs.

"Yep, this certainly is the most wonderful time." Steph took a sip "Cause heck! No chores! Well, for me anyways!"

Grinning as she set aside her drink and fell back asleep.

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